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New Years Eve

Well, the New Year is fast approaching as we are only about 8 hours and 15 minutes away from it here in the central United States and I must say that I can look back on the year and say that it has been a blessed year, but it has came with its struggles and hardships as well. I know many of you who are looking forward to a fresh start, but while you are celebrating this evening be sure to think of the past year and all that has been good about it. So many of us tend to think of the bad things that we are trying to get rid of that we forget to look at all of the good things that have happened in the year. I was able to attend my 25th class reunion this past year and reconnect with some old friends and even made some friends with classmates that I was not really close to in high school and probably would have enjoyed knowing better than I did. I watched my daughter survive her first year of being completely an adult and she done quite well, I must say. I have watched my youngest daughte

Earthquake in Indiana

Well, it is supposed to be winter time in Indiana, but with the weather we are seeing moving into the state I am really not sure. We had rain last night and it melted a lot of the snow. Now we are hearing reports that it is going to be in the mid 50's tomorrow and we had an earthquake this morning. Yes, an earthquake in Indiana. It was a 4.2 magnitude and was in north central Indiana but has been felt in Ohio and Kentucky. I live in central Indiana , but I did not feel anything. They aren't sure where the epicenter was but are saying about 5 miles southeast of Greentown,Indiana. That is north of Indianapolis. There are no damages that have been reported and no injuries. Two years ago, Indiana had a 5.0 magnitude earthquake in April and that one did little damage. Well, it might be an interesting day in Indiana.

Holiday Season

Well, another holiday season is over and we are looking to the new year here on the farm. It snowed again Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here but with little accumulation. It made for a beautiful scene outside, but it also made it a little slippery. However, we missed the large amount of snow that is now hitting the east coast hard and is being dubbed the Blizzard of 2010. To all of you being hit hard with the winter weather our prayers go out to you - travel safely! The weather brought a white Christmas to many places in the United States that have not had one in many years. Atlanta, Georgia had snow on Christmas Day for the first time since 1882. How amazing! God's mighty powers can change many things!! I am sure that many children seen snow for the first time on Christmas and how exciting that must have been. I do not like snow,but I was thrilled to see the light snowflakes that fell Christmas Eve. The new year will hopefully be better for the economy and for all of us. My w

First Day of Winter

Another day on the farm where it is cold and snowy. Today being the first day of winter, the day will be short. I am thankful that beginning tomorrow we can say that the days are getting longer and the hours of darkness are getting shorter. As the first day of winter has finally gotten here, I dread to see what it may bring. We are already above normal in our snowfall and below normal in temperatures. This is going to be the 9th snowiest December's in Indiana history is what I believe that the news casters said last night. That is a sad piece of information if you are tired of the snow as I am. It seems that it should be the snowiest as it seems to have snowed for most of the month and been cold. After a dry, hot summer one might expect this kind of winter, but I wasn't . I really believed that the winter might be cold and dry as well. Cold is the truth,but it is certainly not dry. Anyway, for all of you who are traveling, be prepared for weather delays as it seems that no pa

Sunday on the farm

Well, it is Sunday here on the farm and it is a very snowy, cold day. My husband and I picked my daughter up today from church and then went to the feed store and came home and in the time we were gone, the roads had gone from clear to slick and now I am sure that they are hazardous as the snow is really piling up now outside. I attended a ladies Circle Of Christmas tea yesterday at church and was thrilled with the speaker and the decorations. I had never been to one and it was fun to see how unique all of the tables were decorated. We were served tea, coffee, hot chocolate, scones, tea sandwiches and European chocolates by the men of the church and it was a nice afternoon with old and new friends. The speaker was very good and we enjoyed some Christmas music as well. Dinner is in the oven and on the stove and I am thankful that I am in for the night to curl up with a good book and the lights of the tree while we watch a few holiday shows and do not have to brave the night air. Hop


It is looking as though it will be a busy weekend with a lot to do. Tonight there is a get together with friends for the holiday, tomorrow there are programs at the library and then tomorrow afternoon is a circle of tea at church. Tomorrow night if weather permits, I plan to go to look at Christmas lights. With horses and many other animals to take care of, the holidays drawing near, and plenty to do by then, it will be busy! Life seems to get a little more hectic each day before Christmas so it is important to keep your head up and smile and relax! Life is grand at this time of the year if we allow it to be!

Holidays and stress

I was thinking today about how much added stress the holidays have put onto mothers and fathers who aren't working and can't afford to buy Christmas this year. I know we haven't started shopping yet and I am not sure if we are going to be able to buy much for my daughter. She has her heart set on a guitar and I just am not sure that it is going to happen. This time of year is one of reflection and is supposed to be happy, but I am beginning to really worry and I am just not sure where money will come from right now. I have phone bills due and many other things that need to take priority and yet, I have to be able to provide her with a few gifts under the tree. I am praying, but I am not sure that it is helping. I have put my life in God's hands, but sometimes I wonder. Life on the farm is wonderful for the most part and I am thankful to have a roof over my head and that I have food for my family, but I hate that we are struggling this time of the year.

