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Pepper Steak Recipe

As promised earlier, I am using this blog to keep me organized and accountable as to the changes I need to make in my life and household. One of the main problems that I have had recently is trying to make meals that everyone likes and that I have the ingredients out of  the freezer and pantry that I need for the meal that I want to make. I find that my meal planning is not the best and so I find many evenings that I am rushing to find a meal that I can fix because I have not gotten anything out of the freezer to thaw to cook. Being that we live in a rural area and that we raise much of our own meat, I always have plenty of food in the freezer and so it is usually just a matter of being unprepared. I have decided that meals were easier when I used a meal plan or menu. I usually only make one to two weeks at a time, but I like to ask for ideas as well when I am planning. Tonight 's meal was not planned to be Pepper Steaks but as I was cleaning the freezer out I found some steaks t

Meatloaf with Cabbage Recipe

We find meatloaf to be a comfort food, especially in the winter, in our little farm home. I have finally found a new way of adding another veggie ( which is usually don't hard to get our family to eat- we love veggies) to our table- cabbage. A friend of mine suggested that I make meatloaf and add cabbage and potatoes to the pan. At first, I thought how odd, but was considering giving it a try. To make this delicious dish, make your favorite meatloaf recipe and dice potatoes and lay along side of the meatloaf in the roaster. Cut cabbage into wedges and lay on the potatoes along side the meatloaf and make sure that some of it can get some of the grease from the meat on it. Add just a little water into the pan and bake for the length of time that you normally bake your favorite meatloaf. If anyone tries this, I would be excited to hear how you and your family reacted to it. Mine loved it! BASIC MEATLOAF RECIPE 1 - 1 1\2 pounds ground chuck 2 eggs 1\2 cup diced onions 1 sm

New Year - New Theme

Well, here it is mid January and I am trying to finally organize myself a little more and I am trying to hold myself a little more accountable for what I do and do not do in a day's time. First of all, I am working two jobs now and still doing the animal chores, the housework, home schooling my daughter, and keeping up with 4-H and all other scheduled activities. I really don't mind and my husband works just as hard as I do so I don't feel right complaining so this isn't a complaining session. I am actually going to make this blog be a part of my daily life this year and I intend to hold myself accountable on here and see where I can make some changes to make things easier and I am looking at ways to cut costs anywhere I can. I don't normally use coupons because I don't see that they save much unless you buy a lot of name brand items and sometimes items that we normally do not buy. I don't know of any store near us that doubles coupons so as I've seen