Something is Falling From The Sky

 Yesterday and today have been very cool days here on the farm and I must say that something that we don't recognize has been falling from the sky. It is wet and seems to be hanging around. IT is certainly what the ground needed as it seems to have soaked it up almost immediately. Rain, glorious rain!!

The ducks are loving their pool and the rain, but I truly don't think that they are liking the cooler temperatures so much. I know I am not. I don't mind cool, but wearing my sweatshirt in June is not fun. 

The white turkeys are enjoying the coop that my husband put together for them. We have 5 of them and two others. We won't be keeping all of the toms as we have too many. 

Nesting boxes made of milk crates that we had lying around work well attached to the back wall. 

Here is Tom. He is such a great boy, but he likes to show off. He gets along well with the chickens. 

These are my Old English chickens. I like them as they are small and will never get much bigger. I actually have one of the hens sitting on eggs. Let's hope they hatch!

Here I am holding one of the newest hens that we have purchased. She is super sweet and had been mistreated before. The lady that rescued her was very nice and she was super excited to see her go to a caring home. 


  1. Hello! I so enjoyed visiting with you today! So nice to see you here too!

  2. I didn't know you have pet turkeys! We just spotted some chickens by the side of the road today, and I was saying I would like a few.

    1. They are so much fun. Yes, we have 7 turkeys

  3. I love visiting your farm. Love the turkey nesting place. How clever. And we had chickens when I was growing up. Mom had them for eggs and she loved making Angel food cake from the cracked ones.. I miss her and her cakes.

  4. Feels like my childhood with the chickens, I was raised on a farm and the memories are precious to me. We have had some rain but this coming week... solid rain. I will be thankful. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Farm memories are the best! I love living here. We need more rain although we did get a little last evening.

  5. I'm not too thrilled about the cooler weather either. Had to put a blanket back on the bed last night. Not so gusty today so maybe it will warm up a bit.
    Love your "wildlife" and your new chicken looks like she has found her Happy Place.

  6. Glad you got some rain! Yikes on it being sweatshirt weather. Enjoyed seeing all your animals.

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