Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Murdered Girl A True Hero

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about two young girls that were murdered in Delphi, Indiana. It is such a sad story, but there is a story today that makes my heart strings tug a little harder. Liberty "Libby" German activated video on her cell phone and caught an audio of the man that is suspected in this case. She is a true hero! Whatever was happening to them, she was in enough presence of her surroundings to know to turn that recording on.

Of course, the young lady will never know what she truly done, but this could be the one piece of evidence that leads to the apprehension of this man or more than one when the case is solved. The man that we are seeing a photo of is a picture that was found on her phone. She truly was very heroic in getting this on her phone. I am sure that he was not aware that she had the phone recording and I praise God that the phone was found with this information on it.

My heart breaks that this young lady probably knew that she and her friend, Abby Williams was in danger in order for her to do this. It terrifies me to think that she may have known that she might never make it home, but she still managed to give the police clues to a suspect or suspects. I am so truly proud of her, even though I did not know her.

Once again, here is a photo of the man suspected of killing these young ladies. Do you know him? If so, please come forward!

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