Saturday, October 24, 2015


Everywhere I turn I see the brilliant oranges, fiery red, and majestic yellows that fall brings to our world here on the farm. As I look out my window while I am sitting here contemplating what I will write, I am fascinated by the view that I have. As we have had much needed rain in the last hour or so, I see the gentle drops falling from a vibrant red and orange leaves from the maple tree in the yard.

I also see a large stack of wood that will fill the farmhouse with heat this winter. I am very partial to my woodstove as I know that it is a wonderfully warm heat and that the top of the stove makes for the perfect place to cook a large pot of beans or some comforting chili as the temperatures outside makes us daydream of the hot days of summer.

The sun seems to be hiding today and it reminds me of just how dreary winter days can be. I always am so thankful on days that we have sun in the winter as it seems that they are few and far between. I long for days that are bright and cheery during those long winter months. Even if the weather is cool, I do not like the dreary days.

Since I have not uploaded my photos yet, I will close by including one of my photos that I have taken here on the farm in the past. There are many I could share, but I will only share one or two for today. I wish all a safe and prosperous weekend.

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