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Christmas in Mustang Creek Book Review

 For some reason, I can't get my Goodreads reviews to post from that site to here, so I am going to do my own copy and paste from there. I don't want to write two reviews for each book so if anyone can help please do! Let me know how to do the post from there to here. Purchase Here Christmas in Mustang Creek (The Brides of Bliss County, #4) by   Linda Lael Miller   (Goodreads Author) Carol Slater 's review Dec 31, 2023   ·    edit it was amazing What a delightful Christmas read! I truly enjoyed this book. I felt as though Linda Lael Miller had created a story that I was actually a part of. The characters were more like friends than just characters in a book. Mrs. Klozz, a rather mysterious woman that seems to know everything that is happening in town and in the relationship between Charlotte and Jaxon, is such a pleasant addition to the story. Charlotte has returned to her childhood home to help care for her great aunt, who raised her most of her life. Mustang Creek is the

New Years' Eve 2023

 The final day of 2023 is upon us and as I sit here and reflect on what the year has been for us, I feel blessed. We welcomed our first grandson into our family, my mother recovered from another near-death experience, my husband and I survived a tough year in our marriage, and my best friend has battled cancer. Many bad things have come our way, but I am thankful to say that God has brought us through them and has made a way for me to still see the blessings He has for me and my family.  The farm has changed quite a bit this year and we have lost some dear animals to us, but we still have plenty to care for and love and many will find their way into our hearts again this spring. Lessons have been learned about what direction we intend to go with the farm and I know many ways I want to change the way we do things in the next year. I learned to can this year and I must say that I greatly enjoyed it and will be doing more of it in the future. With food costs constantly rising, it is somet

Snowy Saturday Farm Chores

 As I sit here deciding what I should write about, I look out our window and see snow. Now, it is simply a burst of snow flurries that is falling as it was raining just a few minutes ago when I let the dog out. It is at the freezing mark outside and so that is why it is now flurries. The temperature is to be around 42 degrees Fahrenheit today, so no chance of slick roads. That all said, I don't mind these snow flurries as they are short lived.  As we move closer to January, the snow becomes more frequent, and the gloomy skies become even more frequent. This can lead to many struggling with seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder.  I find myself struggling more when we go several days without sunshine. Our bodies need sunshine; we need vitamin D.  Here is a well written article on this  disorder . I highly recommend reading it if you struggle in the wintertime with the loss of sunlight. Being on the farm and having early morning feedings and other chores to do, the loss o

Final Friday

 We have arrived at the last Friday of the year. Do you have New Years' Eve plans? We do not. We will be home as usual and I might be in bed before the midnight hour if I am not feeling better than I do currently. I have seasonal allergies and I must say that with the crazy weather we are having, it has not been a good day or two. As we are approaching the end of the year, we reflect upon the past year and many of us may wish things could have been different. This year has brought a health crisis for my mother and my best friend that I am thankful are coming to an end. I pray that each of you will have good health going into 2024. I am thankful that my physical was today and that all looks well for the most part.  I have chosen a word of the year for next year. I have also made a decision that life is going to be much more peaceful for the new year. My word is going to be FOCUS! I am going to focus on myself and what makes me happy and brings peace to my life. I am going to get rid

Throwback Thursday

 I wasn't sure what I planned to write about today as there is not much happening currently here other than typical farm chores. As I was searching for a different photo, I found this amazing sunset photo from Sept. 2021 when I was on a short trip with a friend of mine.  It is an amazing sunset over a lake and the colors were just outstanding. The pink and blue were just so peaceful at the time and still are as I sit and look at it today. We were on the balcony of our hotel, looking over the lake and it just happened to be that we were there at the right time to see this perfect sunset and the artwork that God has given us daily if we just stop and see it. It is a reminder to me to slow down and smell the roses as well as to see the sunrises and sunsets.  Do you stop and enjoy the beauty that God has given us, or do you hurry through the day to realize that you have missed the small moments that are the most important?

Wordless Wednesday


After Christmas At The Farm

  The most loved day of the year has come to a close and now we all anxiously await the New Year. Life on the farm is the same today and it was yesterday and the day before Christmas, but much quieter.  Two of the three kids and their families were here for Christmas morning and all three grandkids were here, but our son had to work so we will see him in January. Many gifts were exchanged, and I got some nice gifts from the children. My husband bought a computer for us as ours had quit working and I needed a new farm coat, so that was Christmas. Of course, it seems we always get socks and all the necessary clothing as well.  My two best gifts were having the grands here and I got a blanket that has all three grands picture on it. What a beauty! I also got tickets to go see The Booth Brothers in concert in March and as many of you know, my friend sings with them so I am really looking forward to that. It will be a real treat to see them and chat with my friend again.  The day ended fair

Christmas Is When?

 A week? We are a week away from Christmas Eve and I am so unprepared this year. Why? The farm has needed so much extra attention lately with a sick goat and I lost my beautiful Winter, my lamb. The weather has been so warm for this time of year. My grand doll is struggling in school, and we are looking for tutoring that we can afford, and Mom wants to come home and doesn't understand why I don't feel comfortable with that decision. My husband's work has slowed due to the economy and car parts being so ridiculous in price.  December is one of my favorite months of the year due to the holiday season, but I just feel that I have not been able to enjoy it this year. I have listened to very little music, and I have only been to see lights once. I have very little shopping done for stockings and that is usually all I have left to do at this point but realized today that my husband and I have not purchased a gift for our parents yet. Will I get it all done? yes, of course, but go