Friday, December 29, 2017

Final Days of 2017

The final days of 2017 are upon us and I must say that I am praising God that the year is almost over. I never like to see time rushed as we have so little of it and we should take advantage of every moment of it, but I am tired and have been through enough this year. The holiday season seemed to be a struggle for all this year and I hate to say that I am happy to see it go! The season is so commercialized that it is hard to remember the real reason we celebrate the day.

Our holiday wound up being a nice day despite the fact that my mother in law spent a few days, including Christmas, in the hospital. She rolled out of bed a week ago yesterday and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. It was discovered that she had some bleeding on her brain and she was rushed to a larger hospital in case surgery was needed. It was not thankfully, but she is extremely bruised and has a large knot on her head that is still causing some pain and discomfort. My husband was not truly in the holiday spirit due to concerns about her. With the grand doll here though, the day had to go on and she was one happy little girl. I called her my present ninja because the paper flew as she was unwrapping her gifts. I love her so much! Last night when we visited her, she had a cough and seemed to have some rattling in her chest, so I think she will be going to the doctor today. I hate when she is sick.

My husband has been having some issues with staph infections and now has a cyst behind his ear, so he is returning to the doctor today to have that cut open and drained. He has spent so much time in the hospital and doctors' office this year that I think he may have his own room. His mom enjoys going to the doctor, I believe because there is always something wrong with her and now I tease him that I think it is happening to him. His problems all began with his back going out in early January due to herniated disc, degenerative disc, and his sciatic nerve, which led to surgery to relieve the pain and drop foot that he was suffering by late January. I told him that I am ready to get this year over with and no appointments or hospitals in January so we can start the new year off right.

I am not a firm believer in New Year's resolutions because they are generally never kept. I have made some here about writing daily and other things and I never seem to have the time. I am basically running three households at the moment and I am not accomplishing anything. It is hectic and crazy! I might have a bottle of wine for the new year! (Not really, but sounds good)

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the happiest of New Years! May God Bless you!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday Blues

Well, it seems as though once again the holiday crunch is upon us. One week and we will be waking up to Christmas Eve. Are your gifts bought? Are they wrapped? Are cards mailed? All of these are great questions to be asking yourself because as I sit here writing this the answer is no! I truly do not know why it is that each year I am farther behind than the year before.

I have enjoyed Christmas music and shows on Hallmark, but I just can not get motivated to bake cookies, shop, get cards ready, etc. I truly can't find my holiday spirit this year much. Maybe it is because I know that my husband always wants to shop often because he loves the last minute hustle and bustle, maybe it is because I know he is impossible to buy for and I dread shopping for him, maybe it's because the kids are each moved on now. I do not know but I almost will be glad to see the holiday over and I love this time of the year normally.

My tree is up, some presents are bought, and the grand baby is going to be spoiled another year. I just wish I could find the love and peace that should abound this time of the year. UGH!! I am sure that others often feel this way, but for me it truly is the first year that my holiday spirit is zero.

I feel like this undecorated tree looks , empty. I long for the person that loved the holidays and could not do enough baking and decorating. I long for the desire to wrap the gifts to give my loved ones. I long for simpler days and traditions. I long for the childlike anticipation of Christmas morning.

big christmas surprise / the young lad is astonished / by all of the gifts

Well, I must go and check on a carrot cake that I am baking this early Sunday morning and spend some time in the word of God. That always makes my life a little brighter. Love you all! Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexual Harrassment- The News of the Year

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Bill O' Reilly, and Matt Lauer are all names that I am sure most of us if not all of us are aware of. Unfortunately, it is now that we know them due to the nature of the "acts" that they have done and not the talent that they possess. All 5 of these men have been accused and in some cases proven of sexually harassment at the workplace or with colleagues.

These men, whether truly guilty or not, have become names associated with workplace harassment and using their power to manipulate these women. My fear is, that like so many things in society these days, the accusations may not all be truthful and some of what they are accused of doing may have been in a joking manner. I feel that as a society we have become fearful of a joke. We make it to be bullying inside the schools and we have made it harassment in the workplace. Let me add a disclaimer here for the comments that I am sure will follow this * I am in no way saying that these men are not guilty of sexual harassment. I am simply saying that it seems that no one can take a joke these days.

Years ago, I believe that many large companies and institutions were in a "man's club" mentality where women were talked about in a not so flattering way, teased because of their gender and ultimately, the butt end of so colorful jokes and comments. In today's society, that is all considered sexual harassment. At the time, it was just the way things were whether it was right or wrong. I believe that much of that mentality still exists in some places.

Years ago, a hug with a co-worker did not seem to be an uncommon thing, but these days many would say that it was wrong and was a sexual advance. No, it is simply a hug that allows someone to say that they are glad to see you, concerned for you, etc. Do I believe that women have been put into compromising situations for many years at workplaces? Yes. Do I believe that harassment exists in the workplace? Yes. I feel that it is a trending topic in the news today and an outlet for some to gain more attention.

