Saturday, December 4, 2010

Farm Life

Life on the farm is quite white today as we have snow falling that has been falling for a few hours snow. It seems that we are forecasted to get about 2-4 inches. This makes for a cold day on the farm when you have to feed. Luckily my husband will feed today and I won't have to be out in the snow. I am not fond of snow or cold.
My duaghter and her friend went riding yesterday for a little bit and throughly enjoyed it, even if it was cold! I am thankful that the fences and stuff are in good shape now and I do not have to worry about them.
Watch the blog this week as I am going to be adding some of our favorite country recipes. It seems that cooking is one of the features of farm life that never ends. With Christmas around the corner, we are going to be busy baking and decorating cookies and sweet treats.
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