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Something is Falling From The Sky

 Yesterday and today have been very cool days here on the farm and I must say that something that we don't recognize has been falling from the sky. It is wet and seems to be hanging around. IT is certainly what the ground needed as it seems to have soaked it up almost immediately. Rain, glorious rain!! The ducks are loving their pool and the rain, but I truly don't think that they are liking the cooler temperatures so much. I know I am not. I don't mind cool, but wearing my sweatshirt in June is not fun.  The white turkeys are enjoying the coop that my husband put together for them. We have 5 of them and two others. We won't be keeping all of the toms as we have too many.  Nesting boxes made of milk crates that we had lying around work well attached to the back wall.  Here is Tom. He is such a great boy, but he likes to show off. He gets along well with the chickens.  These are my Old English chickens. I like them as they are small and will never get much bigger. I actu

A Day At The Zoo

 As promised, I am going to share some of our zoo photos with my readers here. It was a nice day at a small zoo, but each kid had fun as did the adults.  This past week, we visited  Columbian Park Zoo  in Lafayette, Indiana. It is a seasonal zoo and located right in town near a park and a water park that could easily allow a family to spend a whole day in the three areas and have a lot of fun without breaking the bank. The admission to the zoo for three adults and three kids was with a train ride and feed tickets for the goats was $16!!! This is in front of the farm area. Now, why do farm kids want to see the farm animals? I really don't understand, but it seems that is where they want to head first. Oh, maybe because the baby goats are there and the older goats are all over you and expect feed out of your hand.  These goats are very used to people feeding them and they knew we had feed in our hands. The grands were so excited and of course, my girls have been around goats for seve

Book Review - Loving You, Thinking of You, Don't Forget to Pray by Jacqueline L Jackson

Loving You  , Thinking of You, Don't Forget to Pray  by Jacqueline L. Jackson My rating: 4 of 5 stars Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr shares letters that his mother wrote to him while he was imprisoned for using campaign money for personal expenses in this book. I must say that Mrs. Jackson offers her son amazing advice throughout the book as well as attempts to keep him updated on friends, family, and the world news. Many of these letters are personal and many of them are filled with advice, but her most important words throughout the book are " don't forget to pray" and encouragement to remember that you are important even if incarcerated. The book is a true show of a mothers' love for her son. It also offers a glimpse into life of a loved one that has a son or daughter locked up. It is a nice read and an easy read.  This book was a nice break between the many other books I have been reading for the summer. I would recommend it as a quick read just to remind

So Many Happenings on the Farm

 There are so many changes and things happening here on the farm that I can't keep up. We have brought in several new chickens, turkeys, and ducks. I will be picking up three geese this week that my daughter was able to pick up for me yesterday. I will need to post pictures soon.  Our garden is finally starting to look like it has something in it. The lack of rain has made watering a chore and I don't care for that as I have enough to do without taking the time to water on a regular basis. My flower beds need some TLC and I can't seem to even find time for that at the moment. I am enjoying my citronella plant on the porch that has kept the mosquitos at bay for me to be able to sit on the porch most evenings as the weather has been great at night.  I am truly missing my camper, but I don't want to use it till I fix the refrigerator and that will be soon I hope. I need to be busy planning a trip with my granddoll and her mom and sister. We celebrated the coming of the new