Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cloudy Sunday, but the Son is up

Sleep has been evasive to say the least for the last couple of months. My dear husband does not seem to sleep well as he is still quite sore and uncomfortable from his surgery. He is doing a little better though and has walked a few steps on his own without the aid of the cane. This morning, I woke around 6 and decided that since the grand doll would not be over until around 8, I would simply lie in bed for a bit. Nice rest anyway.

Following that, the day begins and it is time to enjoy the grand and make sure breakfast is complete for everyone. The clouds and fog were quite depressing this morning, as I was hoping for a nice sunrise to wake to since the temperatures are suppose to be near record warmth. As I set in the quiet half hour or so before doll arrived, I was thanking God for His blessings and praying for those that need them at the moment when suddenly a great peace came over me and I realized that the Son is up. He is always up and waiting for us to come to Him and willing to let Him guide your life. We think that we always need to have the answer and yet, our answer is right there if we will let Him control and guide.

In our lives, we need the sun. It nourishes our bodies with vitamins we need to keep us healthy, but our spiritual lives need the Son. He nourishes our bodies with all we need!
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