Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cloudy, Cooler Morning

Today is a much cooler morning on the farm than the past few days have been. It even seems that the humidity is down some from yesterday and the day before. The weather team on the local news station is saying that our high today will be 75 degrees. That is such a welcome relief from the 90's that we have been having recently.
 There are many outdoor chores that need to be finished today and some I have actually been putting off until the temperatures broke. I know the grass needs mowed and that weeds need to be taken care of. However, with fall around the corner, we certainly need to be busy with preparing our wood for the winter. Many predictions of cold temperatures again this year have me concerned about making sure we have plenty of it cut and stacked for the cold and snowy mornings here on the farm.
 I would also like to build a new duck pen before winter arrives and get my cute guys into a different shelter than they currently have. I want a pen large enough that I can get in with them to change water and take care  of the daily needs that they have. Of course, I have to beware of the goose as she has been known to chase other owners.
I would also like to get some work done on the barn before winter hits hard here. The horses are usually good with the weather, but their owner sure does not like to see them with the snow on them. They choose most of the time to stand in it instead of heading to the barn and that makes me wonder about them.
 There are many festivals going on around us today too and I would like to go to a couple of them before I end my day. What are your plans today?

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