Saturday, March 25, 2023

Blog 365 Destroyed , but Feeling Better

 Well, after a long time of being sick with some kind of infection that spread throughout my body, I can finally say that I am feeling better. I have to apologize though as I was really trying to do the Blog 365, but I just destroyed that plan as I was too sick to write. 

I intend to write daily again, but we will see how my health allows that. The doctor truly is not sure of what was going on, but I have taken 6 different antibiotics and here I am feeling a bit better, but not 100% myself. I am thankful that I was feeling well enough to do something with my granddoll while she was on spring break!

Well, I better close this and rest again, but I wanted to do a quick update on my health.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Mar 16 - Sick Again

 Hello! It  is Thursday and I am sick again. I have some kind of infection that seems to be attacking multiple places at once. I have a UTI, swollen glands in my neck, and multiple other issues. I feel really bad and I have been sleeping a lot.

I am supposed to go to a hockey game tomorrow with my daughter, son -in-law and my oldest granddaughter. I am super excited about going as I have never been to a professional hockey game. I hope to go, but we will see how I feel tomorrow. Antibiotics all day today and drinking water and cranberry juice and I hope I will feel better. 

I need to be busy planning my daughter's baby shower, but I am just not feeling up to it at this point. I have to get it done before we get so busy that we can't get it planned or worked into the schedule. Summer gets busy with vendor shows and all that comes with that. 

Well, I will leave you with a thought for today.

Wednesday Craft Day - Easter Rabbit Tray

Pink Zebra has offered me a job for 8 years that allows me to travel with my grandkids and enjoy being home. It has allowed me to homeschool my grand for one year and it has given my family an added income. I love the company values and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a way to make some extra money. 

I decided that I would use the garden rabbit shade to make a nice Easter tray for a centerpiece for our table. The above photo is the finished product. It shows just how versatile these shades are. Remember our shades are made to go over our Simmering Lights, but I gave it a whole new look doing this. 

I started with this. Our amazing Garden Rabbit Shade. It is a rather large shade and I think there are many options for it. I have seen people use it as a kitchen gadget holder, a flower vase holder , and just as a nice rabbit decoration. I had other ideas though. 

This is how it is normally used. You simply place it over one of our Simmering Lights. It just changes the look of the light and allows you to make it a more seasonal décor for your home. 

It is nice both ways. When I seen it though, I knew I wanted to make it into a centerpiece for my table. I simply added a piece of green felt to the bottom of my tobacco basket, I added some carrots and three small green bunnies that I purchased from Dollar Tree, added the flowers that I had here at home in other buckets and vases and added a string of battery operated fairy lights to add a little color and light to it. I think it is the perfect centerpiece. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Farm Chores for the Day

 With all the new happenings here on the farm, I am finding that I have more chores to do. We got two new roosters last night and so they needed to be added to the chicken coop today, but one of our roosters had to be taken out as he did not want new roosters in his pen. So rooster sitting was added to my list for a bit. 

The new coop requires that cleaning is done more often and it also means that we check the heat lamp daily and we check for eggs a little more often now as well. I don't need to, but I just enjoy checking them more often. I finally got an egg gathering apron and I was anxious to use it! 

We have 24 baby chicks as well, so that means that we must do a little more feeding as well. It also means checking that they are all thriving in their new homes. Just like having a small child- they need to be checked on a fairly regular schedule. There is medicated feed to be given to them and fresh water more often than the bigger chickens. 

Of course, there are still many chores around home as well as with the dog and the rabbits. Farm life is a busy life, but I would not trade it for anything!

Monday, March 13, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday - Mar. 13,2023

 Good Afternoon! What a busy day it has been here on the old funny farm. I am exhausted just thinking of all that I have accomplished since 6 a.m. I realized that I had to get my Happy Homemaker post written though or it would be Tuesday instead. Happy Homemaker is a series of posts by women that are proud to be homemakers and it is hosted each week by Sandra at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom


Cold, snowy and truly not looking like it did just a week or so ago when it seemed as though spring was here. I am very disappointed with the weather, but I know Mother Nature is testing us to see how upset she can possibly make us before spring gets here. I just hope that she has not destroyed all of my beautiful flowers that were starting to bloom. 


