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An interesting year

2013 has been a year that has brought happiness, tears, smiles and fears to my family and many others across the United States. It has been a year that we have seen many good things happen on our little piece of the world, but we have also seen many things that have brought sadness and tears to the hearts of many. The year has not brought world peace and happiness to others, but I am hoping that 2014 will be a year where we will see more peace and prosperity than we have in many years.  While we seen things like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook elementary shootings that left many of us with wondering thoughts of what possesses people to do the things that the rest of us see as just unimaginable. Those injured and the families of those who suffered at the Boston Marathon were true victims of a monster and yet. as horrible as we all felt that was, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school was so much worse in my eyes. Innocent children taken by a lone gunman who had no

Twas' the Day Before Christmas

Twas' the day before Christmas and all through the house, I am the only creature stirring except for the little dog. Actually, I am sitting here sending Christmas wishes to my friends and family while I am enjoy the lights from the tree and decorations before I go to work. Whether you work today, finish your shopping today, wrap gifts, or visit with family and friends today, try to slow down just a little and enjoy the Christmas spirit.  The holiday season seems to be filled with rushing around and so many people missing loved ones and being caught up in the shopping that I believe it would be nice if stores would close Christmas eve just so there were less choices in where we could be. Unfortunately, I have to work today and although, my children are older I still feel that I should be home with my family. I am looking forward to coming home early, getting my prep for tomorrow done and enjoying an evening with my husband and my daughter. I am looking forward to seeing my son tom

My thoughts on the "Duck Dynasty" s Phil Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" is not one of my favorite shows, but I do feel that suspending Phil Robertson from the show is going to cause network A&E some major issues. Fans of the show are outraged with this decision and I can understand why. As a Christian, I can understand his point of view and as an American I believe that he is entitled to his freedom of speech.  He did not state his feelings about homosexuality on the television show, it was in an interview with GQ magazine and the interviewer asked for it. Why is it wrong for him to state his belief on it when it is not wrong for millions of homosexuals to march the streets of Washington DC and other places to ask for equal rights to marry their partners. As a country, it seems that we have double standards that we need to take a serious look at.  It is well known that Phil and the entire cast of "Duck Dynasty" are devout Christians so the question in general is almost ridiculous to ask. I am sure that the intervi