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Saturday Morning Plans

Saturday morning is upon us and normally, I would be home for most of the day. However, due to taking the day off yesterday to be with family, I will be working some today. I really do not mind except that it just seems to throw everything off. My plans for later today are to catch up some of my online work the same as I did yesterday and then I also plan to get Christmas decorations up. Many people will be shopping today as it is Small Business Saturday, but I currently am unable to do that as I just do not have the money. I will be surprised if I am able to buy anything. I think that it is nice to honor the small businesses like this and I hope that part of the money that people spent yesterday on Black Friday will trickle into the small businesses today. For many bloggers and others that earn online, they are a small business. Maybe we should all visit just one new blog today and click on the ads there in order to help the views of that site. I hope the day brings you peace and jo

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Just like many others this week, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. We have discussed what we are thankful for and we have talked about the upcoming Christmas season. I have really became discouraged with Christmas as it seems that each year we are trying to outdo the year before. It also seems as though each year the money becomes harder and harder to come by although I do work outside the home. However, I know that I have many things to be thankful for and I will focus on that. I am thankful that I have family that loves me and that will allow me the time to write online and have this amazing blog. I am thankful for the fact that they do not care if I write about them. I am thankful that God has allowed us to have horses and other animals here. I am thankful that I have children that have been fairly obedient even during their teen years. I am thankful that my oldest has struggled with Lyme Disease but has not allowed it to control her life. I am thankful that my nephew an

Follow Your Heart

For several months now, I have been thinking that I might want to find a new job, but I have been praying about where I would be the best suited and I have been asking God to show me where He wants me. I feel that my heart is being led in a totally different direction that I thought it would be. I feel that God is leading me to writing more and I feel that he wants me involved with an agency that helps either homeless families and especially women or with an agency that works with abused women or even into an agency that works with sex trafficking victims. I have no idea as to how to get involved in any of those agencies and I do not know of any near me, but I would like to find a way to follow my heart and be where God can use me. Abused women are heavy on my heart as my mother was abused. I was a child that was raised in an abuse filled home and it was a sad way for any child to grow up. I think that the child truly suffers more at times that the abused. The child suffers in a sile

Saving Pigs

Many Indianapolis, Indiana firefighters found themselves in an odd predicament last night as they were called to save over 2000 piggy's when the tractor trailer hauling them turned over along a busy interstate. Most of these men and women have never lived on a farm so knowing how to handle pigs is not one of their strong qualities. The fire departments and others that responded to the call have to be praised though as they successfully managed to get these piglets moved to the state fair grounds until another truck could be found to move them to the right destination. At least one Wayne Township firefighter does have some knowledge of these animals as he once raised pigs and possibly still does as his son shows at a nearby local fair each year. Can you imagine how surprised both the pigs, the truck driver, and the crews were when there were suddenly that many piglets to be taken care of along the interstate? I am unaware as to whether the animals were ever loose along the inter

Snow and Cold Hit

My Scene Out My Front Window   Old Man Winter is seeming to poke his nose out early this year. Normally, our temperatures are around 54 degrees Fahrenheit here at this time of the year, but not this year. We are actually having an extremely cold snap and we are set to have record cold temps as they will reach temperatures that we have not seen in over 130 years. That is crazy! We already have some snow on the ground and although is not a large amount, it is enough to make travel a little tricky. It seems that people here forger each year how to drive in snow when we get out first one. I find that interesting considering we have quite a bit of snow. The above photo was taken out my front window last year during one of our large snowfalls, but as I look out this morning, it seems to look similar to this. I am thankful for the beauty that the snow here makes. With the house settled in the woods, it makes for a beautiful scene.   Not sure but I believe this is another photo