Follow Your Heart

For several months now, I have been thinking that I might want to find a new job, but I have been praying about where I would be the best suited and I have been asking God to show me where He wants me. I feel that my heart is being led in a totally different direction that I thought it would be. I feel that God is leading me to writing more and I feel that he wants me involved with an agency that helps either homeless families and especially women or with an agency that works with abused women or even into an agency that works with sex trafficking victims.

I have no idea as to how to get involved in any of those agencies and I do not know of any near me, but I would like to find a way to follow my heart and be where God can use me. Abused women are heavy on my heart as my mother was abused. I was a child that was raised in an abuse filled home and it was a sad way for any child to grow up. I think that the child truly suffers more at times that the abused. The child suffers in a silent way as they do not understand that they should not be scared at home.

Domestic violence is a horrible issue and one that is sometimes kept so quiet that no one around the family knows or pretends to know. Others who might question the family are afraid to get involved. They might wonder what if I am wrong? The children though that go to bed and hear the fights, hear their mother begging not to be hit, those are times that no child forgets. I know I haven't.

People, even myself, often ask why the women stay. They have been beat down and abused for so long that they either are convinced that it is their fault or they feel that they have no place to turn. Also, many women are threatened that they will be on the streets or that they will have their children taken from them. Many are threatened with death of themselves, their families, or even the children if the abuser feels that it will keep them there.

Men who abuse women are cowards. They are lacking in their own life and so they feel the power that they have over the other person makes them better or makes them a bigger person. Abuse can even take place in front of others as the men will do it in front of his friends that he knows won't tell to make him look bigger, badder, and the boss. it is a sad realization, but it does happen.

If you are a praying family, say an extra prayer for that woman that might be going to leave tonight and also say a prayer for the one that wonders how she can possibly take one more beating. Pray that this holiday season, each one can find their way to an open door and a friendly smile and a helping hand as they finally break from the abused life and the abuser.


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