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Snow Storm Woes

Here on the farm, we are experiencing another round of fairly heavy snow and are expected to get 1-3 more inches on top of the 9 or 10 we already have. I hate it, but I am thankful that I have heat, power, and water unlike so many people in Texas. My heart truly breaks for those that are without heat and power as well as water.  Many of us in the midwestern part of the United States and those in the northeast are fully equipped and aware of what a winter storm is capable of and we are generally prepared, but these poor folks are not. Many rural families near us are still on roads that are impassable due to the snow and slick conditions and our county is fairly large and rural and the highway department is capable of clearing them, but there are also many gravel roads that they can't do much with. However, due to the areas in Texas that are struggling, winter road conditions are not usually an issue and they are not equipped with items to clear roads as we do. I am hearing reports o

Snow Storm - The Day After

Snow Apocalypse has left the state and we are in for a beautiful sunny day with very cold temps. I must say that we look as though we live in a snow globe and the scenery from the winter is beautiful, but I am thankful that it is over. I am not a fan of snow or cold and have truly questioned why I live here currently.  The Front Yard The Side Yard Do you notice on this photo that the snow is almost to the bottom of the picnic table bench? I know it truly looks like a mess in the yard and it is at times, but we keep it much cleaner looking in the spring and summer and I have big plans for it this year.  From the back porch Now, this shows just how messy our porch is. There are many items here that were set here before I had surgery to be stored in the garage and barn, that no one ( mind you, three other adults live here) could put away for me. I never leave my chairs open for snow to sit in them, but no one seemed to consider that and I can't get out to do anything with them.  This

Snow Storm #1

Our corner of the world is currently under a winter storm warning and I must say with the way it is snowing, I would not be surprised if we don't get record snowfall today and tonight. We are predicted to get an inch an hour and I would say that it is fairly accurate with the snow we have now. I know many states are struggling with the same weather and I pray that you all stay safe. Please be aware of road conditions and stay in unless you have to go out.  Provided by Google Images Our county has gone to a red travel status due to the snow and blowing conditions. Red means that only emergency personnel should be on the roads. Being that we sit on an East- West road and the wind is predicted to drift many of those closed and we are in a rural area, I am more than prepared for a long stay inside. My kids are safe and I pray that there are no emergencies within the next couple of days.  I will attempt to post photos tomorrow once the snow stops.  We are predicted to get another snow

Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 7

Hello Sunday! Yes, it is a Super Bowl day here. We are not huge sports fans, but we watch the Super Bowl each year and I am a huge Patrick Mahomes fan so I will certainly be watching tonight. My husband likes Tom Brady, so our house will be as divided as the stadium would be if it were full.  Life on the farm today is simple as the chores were done early so that we could rest and relax today. It is super cold out and I truthfully, do not want to be outside. We checked on the horses, chickens, cat and one dog that is outside. Yes, he has a warm house to get into and he is checked on regularly when it is cold. The next week or two here is supposed to be really crazy cold and we may have snow the next few days, which won't make life any easier. Of course, with my foot still recovering from surgery, I am truly unable to get around outside so my husband has to do most of the work.  Who is your pick to win tonight? It feels like a game between the new upcoming talent and older talent? Pa


Good Morning Everyone! I pray that this post finds each of you healthy, warm, and in good spirits. I am going to my daughter's again today to spend a few days with her. We work our Pink Zebra business together and I am thankful to say that she is finally truly helping with the work and truly trying to make a good go at this business.  Provided by Google Images Our rally training is on Saturday and it brings a new catalog, lots of new scents and many new warmers and lights as well as other products. That is part of the reason that I am going to her house, as we are watching virtually and we want to watch together, plus we are having some of our customers with us as well. I am still not sure that I enjoy the virtual meetings like this, but with the Co-Vid restrictions that we have all across the US, we must do things this way. Are you ready for life to go back to some kind of normalcy? I am. I want to travel with my friends, I want to have meetings with other Zebras and I want to mee

Welcome February!

Image provided by Google Images Welcome to February!  February brings thoughts of love, hearts, and Valentine's Day for many of us. February is the shortest month of the year and I believe that God made it that way because it can be some of the gloomiest days here. It seems that we get most of our cold and snow in February and I am not sure that we could survive a full month. I also believe that it is the springboard into spring.  I know here on the farm we are looking forward to the long daylight hours that February brings as well as knowing that March will bring some warmer weather and brighter days. Some of our cloudy, gloomy days will soon give way to sunshine and brighter days. We are also looking forward to spring and all the new that comes with it. New signs of nature waking up and planning for that awakening.  I am beginning to plan for some new flower beds this spring as well as looking to do some repairs that are truly needed around here. My husband and I are planning ano