Women's rights are a wonderful thing and I believe that women should not be put into a compromising situation at work (or anywhere), but I wonder just where we draw a line and say that the behavior was simply an act of how things were at the time. Not right or wrong, but simply the way business was ran. The way men behaved and what was acceptable behavior at the time.

I believe with the sexual harassment situations being what they are at this very time, we must take a look back at the way we have behaved in the workplace and see if it could have made anyone uncomfortable and if so, we need to be aware that we could suddenly be in the spotlight with these men.  We have to watch what we say and how we say it as our words could make someone feel that we are making sexual advances or innuendos towards them. Being told by a co-worker that you look nice could be what gets you accused. Where do we stand on these issues? Is that sexual harassment? Some would say yes, but I believe that if a co-worker mentions that you look nice they may simply be paying you a compliment.

Years ago, I worked in a restaurant and there was a cook that I did not like at all. He was also a meat cutter and his "freezer" room was near my work station. He would stare out the window that was between the two areas at me daily. I don't feel that it was harassment but I felt odd about his behavior so I immediately spoke to the manager and stacked cases of potatoes over the window as to block his "view". Today, I could probably file charges against him. These are the kinds of situations that I feel may simply be taken too far these days.

Another one of my biggest issues with what is occurring now is that women are coming forward with accusations from many years ago. I am fully aware that women were looked at differently several years ago, but I truly believe that women that were harassed to the point that many are saying they were should have gotten some attention on these guys years ago. If you know someone is asking you into a hotel room or office and exposing themselves to you and threatening you, then you obviously know it is happening to others. I am also concerned as to why anyone would feel that it was okay for a director or co worker to call you into their hotel room to do a booking call or to do any type of work. I am concerned as to why a woman would go into a situation like that. Women are saying that they had heard rumors that many of these men were doing things like exposing themselves, answering the door in towels, asking lewd favors in exchange for work. If that was the rumor, why would you go to the man's room alone? I am not blaming the victims, I am simply saying that I truly don't understand the why's!

It is time that we take a look at our values as a person and as a country and time that we consider how our actions will make others feel. I do feel that in many instances, we may say or do something that taken out of context could make someone feel uncomfortable and could put us in a situation where we are accused of something that truly we are not guilty of.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Going Up In Flames

Fire is such a frightening word to me! I remember fire drills in school and several in the past years at work places and how awful I always thought it would be to lose your home in a fire. They can spread so fast and you rarely have time to escape or get beloved items out before the home is fully engulfed in flames. Of course, all material things can be replaced so as long as my family was out I would have to be thankful to God.

Last night when my husband returned from hunting, he came into the house and yelled for me to grab my coat and get outside. I knew we were going to do some shopping, so I mentioned that I wanted to change shirts and he firmly said " No, grab your coat and come on". With no idea as to what the big hurry was, I grabbed my jacket and went out. As I hurried across our back yard, I immediately seen large flames above the trees. The neighbor's house on the other side of my in-laws was on fire. I picked up my pace a little more. I was in shock as I had just left my in-laws maybe 20 minutes before and seen nothing. Now, the home was partially engulfed in flames.

Being that it was a mobile home and we live in the country, I knew it was not going to be out before it done major damage or was fully engulfed. As I stood and watched the flames engulf the home and waited for the fire departments to get here and figure out where water was going to come from, I called my daughter so that if anyone told her that a home was on fire here, she would know we were safe. Then I stood and cried and prayed! Prayed for safety for those involved, prayed for something of their lives to be saved, prayed for my family and thanked God that it was not our home. Selfish- NO! Simply grateful!!

Knowing the family well, I was well aware that they probably did not have insurance and probably were losing everything on this cool night. Sad that I was standing by and seeing their home go up in flames and could not do anything about it. Sad that it takes a fire truck close to thirty minutes to get here and then there was so much confusion about water, etc, that it was close to an hour before water hit the fire. By that time, there was no point other than to get it out because the home was destroyed. An entire lifetime of hard work and struggles brought to a pile of ashes. It hurt me to the core! He is such a hard working man and does his best to provide for his family and yet, here he is losing everything. I was praying that they were all out of the home and thankfully, found out later that they were as well as their pets. What a miracle!

They are suspecting an electrical fire. I am sure we will learn more as daylight gets here and investigators spend the day looking at the evidence. I am just heartbroken! I will do all I can to help and I will pray for them daily. I ask that you do as well. The Miller family needs all they can get. I believe that the Red Cross was here to take them to a place to live and hopefully, can help them to rebuild their lives.

