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New Baby On The Farm

Good Saturday Morning! I decided that it was time that I share my news with you, my readers and friends. On Tuesday morning, I set out to deliver some Pink Zebra orders and have brunch with a friend. I expected to have a nice morning, do some work and then return home to work with my horse for a bit.  While enjoying my brunch, my husband called ( I will admit that I thought about not answering because I was with my friend). After I said hello, he said "Bridget ( our youngest daughter- the grand doll's mom) just had a baby in the toilet. Paramedics are on their way." I just set there stunned and MAD! I had questioned her about if she was pregnant and she said no multiple times, plus I did not want another grandchild as my grand doll is certainly my second half of me. I literally said, "I will be home later" and hung up! After a few minutes of a breakdown of being so mad, I could not talk or cry. I explained to my friend what happened and she was shocked, but agre