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Do You Know This Man

A couple of years ago, two beautiful young ladies went for a walk on a warm Feb. day and never returned home. Libby German and Abby Williams from Delphi, IN were dropped off by Libby's sister to walk the Monon High Bridge Trail and were to meet their ride home a few hours later, but never returned for that meeting and never returned home alive. Both girls were found murdered  the following day near the trail. I firmly believe that they knew they were in trouble as Libby recorded a man walking on the bridge as well as audio recording of him talking and telling them to go "down the hill". Cell phone pictures and video have aided police in the investigation, but have not led to the killer yet. Someone knows this person and someone knows what happened to these two young ladies and a killer still walks free! April 20, 2019 Indiana State Police released a new sketch of the person they are searching for. This sketch is very different from the one released a couple of years a

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

* This post may contain affiliate links for items I have found on Amazon or other sites that I believe will make nice gifts for any mom. Mother's Day is just around the corner, two weeks to be exact and if you have not finished shopping, I am here to help you. Each of these are geared towards moms of all ages and items that could be useful but would be special for mom. Mothers have always wanted items that would decorate their home or be useful, but items like household cleaning items are not appreciated. I first, would like to suggest Sprinkles from Pink Zebra . Pink Zebra offers a soy wax blend of home fragrances that are both pet and kid safe. If they are accidentally ingested, the child or pet will not suffer from it. Pink Zebra also offers home décor items as well. Make mom's home smell good this year by purchasing some  Pink Zebra today. Another great gift for mom for her special day is jewelry. I found this generational necklace that I believe would be a wonde

Mountains, Rains, and Family

I am writing this blog post from a hotel business center in Tennessee. My daughter and I as well as the grand doll made a trip to this area to visit ailing family as well as to see some family that I realize that I don't see often enough. Isn't it sad how much time we will allow to go by before we see family? Isn't it sad that family doesn't mean the same that it did 35 years ago? Has long has it been since you seen aunts, uncles, cousins, etc? I visited my aunt that is in a nursing home now due to her dementia. I also visited an uncle that is currently in a rehab facility due to a broken hip. Both are doing well except for the problems that they are dealing with and age. Age has such a way of creeping up on someone and stealing so much life from them. As my uncle and I talked yesterday, I began to think that I am only 20 years younger than him and how sad that I may only have that many good years left. I need to do things a little different. I need to travel more and


Hello again everyone! I have decided that I will attempt to write a short post and let you know that my mother in law is now in a long term facility, which she is not happy with. However, we felt it was the best choice. It's a nice facility with good staff and plenty of activities if she would just accept that she is there for now. The grand doll is doing well and continues to heal. There is some swelling in her left leg and I am not sure why. It is making it sore and she complains with it. Our family doctor recommended ice packs twice a day and wants warm vitamin E oil massaged into it for the scars. She says it will keep it from being so scarred. My dear husband seems to have a cough that won't go away and so he is going to the doctor today for that and hopefully, does not have pneumonia. I am supposed to leave today to visit my aunt in Tennessee but if he is hospitalized, that won't happen. He is a smoker and she told him the last visit that he needs to quit as his l