Snow day!

Today is a snow day for me! I am sitting here in my warm fuzzy snowman shirt and my stretch pants having hot tea and enjoying the sights that this wet, heavy snowfall has created. No, I truly can't say that I enjoy snow, but it is certainly nice to be off at both employers today and for the roads to be just cruddy enough that I can say I am not going anywhere.

Yesterday my plan for today included lots of housework and cleaning while trying to do some school with my daughter and staying busy. However, today my plan seems to have changed. I have decided that most of the school work and house work can wait a day or two and we will enjoy the beauty that God created last night. I also have decided that so many of my online projects have been on hold way to long due to work and that this might just be God's way of saying that I needed a day to focus on other tasks.

I really didn't give this blog much attention the past couple of months and that drives me crazy because I really want to make this a success. However, between working two jobs, home schooling, trying to keep this place clean and keeping up with chores here, it seems that my work is never finished so that I can sit down and work here.

I am thinking of starting a new blog to keep up with current events and things that I hear on television that might interest some of us, but my husband says that I am too opinionated to share my views with the rest  of the world. He says I will for sure make enemies! I guess you can't be liked by all. LOL!!

My daughter has prom on Friday night and it seems as though she may not have the best weather for it, although it does look to be a bit warmer. Thankful for that! We still need to buy shoes and I have not given thought to a corsage yet. Wonder if I should be busy on those things today? For anyone who happens to home school, if you have children who are old enough to go to prom you really should check out options around you. We are fortunate to have the Heartland Home School Prom that takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana that we can go to and it is a very nice evening for the children.

I know that several places have been dealt snow this week or are getting hit today. I know that it sometimes makes going to work or getting things done a little more difficult, but enjoy the beauty that is around you ! Tomorrow may be sunny and warm, but be thankful that you are alive to see the snow and be thankful for the purity that the snow represents. I always try to think of it as God's way of purifying things and getting nature ready for what comes next. God Bless!!


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