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Feeling Ill

Today the farm has been rather quiet as I have not felt well. My husband had many places to be today and my daughter worked. My nephew went with my husband and so it has just been me here most of the day. My mom even ventured out today. Of course, my Jazzy (dog) was here with me but she slept most of the day. I have felt ill all day and decided that I would just rest for the majority of the day.  I have done a little work online but for the most part of the day, it has been a quiet lazy day. I found a couple of new recipes and I was going to look on Pinterest for Halloween decorating ideas but just did not feel up to it. I need to get busy as my daughter wants to plan a party for her friends.  I have meatloaf in the oven for dinner as my daughter enjoys making it and we are having garlic mashed potatoes and some kind of veggie with it. I usually make cheese biscuits but I just don't feel up to it today.  Hope the rest of you have had a fun and exciting day!

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is upon us! It is a cool, crisp morning with lots of sunshine here on the farm. There are many things that need to be done and I have some cooking that I would like to do. However, I really want to spend some time with my horse later today.  We got a nice load of firewood yesterday and I will want to stack some of it today as well. I am thinking I might have a nice bonfire tonight as I can sit out by the fire this evening and enjoy a little of this cool weather. I like autumn and I enjoy wearing my sweatshirts, but I also enjoy the warmer days of autumn.  The leaves will soon be changing colors and that will bring tourists to our area. We just happen to live near an area where people flock in the fall to see the leaves change colors. We will see many reds, yellows and oranges in our leaves in the next few weeks. As I look out the window, I see that many are currently changing colors now in our yard.

Bean Soup and Buffalo

The weather here on the farm has turned a bit cooler and so what makes for a better dinner than a pot of beans? Yes, bean soup and cornbread is dinner for tonight. I am thinking that I might make a pumpkin pie later today as well, but I know that the beans are going to taste delicious!  My daughter and her friend and I attended a horse show today and visited with another friend of hers. The girl who was showing had several ribbons already from the show. Her horse, Whiskey is a Saddlebred and he is beautiful. He does amazing in show! However, we had to purchase hot chocolate while we there due to the cool morning. I believe the low today was 42 degrees F and the wind chill made it feel even cooler.  Autumn is upon us it feels like and we will soon be sliding around on the slick icy roads of winter, which I am not fond of. The weather can be very different here in a matter of a few hours and that makes dressing for the day a little harder.  This photo is of a bison that we seen while

Carrie Underwood Announces Pregnancy

Just as football season is beginning and country music superstar, Carrie Underwood will be heard singing the football theme for many of the games she has made a big announcement. Carrie and her husband, NHL Hockey star, Mike Fisher have announced that they are expecting their first child.  Carrie was first discovered as a star on "American Idol". She was a sweet young girl from Oklahoma that had sold her horse to get to the show to audition. She rose to the top of the show and won it and was instantly a huge star. Many concerts and tours have followed as well as portraying Maria, a nun on a live episode of "The Sound of Music".  This was the first time that a live production of such a show had been done and she faired well in it.  Carrie and Mike are thrilled with the news and country fans will anxiously await the birth of this child. I am sure like many other country music moms, her career will continue without a large change.

Cloudy, Cooler Morning

Today is a much cooler morning on the farm than the past few days have been. It even seems that the humidity is down some from yesterday and the day before. The weather team on the local news station is saying that our high today will be 75 degrees. That is such a welcome relief from the 90's that we have been having recently.  There are many outdoor chores that need to be finished today and some I have actually been putting off until the temperatures broke. I know the grass needs mowed and that weeds need to be taken care of. However, with fall around the corner, we certainly need to be busy with preparing our wood for the winter. Many predictions of cold temperatures again this year have me concerned about making sure we have plenty of it cut and stacked for the cold and snowy mornings here on the farm.  I would also like to build a new duck pen before winter arrives and get my cute guys into a different shelter than they currently have. I want a pen large enough that I can get

Gnats on the Farm

The farm is abuzz with activity today as we have several chores that need to be finished or at least worked on. We have finally almost finished the bathroom and we are currently in dire need or cleaning that mess up and finalizing the cabinet purchase so that I can put everything back in its place.  Grass needs mowed and weeds need trimmed and I have all the indoor stuff to tend to as well.  As I have been listing stuff on Amazon and Craigslist for some other friends, I have found that I also am trying to update several of my sites as well. I also have noticed that I have been fighting gnats in the house today.  I am not sure where these aggravating insects are coming from, but they really need to be eliminated from my house. I am not a fan of bugs to begin with, but these are even more annoying than some. They are small enough to be a real hindrance. They fly around my nose and eyes as I am attempting to work online. They also seem to be near any food that is out in the open. I don&