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Our Journey Continues

As many of you know, my mom has been very ill in the last few months and suffered from a ruptured esophagus on May 13. She was rushed into emergency surgery and has recovered nicely from what seemed like near death. She had a wonderful surgeon, Dr, Kenneth Keslar at IU Health and thanks to him she is still with us today.  However, having thoraric surgery is not a simple thing to recover from and at her age, the dangers become even greater. She has a g tube for feeding and she has a spit fistula to allow her to eat soft foods and drink some as well as to catch the mucus that we all naturally have. This has been an adjustment for her and the family. She currently is having some problems with keeping the spit fistula on and that has made her quite angry at times. Although, she has great nurses that visit her and a home health aid, it does seem as though there are days that her spirits are low.  our journey down the path to recovery is seeming slow,but we also are very aware that we are