Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado aftermath- Moore, OK

As I sit and watch the news this morning, I am thankful for the grace that God gave this city as that tornado roared through it. The massive tornado that Mother Nature had created could have easily taken hundreds of  lives, but it did not manage to do that in Moore, OK.

A town that is home to country music superstar, Toby Keith, may be destroyed, but the people there will rebuild and will be stronger than ever. They have recovered once from a huge tornado and will this time as well. Although, the worst of the loss is with the families of the children lost in the storm while at school families will unite and this community will find a way to deal with the loss and move ahead from it. The spirit that I have seen with the interviews that have been on the many news stations is astounding!

I personally have collected money, clothes, and I will be buying gloves today to take there or send with a dear friend. I know that there are many, many months of recovery and rebuilding and I am sure that my daughter and I will make a trip there soon to aid in that rebuilding. I will serve food or help families that need help. Whatever it takes!

For those of you all over the United States and the rest of the world that have never lived through a disaster first hand, think this morning about what it would be like to have your entire life taken from you in just a matter of a few minutes. Think of what it would be like to start a new life with only what items would fit into a laundry basket.

Be thankful for what you have today and hug your children a little tighter today!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore, OK tornados

I have a dear friend who has family and friends near Moore, OK and they have lost everything and I am so devastated as I sit and watch television this morning. Just knowing the loss that these people have suffered in just a matter of a few minutes is terrifying to me. I am a home school mom as many of you know and my daughter is asking that we do something to help. I am currently asking for donations from many sites so that I will have gas money to get there and back. We are collecting supplies (food, diapers, water, etc.) to make a delivery there. I am willing to do whatever they are needing to be done. I live in the country so the mud and dirt do not bother me.

People, I know that we are all strapped for cash and I know that times are hard for many of us, but please give to some kind of aid for these families. Imagine if you were to go to work and come home to nothing. Many families unfortunately are also waking up to the realization that this storm took their most important and prized possession, their children. Such a sad story!

I pray that God will lift this town up and that the people will know that His arms are wrapped around them even during this.

Anyone who wants to aid in my effort can contact me and I will give more details about our trip once I know for sure what I am doing.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brad Paisley and a Surprise

I treated my daughters to a Brad Paisley concert last night, as my youngest is a HUGE fan of his. They were both excited about going and although the weather was not perfect and the seats were only lawn seats at Klipsch Music Center, it turned out to be a fun and surprising night.The rain held out and they ended up with front row lawn seats.

 The concert started with a performance by a family that the girls aren't sure of their names followed by acts by Chris Young and Lee Brice before Brad took the stage. After performing several of his big hits, the girls were surprised when Brad performed on a mini stage that was set up near the lawn seats. This allowed them a more up close and personal look at the singer. However, the biggest surprise of the night  was when he began to sing his hit song " Remind Me" and the one and only Carrie Underwood joined him on stage. Well, as my girls have grown up with American Idol and country music, this was a true surprise and a shocking moment but one that they will remember forever. Carrie is truly as beautiful and talented as she seems in television interviews and on the radio.

 I am not sure what they plan to do for me for Mother's Day but my gift to them made my heart sing as I listened to my daughter tell me about the fun she had and how pleased she was with the concert. I am thankful that God allowed me to find a deal on seats and that I was able to send them.

To Brad Paisley I would say, "Thank You" for traveling and performing to allow others to be a part of your talent. I know these stars spend a lot of time on the road and that they miss their families just as we would and it is a true blessing to know that they enjoy what they do and are willing to make the sacrifices to share their lives with others.

Military people deserve the same respect and pay that these entertainers get as they do the same thing and risk their lives each day to make sure that we can attend programs like last night. Take time to remember all the female "mom" soldiers who are fighting for our freedom this Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day to each and every mother who reads this!

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