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Paula Deen and Other News

Paula Deen is in the news right now, but not for her cooking. She is being sued by a former employee and her show is being dropped by the Food Network at the end of June due to her admission of using derogatory language in the past. Paula has admitted in an interview to using the "N" word when commenting on a black man who had robbed her when she was a bank teller.  She has apologized, but I am sure that the media will just completely destroy her and her family with this news.  I personally don't understand why something that happened in the 80's is just now being brought up and I feel that she should not be dropped from the network just because of something that happened before her show was on the air. The public needs to remember that she was born and raised in southern Georgia and I am sure that she grew up hearing words like that daily. It is not an excuse, but I am sure that we have all said and done things that we should not have at some time in our lives.  As