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Spring snow

Well, a few days ago the calendar said that it was the first day of spring, but I believe someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. A rare heavy wet snow has blanketed the middle of our state. As I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning doing my daily devotions, I was reminded that "to every thing there is a season". It seems that only God knows when spring weather will arrive. The birds were out in force this morning at the bird feeder and I was wondering as I watched them if they were wondering if they should have stayed in the south a little longer. We have about 5 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing a little, which is more like a wet rain/sleet mix. We can be amazed at the works of the Lord or we can complain about the weather when things like this happen. I have decided that I will rejoice in the beauty that the snowfall has made as it hangs on the trees and I will not complain about the cold and the danger that the snow brings. I am sure that the

Good Morning

Early mornings are my favorite time of the day. I woke up to go to work, but just sitting here in the quiet morning , reading my Bible and thanking God that I am able to do so without worrying that my Bible or life could be taken for doing so. We are lucky to have the freedom of religion in this country!  I am sure that mothers can relate to the beauty of a quiet morning! The few precious moments that it provides before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. I personally have many errands to run today and I also am meeting a friend today for coffee, which will be an added treat. May your day be peaceful and productive- That is my prayer for you today.

Snow day!

Today is a snow day for me! I am sitting here in my warm fuzzy snowman shirt and my stretch pants having hot tea and enjoying the sights that this wet, heavy snowfall has created. No, I truly can't say that I enjoy snow, but it is certainly nice to be off at both employers today and for the roads to be just cruddy enough that I can say I am not going anywhere. Yesterday my plan for today included lots of housework and cleaning while trying to do some school with my daughter and staying busy. However, today my plan seems to have changed. I have decided that most of the school work and house work can wait a day or two and we will enjoy the beauty that God created last night. I also have decided that so many of my online projects have been on hold way to long due to work and that this might just be God's way of saying that I needed a day to focus on other tasks. I really didn't give this blog much attention the past couple of months and that drives me crazy because I reall