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Hello Again! Hello Fall!

Amazing how busy life can get and you truly don't realize how much time has gone by until you look. I truly am amazed that July 15th was the last time I wrote on here. I am actually shocked that it has been that long. I love my blog family and friends and just can't imagine all of the wonderful things I have not shared with you.  The farm is going strong. We have added a few new animals since my last post. I will share them another day. Life has been crazy busy with summer being here and so many things to do around home and with the animals as well. We raised some tomatoes, potatoes and peppers this year and that was the short crop list this year as things are just to hectic at the moment.  COVID really threw a wrench into 2020, but I have started living life outside my home and have enjoyed a few camping trips as well as a vacation with my daughter and my grand doll and I must say that it was pleasant and so much fun! Oh the energy of a 5 year old!!! I also must say that I enj