Gloomy, snow flurries and windy. What more could you possibly say about winter. It looks cold outside. I do see a cardinal on the bird feeder and I believe it is shivering where it sits. 

*** RIGHT NOW I AM *** & *** THINKING***

I have dinner in the crockpot. I feel it is a good day for beef stew. I also hear the washer as it is spinning wildly, finishing up a blanket that had to be washed as one of the hedgehogs pooped on it this morning as my grandbaby was playing with the cute little stinker. I also am writing this and thinking about the rest that I have to do and when I might get it accomplished.

*** ON MY TV ***

I have discovered a new series on Netflix that I am enjoying.  Sweet Magnolias is the name of it and I am really enjoying it. I believe there are two seasons, but I have only watched 4 or 5 episodes so far. 

*** ON THE MENU ***

Today is beef stew and corn bread , Banana Cream Pie for dessert
Tuesday -  Fish and Macaroni and Cheese, Peas
Wednesday - Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan dinner
Thursday - Taco Salad or Tamales

I will be at my daughters on Friday and Saturday as we are going to a hockey game on Friday night and we will be going to hear the Booth Brothers on Saturday evening.


I am currently finished with the Trouble in Texas series that I was reading and I am happy to say I enjoyed all three books. Now I am reading :

I am finding it to be funny and very interesting to learn more as to how she got her start in acting. She is such a talented woman and many female actresses owe a lot to her and those that blazed the path early on in this field. 

*** MY TO DO LIST ***

I certainly do not want to overwhelm any of you so I will just list what I need to finish today.
* Laundry - 2 loads
*5 sample packs to prepare for mailing for PZ customers
*1 order to package and mail
*Cornbread to make
* dishes to do
* papers to look over for the granddoll
* change bed linens on one bed
* sweep the kitchen and dining room after dinner
* egg cartons to date 
* shower
* Bible Study
* email a friend 

*** CRAFTING ***

No time this week. I will include my plans here. I am working tomorrow through Friday and then travel to my daughter's house. Hockey game Friday night, kids sale Saturday morning, Booth Brothers on Saturday evening, come home Sunday morning, 


I see a bit of dirt on the floor, a desk that needs cleaned off, and a couch that I would love to be sitting on reading my book. No time for that either, I am sure. 


A bottle of Soaks from PZ. This is our Green Tea and Lemongrass and it is great for mosquitos in the summer time. You can spray it on your clothes, skin, etc. It is safe to use, even on pets. 


My granddolls' class as it seems many have been out sick recently.
World peace
decisions that I need to make on an unspoken area right now
parents of missing children to get the answers that they need

*** BIBLE ***

Just a reminder to follow Sandra with this series as well as the Blog 365 she is hosting. Blogging 365 days in a year may be tough, but some of us are convinced we can do it. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sunday Smiles

 Good Sunday Morning from the farm! I am happy to say that I am feeling better , but not happy to say that we woke to snow. Only a bit and nothing on the roads, mainly just wet and on grass, trees, and other surfaces. It worries me that we have flowers blooming and now we have snow on them. I pray it does not kill my tulips or lilies, as I did not get them covered last night.

Anyway, Sunday is about God and family. I like to share something to make you smile here on Sunday so I hope this helps.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Still sick - 3-10-23

Still sick and have my first vendor show for tomorrow, so I guess today is all about letting my daughter take control and do the work that I would have done. 

I wish you all the best of good health. It is hard to be sick when so many people need you and you know that you need to be more accountable. I have learned that I must rest when I am sick though. So off I go back to bed to rest.

Changing Directions on the Farm - Saturday 3-11-23

 Change is usually a good thing, correct? I certainly believe that for the changes we have in mind for the funny farm here. We have decided that we are going to raise more chickens than we have in the past and I have decided that I want to get into selling plants and other farm related items as well. Many things will need to fall into place for this to all happen, but I believe it is exactly what we need to do in order to make the farm into a money-making venture and take us into our next season of life.

My husband and I are getting older and we don't really want to have a full blown animal farm with large animals anymore. The horses were fun, but hay is such a chore these days. I am sure that neither of us will miss the hot, hard work of putting up hay. I also am aware that we need to make some money towards keeping up the upkeep of the farm, so I have set a plan in motion to raise more small animals to sell.

