Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well, the snow has stopped falling now and the cold is on the way. With a low predicted of degrees tonight, it will certainly be cold on the farm in the morning. I will be inside with the wood stove going and plenty of hot chocolate.

Speaking of hot chocolate, I seen a really cute idea the other day for a neat homemade gift that is easy enough to make and is simply a warming gift for the holidays- Snowman Soup. Instead of being in a Mason Jar and being actual soup, it is in a brown lunch bag with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and Hershey Kisses in it with a candy cane woven through the top of the bag to use as a stirring stick. Cute idea!!

I am thinking of making several gifts this year and if I am going to I guess I need to get busy as Christmas is around the corner. It seems that the year has flown by even faster than the previous years have. I know that the kids are growing up and before I know it they will be gone out of the house and we will be empty-nesters. There are times that I wish it was here but when I truly think about it, life would not be the same without the kids here.

I have been thinking of a dear friend today and I guess I should call her as it seems that I can't get her off my mind. I sometimes wonder if God puts those thoughts there just to make sure that we do not forget our friends. I have three friends from high school that I meet with once a month and have dinner and enjoy friendship. I hope that our Christmas dinner doesn't get affected by snow that they are predicting for later in the week. I suppose our snow is coming now and that Christmas will be warm and sunny- just the luck!

Well, I guess I should close this now and get my cookies out of the oven. My husband will be in wanting dinner before long I am sure and then it will be game time on the family farm. We always enjoy that.

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