Snow Storm Woes

Here on the farm, we are experiencing another round of fairly heavy snow and are expected to get 1-3 more inches on top of the 9 or 10 we already have. I hate it, but I am thankful that I have heat, power, and water unlike so many people in Texas. My heart truly breaks for those that are without heat and power as well as water. 

Many of us in the midwestern part of the United States and those in the northeast are fully equipped and aware of what a winter storm is capable of and we are generally prepared, but these poor folks are not. Many rural families near us are still on roads that are impassable due to the snow and slick conditions and our county is fairly large and rural and the highway department is capable of clearing them, but there are also many gravel roads that they can't do much with. However, due to the areas in Texas that are struggling, winter road conditions are not usually an issue and they are not equipped with items to clear roads as we do. I am hearing reports of people using their cars to stay warm and although it is not a safe decision, I am fully aware that if my children were freezing, I would attempt to do all I could to keep them warm. 

I am also hearing reports of stores being out of many supplies and that gas stations are without gas, which is required for generators and other such items that can be used as a source of heat. I am fortunate that I have wood heat ( electric for backup) and I am able to cook over it in cases of no power. I also am well equipped with plenty of food ( three freezers and two pantries), but many do not store those amounts of food. I would say I could live for a few weeks without power. However, I know a few that could not live many days. I would say that water, although not the safest, could be found by melting snow, but without power and in freezing conditions that would even be hard to do. 

Please, if you know anyone in Texas, reach out to them and make sure that they are safe and have essentials for a few days. I have reached out to Linda at lindaslifejournal. I have also been in contact with my cousin and her family as well as the founders of our Pink Zebra company, who live in Texas. No one should not be checked on. 

Prayers to each of you until we meet again. 


  1. I am so glad you are doing well, and have everything you need!

  2. Up here, we know how to prepare, don't we? When we see those warnings a day or two ahead, we check our cupboards and supplies! I'm feeling for our Texan friends as well. We're worried about Rick's mom's house (she's in a nursing home which so far has power or a generator). I have a feeling there will be frozen pipes to deal with at some point.

    1. Yes, we have learned that these storms can bring power outages and other issues like this. I am keeping them all in my prayers

  3. Well said...I feel for those in Texas that had no warning and were not prepared. Most of us rely on electricity for our everyday living. Take care

  4. Beautifully said, Carol. At least here in the Midwest we are prepared and have the equipment to deal with the snow and ice. We might not like it but most of usually have power or a heat source. Just sad..and so weird that 70% of the whole country suffered from the cold and snow. ugh! xo Diana

    1. Yes, very much so. I wonder if most everyone there has electric heat.

  5. Hi Carol! Thank you for your lovely heart-felt post. You are so right about Texas not prepared for this kind of cold weather. We were out of power a couple days and Burr. I had three layers of clothes and coats too. At night so many blankets we couldn't move. But we were lucky that we had food and water to hold us over. We were never completely out of water but got to the point we are boiling it. Hopefully that be lifted tomorrow. Just in the last few years Texas started treated the roads with brim before icy weather, after this Hopefully they invest in more equipment. 💖


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