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Final Days of 2017

The final days of 2017 are upon us and I must say that I am praising God that the year is almost over. I never like to see time rushed as we have so little of it and we should take advantage of every moment of it, but I am tired and have been through enough this year. The holiday season seemed to be a struggle for all this year and I hate to say that I am happy to see it go! The season is so commercialized that it is hard to remember the real reason we celebrate the day. Our holiday wound up being a nice day despite the fact that my mother in law spent a few days, including Christmas, in the hospital. She rolled out of bed a week ago yesterday and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. It was discovered that she had some bleeding on her brain and she was rushed to a larger hospital in case surgery was needed. It was not thankfully, but she is extremely bruised and has a large knot on her head that is still causing some pain and discomfort. My husband was not truly in the holiday spi

Holiday Blues

Well, it seems as though once again the holiday crunch is upon us. One week and we will be waking up to Christmas Eve. Are your gifts bought? Are they wrapped? Are cards mailed? All of these are great questions to be asking yourself because as I sit here writing this the answer is no! I truly do not know why it is that each year I am farther behind than the year before. I have enjoyed Christmas music and shows on Hallmark, but I just can not get motivated to bake cookies, shop, get cards ready, etc. I truly can't find my holiday spirit this year much. Maybe it is because I know that my husband always wants to shop often because he loves the last minute hustle and bustle, maybe it is because I know he is impossible to buy for and I dread shopping for him, maybe it's because the kids are each moved on now. I do not know but I almost will be glad to see the holiday over and I love this time of the year normally. My tree is up, some presents are bought, and the grand baby is go