Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Book Club - A Season Of Love by Amy Clipston

                                                     Copyright ; 2012   Publisher: Zondervan

A Season of Love by Amy Clipston is the fifth and final book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. This book finalizes the story with three young women beginning a new season of their lives. At 285 pages, it is a fairly easy read and I enjoyed the fact that the book had discussion questions at the end of it so that it could easily be used for a book club. A glossary of Pennsylvania Dutch words at the beginning of the book is a tremendous help as well when reading the book. 

Amy has done an amazing job of bringing characters together in each of these books and this one centers around Katie Kauffman and her desire to be with a young man that is not of the Amish faith. Knowing that she can't be with him and yet, a love that will not leave her mind. After being caught in seemingly compromising situations with him, her father has decided that she needs to leave the home and go live with family she has never met; all while, her friends are getting engaged and married. All she wants is the same happiness.

The entire series has been a pleasure to read and if you are a fan of Amish books, I highly suggest that you add this series to your to be read pile. I am thankful that I did. These types of books seem to take me back to simpler times in life and thoughts of a lifestyle that might be just a bit better than our own in ways. 

Book One: A Gift of Grace

Book Two: A Promise of Hope

Book Three: A Place of Peace

Book Four: A Life of Joy

Book Five: A Season of Love

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Girls Trip to South Haven

If you have ever been to South Haven, Michigan you will know that it is absolutely one of the prettiest places on Earth. A recent girl's trip took my friend and I there and I am anxious to return and see some of these same sights again. The views of Lake Michigan, the shops, the food, and fun made it a wonderful weekend!  

They were actually preparing for a wedding on the beach and it was such a pretty sight! On the other side of the beach, we actually seen another bride and groom that had just exchanged wedding vows. What memories!!

How much fun it would be to live in this house? Look at the rounded part of the home and just the sheer beauty you would be surrounded by each day! We discussed that we would have a sun room or breakfast nook overlooking the water and how we would like to spend our days there.

We really enjoyed South Beach. We went to a few others along the water, but I felt that this was our favorite! We actually went on a nice day in September so we were able to take our shoes off and put our feet in the water ( which was cold) and we walked through the sand as well. 

The seagulls were everywhere! They weren't a nuisance though and they were not leaving a mess everywhere. I greatly enjoyed watching them walk along the beach and seeing the many flocks of them along the beach. Such pretty birds!

This is part of South Beach as well. It is along the walkway and I thought that it made a great photo opportunity. It looks as though a ship might just have been stranded here at some time. ( I know better, but..)

Lighthouses are such a unique piece of history and I always enjoy seeing them anytime we can. This one is not open to go into, but it was a great chance to do photos and spend a little time near the water and enjoying the time we were there. 

Oh, the sail boats that we seen. We sat and watched them for quite awhile. We wonder how they know when to let the sail in and out. I would love to ride on one so I am adding that to some bucket list that I will make one day. 

The Cabela's fishing boat was a real treat as well. I shared this with my husband and he enjoys fishing and he likes stores such as Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop. I was unaware that Cabela's had a professional fishing team. Amazing how you learn something new everyday, isn't it?

The walking path made it super easy to go to the end of the town and to the beach and water. 

Plenty to see in the marina as well. 

One of the best restaurants in South Haven is Clementine's. Located along the shopping area, it is a very unique restaurant. It is located in an old bank building so the beauty inside is just as wonderful as the outside. Our food was amazing and the service was impeccable. I would suggest it to anyone that I knew was going there. 
You can't talk about the food without sharing a photo of it. This sandwich was amazing and the salad my friend got was just as appetizing. The croissant was flaky, buttery, and made the sandwich. Oh my, my mouth is watering now just thinking of this food. I hope you are enjoying it as well. 

We ended each day of our trip at our hotel, which was in Indiana and only a short drive from South Haven. We were able to have a lakeside room with a small balcony that we could sit on to drink our coffee in the morning and our wine in the evening. What a perfect way to end the day with a good friend, a good drink , and a beautiful sunset. 



Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday Morning Plans

 What are your plans for this Saturday morning? Life had to start early for me today as I am going to a holiday craft show to sell Pink Zebra products today. Anyone that enjoys home fragrance, needs to give Pink Zebra a try. We have wonderful home decor as well and we have added game changing hand sanitizers and soaps to our product line. 

Hand sanitizers that are Ph balanced are much nicer for your hands and I have found that when I use others I can truly feel the difference in ours. My hands are much softer and do not dry out as bad. They also smell wonderful and do not live your hands sticky as so many others do. For those that use it daily, it is a hand saver.

Other than the show today, I plan to rest a bit. I need to have surgery on my other foot and it is really causing some pain. I had to see the doctor yesterday and she basically told me that the foot deformity should have been fixed months ago. Many of you know that I am just now fully recovering from the surgery that I had last year and truly, I do not feel ready for another one, but I have to do it now.

Better get ready to get out of here, I hope your Saturday plans include relaxation and fun. Have a great day!

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