Saving Pigs

Many Indianapolis, Indiana firefighters found themselves in an odd predicament last night as they were called to save over 2000 piggy's when the tractor trailer hauling them turned over along a busy interstate. Most of these men and women have never lived on a farm so knowing how to handle pigs is not one of their strong qualities.

The fire departments and others that responded to the call have to be praised though as they successfully managed to get these piglets moved to the state fair grounds until another truck could be found to move them to the right destination. At least one Wayne Township firefighter does have some knowledge of these animals as he once raised pigs and possibly still does as his son shows at a nearby local fair each year.

Can you imagine how surprised both the pigs, the truck driver, and the crews were when there were suddenly that many piglets to be taken care of along the interstate? I am unaware as to whether the animals were ever loose along the interstate or whether they were ever in any danger, but it would make for an interesting day of work for those firefighters.

I have a couple of pigs here, but I would not want to have to track down that many of them at one time. It does seem that it could be a very dangerous job with that many piglets along the interstate. I am thankful that the animals were safely moved to the fairgrounds and I hope that the driver was safe as well.

As you make your way out the door today, please be cautious to the other drivers and farm animals that might be along your way. Also, smile and say a kind word to someone as you never know what it might mean to them.


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