My husband purchased 24 chicks today as well as 2 turkeys and we have ordered two more turkeys. I fully intend to make this the summer that changes the farm around to more of a small animal farm and I want to sell eggs, jelly, and some plants once I have them securely started. I feel much more confident in doing this now than I would have several years ago as I have learned much more about animals and plants than I knew years ago.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Thursday Talk 3-9-23

 It is almost the end of the week and I woke up feeling like I have been ran over by a truck. I have a horrible headache and I have a bit of a sore throat. I feel a little stuffy and I feel sick to my stomach. I hate it as I have had the grand doll for the week, but I did not feel sick yesterday, but last night felt bad and today I feel awful!

I am not running a fever and for that I am thankful. I hurt in my joints, but I don't feel like it is the flu. I just don't feel good. I am hoping it is a 24 hour bug because I have so much work to do and I have the girl to care for. Her mom said she can come home today, but she really does not want too. Plus, she is such a better child here with us and she is not in trouble like she is at home often. 

Well, this will be short due to me being sick. Hope you have a great day and I will see you all tomorrow with news that I am well, I hope. 

What a Week on the Farm! 3/8/23

 As many of you are aware, I am very close to my oldest granddaughter and I am so thankful that they live next door. With that said though, her mom is a little on the lazy side when it comes to cleaning and other household items. Maybe more overwhelmed than lazy, but it becomes a problem when she allows the clutter to take over the home. We have talked many times and I tell her that it will be more of a problem as the kids get older and aware that not everyone lives like that. 

My grand doll has become aware and so she has decided that living with me is better than home. Plus, she has gone from making A's and B's in school till suddenly her highest grade is a low C. Something is wrong and I find out that homework is not being done as it should be. So, I made the decision that I would allow her to stay with us for the week. I am happy to say that we have not had many issues and no arguments on doing homework as she is eager to learn. 

She actually told us that she does not want to return home as it is not as clean as it is here. Sad, right? I have made the decision that she can stay as long as she wants, but mom certainly does not like it. There is a solution and she is fully aware of what it is. I hope that she fixes the problem and the grand doll will return home as I am exhausted and find that I don't have enough hours in my day to get my work done once the housework is completed, meals are prepped, she is picked up from school and we get homework done. It is a lot, but I am certainly aware that I don't have the energy I had when my kids were young.

Anyway, that is the reason that I have not published my posts the last couple of days, but I am back on track now and I will be scheduling them from now on. 

Tuesday Book 3/7/23

 Well since I really am not sure what I intend to read next and I am still finishing up the book I was reading last week. I am just going to update you on the reading of Stuck Together by Mary Connealy.

Being the third in the series, I am finding this one just as interesting as the other two in the Trouble in Texas series. The storyline is a little slower at first, but it is not too long before the story gets really good. This book centers around Vince and his family that suddenly show up in Broken Wheel. His father has an evil deed in his head and it suddenly is known to everyone just what it is. 

I have about 10 more chapters to read, so I hope to finish it this week. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Another Spring Day

 Well, with temperatures near 75 degrees today, it looks to be another spring like day here in the Midwest. As with all the other days with temperatures like this, we are to have a cold front move through and it is to turn much cooler tomorrow with highs in the mid 40's and possible wintery mix on Friday. 

It has been nice to do some work outside though. I added some solar lights to our front flower bed and I cleaned some bird feeders as well. I put new suet cakes out for the woodpeckers and other birds. I rearranged some of the outside décor and just tidied things up a bit around here. It seems as though winter has given us so much wind that many things are out of place and need to be cleaned up.

I have enjoyed the new chicken coop quite a bit and look forward to spending time watching the chickens once we get our bench set up and we get my office, which will be near it completed. I am more than ready to move into that office! 

I planned to do a Happy Homemaker post today, but it just did not seem to happen. Maybe next week. My grand daughter was sent home today with what the school believed to be pink eye, but the doctor says it was just an infection. I am happy about that. Lots to do, so I better close this for now. 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Smiles - Mar. 5, 2023 - Father-Daughter Dance

 Hello and Happy Sunday! 

