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Everywhere I turn I see the brilliant oranges, fiery red, and majestic yellows that fall brings to our world here on the farm. As I look out my window while I am sitting here contemplating what I will write, I am fascinated by the view that I have. As we have had much needed rain in the last hour or so, I see the gentle drops falling from a vibrant red and orange leaves from the maple tree in the yard. I also see a large stack of wood that will fill the farmhouse with heat this winter. I am very partial to my woodstove as I know that it is a wonderfully warm heat and that the top of the stove makes for the perfect place to cook a large pot of beans or some comforting chili as the temperatures outside makes us daydream of the hot days of summer. The sun seems to be hiding today and it reminds me of just how dreary winter days can be. I always am so thankful on days that we have sun in the winter as it seems that they are few and far between. I long for days that are bright and cheer

Busy Morning Pink Zebra Sjprinkles Style

Good Morning to all of my friends and family in the wide world that the web reaches. I am happy to say that I am feeling a little stronger today and the cold is slowly leaving. However, my husband and the grandbaby both are stuffy. It seems that it may be running it's course through the house. Time to clean and sanitize everything near and dear to us. Door handles especially are a huge concern and I will do them today. I will also be working on my Pink Zebra business as usual. I try to spend two hours a day at least working on it. My daughters and I have a home show tomorrow evening and I need to prepare for it. I need to go to the post office as well as I have a couple of packets that I want to drop in the mail this afternoon. I also have to check on a party on the go to close hopefully tomorrow. I am feverishly working to sell at least a thousand dollars by the end of the day tomorrow to reach a quick start goal and earn some free products. Pink Zebra I am also working on a
My view out the window this morning is one of absolute beauty as the leaves are nearing peak color. It makes for a majestic view, except we know what is following the color change and that is cold! The weather forecast is even following along with that thinking as they are predicting cooler temps all week and lows in the 30's during the upcoming weekend.  That means work for me during the week as I need to get winter clothes from the garage storage and I need to get the wood stove ready to be fired up. I will move the mail that I have lying there today. I have been using the stove to place outgoing packages on and I have also been keeping the fan there on top of it to use during the days that it is too warm to not have it and too cool to use the air. Fall days here can be quite tricky. Today we awoke to temps in the upper 40's and we will reach a high of 80, but tonight the temps will drop into the mid 40's with a high of 65 tomorrow. UGH!  This will be another short pos

Missing Bunny

We awoke this morning and went to feed and realized that my daughter's favorite rabbit is missing. We are unsure of how she managed to get out of her cage, but she has and now is gone! It is a beautiful white doe that she has had for several years. She has shown her at fair and is like one of the best we have ever had. I am sad to say that I am afraid that we may find her dead and that my daughter will be extremely upset if something has gotten her. I am praying that she hops out of hiding, but I don't think that is going to be the case. Life on the farm is known for life and death and we have to accept each time that it happens, but this one will not be an easy one for any of us. Gidget has been part of our family for awhile and we have nuzzled her and cared for her like a baby. She needs to come back to us! So if you see her, please send her back! We miss her!