Thursday, June 8, 2017

Heading Out

With some cool temperatures the last couple of days, it has been nice to head outside and enjoy the summer air. Unfortunately, we won't do that long as the weekend is to be hot and humid with temps near 90. Next week, it looks as though the weatherman is calling for the same. I truly love summer but hate those types of temps.

We will be heading out later today to finish getting the camper cleaned as we are going to be going on our annual campout soon. It is 9 days of sitting by the beach, fishing, boating, and just relaxing around the fire. Of course, if the temps are in the 90's all of those days, it can make sitting by the fire a little on the hot side. That will be beach time unless we begin to burn.

I am excited about going, but I dread the prep work that goes into the trip. The camper is ready, but we will be taking the horse trailer with living quarters this time and it is not ready as we have not used it much since we began using the camper. The mice had taken up residence this winter and left a huge mess that I am slowly cleaning up. Anyone that knows me, knows that mice is a bad 4 letter word. I am terrified! I am scared! I am positively uncomfortable anywhere that there are signs of them and now I am cleaning a trailer where I know they have been and they were mean enough to leave signs of being there. They need to move! If you have a home that they can visit or rent, please let me know!

I was out yesterday and done some work on the trailer, but it sure needs more. I find that I do my best work of a morning, but my daughter worked today so I have been quite busy with the little gal that I adore so much. Aren't grandkids the best? I sure think so. I will be going back out to work as soon as she wakes up from her nap. She has been asleep about 2 and a half hours so I am hoping to finish this post before she wakes.

We have read too many books to count, tried to paint with water, but she tends to want to chew on the brush. We have walked, attempted to play with her water table minus the water. I was a mean mammaw and told her that the air was too cool today. We have had lunch and we have watched cartoons,- quite a big day for such little ladies. LOL!

Well, I believe I will close for the day. I will leave a small picture here I hope and I will go sit on the back deck and wait on her to wake and read some of my book now. Take care!

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