I wish you all the best for today. May God's love shine through and show itself all around you. I am sharing a post each Sunday morning that hopefully makes you smile a bit. I know we all need more kindness and love in our lives and a smile always helps my day to be better. 

On Wednesday night, my husband took our granddoll to a Father-Daughter dance at church. This was the second year that they have gone and my what a fun time they have. It is like a mini date as there is dinner, dancing, and fun to be had. This year was centered around a Hawaiian theme and I think they done well with getting dressed for the occasion. My husband does not like to wear anything but jeans and a shirt with a pocket (preferably a tee shirt), so this is good for him. 

They had fruit cups to snack on as well as some tropical freeze style drinks- she had pina colada. There were photo booths and a place to do stickers on one of your photos. There were photos with surfboards in the background as well. 

I am thrilled that the church does this for their young people and that there is so much participation. I am thankful that my husband will take her as he is not one to dance or go to social events like this. I have tried so many times and he will never do anything that I want to do. 

The love of a grandchild is like no other love that you will ever experience! I hope that this has made you smile just a bit today.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

New Animals on the Farm

 About a week ago, we brought home new animals for the funny farm here. Now, you might expect a cow, pig, more chickens, rabbits, etc. but of course, you would be wrong. I named our farm the funny farm for a reason. We have pet hedgehogs and a parakeet. 

Yes, hedgehogs with quills and all. Yes, two female African Pygmy Hedgehogs. They are super cute and we have enjoyed them a great deal. The grandkids love them and I will say that they are interesting to watch. They can hurt a bit if they spike and you attempt to pick them up, but as long as you are careful and catch  them at the right time, they are very easy to pick up.  Here is a Google Image of them as I have not been able to get one yet. 

My oldest daughter found these at an auction last Friday night and my husband bought them. I was shocked, but he thinks that they are a good idea for the grands. I will say the oldest is a bit scared of them, but the youngest loves to hold them and will ask often. 

Then we also got a blue and white parakeet. Now, I am not a bird lover at all, except for ducks and woodpeckers, but it has not been too bad having him around. He does get a bit loud at times, but for the most part he is okay. I have been petting him daily and he "talks" to my husband every morning while he is drinking coffee. Another Google Image, but here is what he looks like.

As I have said before, you just never know what the next animal on the farm will be. Wonder if there is a way to make a small animal petting zoo. No, that would just be more work for me. 

I am thankful to say that the sun is out today and it is a bit warmer than yesterday. My goodness the rain yesterday was awful. Many roads around us were flooded and I heard of several accidents due to the rain. The weather man said today that we may have a wintery mix on Friday. Come on Mother Nature, give us a break!

Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday Lunch - Tuna Casserole

 What did you have for lunch today? I made tuna casserole and must say on this rainy day, it was delicious!

Here is my recipe:

1 can tuna

1 cup of cooked macaroni noodles

1 can corn

1 can peas

1 can cream of mushroom soup


Shredded cheese

Combine the cream of mushroom soup and milk together in casserole dish. I use the can the soup is in to add my can of  milk. Add the remaining ingredients and stir together. Add about 1/2 cup of shredded cheese to this and stir well. Top with shredded cheese and bake uncovered at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour.

So delicious and perfect for a windy, rainy day in March. 

New Chicken Coop

 Good Thursday evening! It is late so I will schedule this to post tomorrow morning. I am happy to say that we have some very happy chickens as we have a new coop today with a nice size run for them as well. It is going to be predator safe and filled with a couple of new feeders and a new water system. 

We have several nesting boxes and it is going to have bedding on the floor to make cleaning easier and faster. We have wanted one for several months and finally made the decision to purchase it. We added a large dog kennel to it in order to provide a safe and dry place for the chickens to be in during the day and be outside to eat bugs, etc. 

This is a close replica as to what it looks like. I will take actual photos after the torrential rains we are to have tomorrow. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Happy Wednesday


It's late and I am just finding time to sit and post, so to keep this one short I am sending this cute goat with his Happy Wednesday message from the funny farm to y'all.

Mother's Day

 Mother's Day can be such a beautiful day for many people, but I always think of the moms that have suffered losses of children, either ...