Cold Day

It's another cold day here on the farm, but the woodstove is going strong and there is a pot of fresh homemade venison stew on the stove so the opportunities to get warm abound in here. Dinner has to be made ahead of time as my daughter and I are attending a program at the local library tonight. The library is offering a class on how to make string dolls that orginated in Thailand. I do not know much about these, but I am sure that it will be fun and that she will enjoy the finished project. We always enjoy the trips to the library and the programs that they offer. We are signed up for several this month as if we could possibly need anything more to do in the month of December. With hardly any Christmas shopping done, it will be a chore to finish it. I did finish the remainder of the cards today and I did do some baking and gift wrapping, so it is not a lost cause. There is so much to be thankful of at this time of the year and yet it seems that society has made it so much of an

Happy Monday

Well, it is Monday and that means the start of yet another busy week. Today is a full day with school work to be done, laundry detergent to be made, Christmas cards to finish, a few gifts to hopefully be worked on, and writing to be done online in order to make some money. It is cold here this morning and it is not to get much better outside so I believe that I will stay inside as much as possible. I hate cold!! I have already been out with the dog and to get some firewood carried in for the day. I do need to call today and see what a wood stove door glass will cost and how long it will take to ship as my husband broke ours the other day. It seems that when it rains it pours here. We need a washer, a new kitchen faucet (ours is leaking) and now a stove glass. Home repairs that he can take care of but more money out the door. It seems to go faster than it comes in. I guess that is life. I have some recipes I am going to work on getting on here later as I baked some cookies yesterday
Well, the snow has stopped falling now and the cold is on the way. With a low predicted of degrees tonight, it will certainly be cold on the farm in the morning. I will be inside with the wood stove going and plenty of hot chocolate. Speaking of hot chocolate, I seen a really cute idea the other day for a neat homemade gift that is easy enough to make and is simply a warming gift for the holidays- Snowman Soup. Instead of being in a Mason Jar and being actual soup, it is in a brown lunch bag with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and Hershey Kisses in it with a candy cane woven through the top of the bag to use as a stirring stick. Cute idea!! I am thinking of making several gifts this year and if I am going to I guess I need to get busy as Christmas is around the corner. It seems that the year has flown by even faster than the previous years have. I know that the kids are growing up and before I know it they will be gone out of the house and we will be empty-nesters. There are times that I

Farm Life

Life on the farm is quite white today as we have snow falling that has been falling for a few hours snow. It seems that we are forecasted to get about 2-4 inches. This makes for a cold day on the farm when you have to feed. Luckily my husband will feed today and I won't have to be out in the snow. I am not fond of snow or cold. My duaghter and her friend went riding yesterday for a little bit and throughly enjoyed it, even if it was cold! I am thankful that the fences and stuff are in good shape now and I do not have to worry about them. Watch the blog this week as I am going to be adding some of our favorite country recipes. It seems that cooking is one of the features of farm life that never ends. With Christmas around the corner, we are going to be busy baking and decorating cookies and sweet treats.


Hi! I am writing for Associated Content as well as other projects and I have decided to start a series of the health benefits that foods offer. Here is one of my first ones. Hope you enjoy it.,,.xml

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm is good today. I have been busy making dog treats to sell to aid in starting the petting zoo and I have been making treats for the family as well. I am hoping to do a lot more made from scratch foods now that I have more time. I am looking into ways to cut expenses and I might try making some of my own laundry soap this week too. What else can I make?

Dog Treats for sale

I am selling homemade dog treats for $1.00 for a quart sized bag full of treats. These are to help raise money for the petting zoo for autistic children that we are attempting to get started, If anyone is interested, please email me at . Thanks.

Fundraising campaign

Hi! A friend of mine and I are working to open a petting zoo and farm that will help children with autism. Autistic children seem to relate well to animals and we hope to make a theraputic camp for them in the future. However, we are beginning this on our own and we could use any monetary help that we could get. Recently purchasing acreage to begin the farm on, we are looking for any monetary donation that we might be able to get. We would also accept gift cards for feed stores or other places to buy supplies for horses, goats, and other small animals. We would appreciate any help that anyone could give us. We are willing to accept donations for future fundraising events as well. If you or your corporation are interested in providing support for us, please contact me at . Thank you!

Welcome to our farm!

Welcome to our farm! I have been writing a farm report on Associated Content for several months now and decided that many are interested in our small hobby farm so I decided to start a blog about it. We are a home school family of three with two other children who do not live at home now. We raise chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, a bird, and horses. I am hoping to help a friend start a theraputic petting zoo and camp for special needs children and that is another reason for this blog. We need a place to showcase our farm and our plans for the zoo and camp. We are always looking for donations and/ or sponsers. If you are interested, please contact me. All help would be greatly appreciated!! I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!