Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Country Weddings

We are a hobby farm family that enjoys raising some of our own food and we enjoy the horses and being outdoors. I am happy to say that when my daughter gets married, we will be having a fall, outdoor country wedding.  I have occasionally talked with others about those type of weddings and I have looked at Pinterest to see what ideas are out there.

There are several ideas. Most floral arrangements include sunflowers which would make me happy since I love sunflowers! I think that they are prettier than roses or any other flowers. I would love to raise my own but I never seem to have much luck with them. I may just buy some fake ones today if I am out so that I can have some here.

I am not much for decorating my home for holidays other than Christmas, but I am starting to think that I should decorate for fall. I know I can't do much as the grand doll would be into all of it. I am thinking that our tree will certainly be a little one this year that can be placed on a table as there is simply no place to put the darn thing that she will not be into it. Anyway, this sounds like it is off post, but really is not. My daughter has said that she would like to have her wedding here, which means when it is to happen, she will expect me to help with decorations. I am sure that I can but it may be a challenge when I realize that I really am not great at making things that look professional. LOL!

Here is a list of items that I feel are important to a country wedding:

haybales for seating
burlap for décor
fall flowers
mason jars
milk cans or milk style pails

an old barn would be great for photos

What do you think? Perfect country wedding décor? I believe so!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Boos and Boobs

October is a month full of activity here on the farm getting ready for the winter and getting things ready for the holidays that are right around the corner. Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays but it is one that we enjoy some of the nicer decorations for and we celebrate it as just a day to be aware of the fall and beautiful bounty of pumpkins, gourds, and other fall veggies.  We, as a Christian family, do not celebrate it for the real reason we have Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday that is full of plenty of scary sights , but we choose not to honor those or purchase those. A cute witch is just as good as a scary witch. A cute pumpkin is just as nice as one that instills fear. We know that God tells us to not be afraid for He is with us. Halloween always makes me think of the word Boo and that is why it is included in this blog post title.

Another event that takes place each October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink ribbons and events will take place all over the US to raise awareness of the importance of self- checks and breast cancer patients. Both those that are fighting now and those that have fought this battle need to be remembered this month as in the future. I personally lost a dear childhood friend to this horrible disease and I have known several others that fought it and thankfully seem to have beaten it.

Being that I am a Pink Zebra representative, I am going to promote Pink all month. I am thinking of attempting to make a sale that allows me to donate to someone that is currently fighting this illness. Do you think that would be a good idea? Breast Cancer Awareness is the reason for the second part of the title of this post- Boobs. For all the women out there, take care of them! Do your self check when you shower. If you find anything that could be a problem, get to the doctor and have it checked! Please don't wait!


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