Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Winter

Another day on the farm where it is cold and snowy. Today being the first day of winter, the day will be short. I am thankful that beginning tomorrow we can say that the days are getting longer and the hours of darkness are getting shorter.
As the first day of winter has finally gotten here, I dread to see what it may bring. We are already above normal in our snowfall and below normal in temperatures. This is going to be the 9th snowiest December's in Indiana history is what I believe that the news casters said last night. That is a sad piece of information if you are tired of the snow as I am. It seems that it should be the snowiest as it seems to have snowed for most of the month and been cold.
After a dry, hot summer one might expect this kind of winter, but I wasn't . I really believed that the winter might be cold and dry as well. Cold is the truth,but it is certainly not dry.
Anyway, for all of you who are traveling, be prepared for weather delays as it seems that no part of the United States is clear for travel now.
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