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Holidays on the Farm

 Holiday time is right upon us and it is not any different here on the farm. Animals have changed and we no longer have any horses or large animals, except for the Great Dane that my husband loves so much. We still have ducks, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs, which still takes some time to take care of, but life is much simpler these days. With the holidays around the corner, I am quite busy with many plans with friends and family as well as with gifts, decorating, and all the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays. With that craziness, I have also found out that I am looking at another foot surgery in January that will once again take me off my feet for several weeks and recovery will be close to 6 months or more again. UGH! Because the doctor wants it to be early January (the 12th to be exact), I am not doing much decorating this year and it makes the holiday not seem as bright and shiny.  Matter of fact, I am emotionally really struggling in many aspects of my life and I am