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Murdered Girl A True Hero

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about two young girls that were murdered in Delphi, Indiana. It is such a sad story, but there is a story today that makes my heart strings tug a little harder. Liberty "Libby" German activated video on her cell phone and caught an audio of the man that is suspected in this case. She is a true hero! Whatever was happening to them, she was in enough presence of her surroundings to know to turn that recording on. Of course, the young lady will never know what she truly done, but this could be the one piece of evidence that leads to the apprehension of this man or more than one when the case is solved. The man that we are seeing a photo of is a picture that was found on her phone. She truly was very heroic in getting this on her phone. I am sure that he was not aware that she had the phone recording and I praise God that the phone was found with this information on it. My heart breaks that this young lady probably knew that she and her frie

Suspect In Delphi, Indiana Murders

My heart is simply breaking as I write this post. The tears have been shed multiple times over the last week as I have heard more and more about the story of two young girls that had their lives taken way too soon by a monster! I am writing this to share the story of how precious our children are and how fast they can be gone, plus I want to share the photo of the main suspect because police are saying that he could be anywhere. If you happen to have seen this man or know who he is PLEASE contact the Carroll County Indiana police at 765-564-2413. He is considered the prime suspect in the killing of two 13 year old girls that were hiking a popular walking trail last Monday. Abby Williams and Liberty "Libby" German were dropped off on a popular walking trail in Delphi, Indiana last Monday to enjoy an unseasonably warm Feb. day that they were out of school. They were to meet their ride later that afternoon but never arrived at that destination. The last known photo of t

Cloudy Sunday, but the Son is up

Sleep has been evasive to say the least for the last couple of months. My dear husband does not seem to sleep well as he is still quite sore and uncomfortable from his surgery. He is doing a little better though and has walked a few steps on his own without the aid of the cane. This morning, I woke around 6 and decided that since the grand doll would not be over until around 8, I would simply lie in bed for a bit. Nice rest anyway. Following that, the day begins and it is time to enjoy the grand and make sure breakfast is complete for everyone. The clouds and fog were quite depressing this morning, as I was hoping for a nice sunrise to wake to since the temperatures are suppose to be near record warmth. As I set in the quiet half hour or so before doll arrived, I was thanking God for His blessings and praying for those that need them at the moment when suddenly a great peace came over me and I realized that the Son is up. He is always up and waiting for us to come to Him and willing

Poke Me With a Fork- I'm Done

Many of you may wonder what has happened to my blog and let me just say that I am still here, but barely. On Jan. 8, I had to call an ambulance for my husband as he was unable to walk, sit, move on his own at all. He had complained that his hip hurt on the previous day, but nothing to make me believe that it was bad.   We went to the emergency room where he stayed most of that day. They done an x-ray of his hip and found nothing wrong there. After hours of waiting, they finally decided to admit him to do an MRI the next day. Pain meds were not aiding at all with the pain and obviously, they had no clue as to what was wrong. We were there from 11 a.m until after 6 p.m. when they decided to admit him.   We spent three days there and never really seen a doctor or got any answers. His A1C was high and they were super concerned about it, but not the pain that he was having. He was in such excruciating pain and even the morphine pump was not really helping other than he was sleeping most o