Please have an escape plan for your family in the unfortunate and tragic event that your home is on fire. Also, please consider the threat that fire is. Please consider giving your money or time to the Red Cross if you possibly can. Some family might just depend on it and you might as well someday.  This is not the way I would want anyone's holiday season to begin. God Bless each of you!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Branson: A Music Town With Family Fun

Branson, Missouri is known for it's music roots and it is known for it's shows, but there is plenty of fun to be found without attending a show. There is plenty for a family to do and plenty of outdoor fun to keep the kids from being bored. I would highly recommend Branson as a family vacation spot.

In September, my husband and I took a 4 day trip to Branson along with our oldest daughter and her fiancé. I was worried about whether my husband would enjoy it since he does not care about dinner shows and things like that and I knew that was Branson. What I did not realize was how much we could find to do that did not involve the shows.

Since we were driving down, I suggested that we leave a day early and take our time traveling down and spend the night about half way. I Googled what the half way point was and it was a town along the Illinois/ Missouri border, so we were just a few minutes outside of St. Louis.  It was a nice break from the travels and we chose a less expensive hotel, but a nice one.
                                                                St. Louis Skyline

The following morning, I told my husband that before we started to our Missouri destination, I wanted to stop in St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. I have seen photos and I have heard stories, but I had not ever been to it and wanted to go. He agreed, even though I don't believe that he truly cared. Our daughter and fiancé, had left home early that morning, so they met us at the hotel and went to the Arch with us.
It is absolutely breathtaking to see up close. We did not go up in it, but it was just as amazing as I expected it to be. We visited the gift shop and was able to get a couple of souvenirs. Even my husband enjoyed the visit.  The Gateway Arch  is part of the National Park System, so my daughter was able to have her passport stamped as well.  
The boats that travel the river near the Arch are just as amazing to watch. My husband watched many of them as we were in the gift shop. The entire area around the Arch is beautiful, but we were a little disappointed when we seen signs of homeless living within a few blocks from this beautiful monument. 
We made a couple more stops before we went to Branson, but I will write of them later. When we arrived at Branson, we were staying at Chauteau on the Lake and it was breathtaking as we arrived. 

The inside of the hotel is just as nice. There is a restaurant, bakery, theatre, pools ( inside and out), hot tub, and many more things to enjoy. 
                                                                       Lush greenery
I could have spent most of the trip in the hotel, but I knew that there were things to see. One of our favorite parts of our trip was the American History Museum. It is located at the Big Cedar resort and is absolutely an amazing museum. For $12 per person, it was well worth the money and there is so much historical value in the museum. Being that my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian, any Indian history is always a welcoming sight. 

The American History Museum is not just Indian history though. It is Ozark history, cowboys, even a section dedicated to the cowboys of the film industry- Roy Rogers, John Wayne, etc. 

Of course, you can't have a historical museum without including some prehistoric history either. These amazing exhibits are close to the entry of the museum and were interesting to see as well. 

Any family would enjoy this museum. I would say that it is not geared towards younger children, but anyone with school age children could easily spend a day here. The scenery around the museum is amazing as well. There is a restaurant next door, although we did not eat there. The aroma coming from it was mouth-watering. 

For families with younger children, I would recommend Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Branson.
There are so many bright colors and fun things for kids to see and some interactive displays too that they could touch and play. 

Among other things to see and do there are many gift shops, music shows that appeal to a wide variety of ages and interests, restaurants, go karts, a toy museum, mini golf, and many other attractions. We are looking forward to returning in March and I must say that I am truly excited about returning. I have plenty more to share, but I think that I will write another post in a day or two. Just remember Branson your next family vacation. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hunting Season

Alas! Deer season is in full effect in Indiana today. Of course, there are many times of the year that different animal and weapon seasons are in effect. Today is the first day of gun season for deer for the year. The weather is not perfect for hunting as it is very windy and warm.

My husband woke up at 4:30 a.m. to be in the woods before sun rise and will probably spend a majority of the day there unless the storms that we are being predicted arrive. I don't mind as it gives me a chance to be up early and get some things done after he leaves and before my mom gets up. I have managed to vacuum and dust the living room, change the doilies on my tables to Christmas ones, clean the kitchen counter, find Christmas curtains, and straightened up some of the toys that the grand had drug out yesterday.

My husband is not a trophy hunter. He doesn't care about the antlers and the deer head to hang on the wall. He won't kill a baby or a young doe, but the adults are for the taking. He will process the deer himself and we will add the meat to the freezer. I know many that do not like hunting and many who think that it is wrong, but humans have hunted for the their food forever. The Indians were only fed by hunting.

My husband does a great job of keeping the meat from having a wild, gamy taste and I appreciate that. I can fix a roast from venison and a beef roast and no one would ever know the difference. I don't do it without telling guests but I could. If the meat is not gamy and it is seasoned right, there truly is not much difference other than the venison is much leaner.

I am not sure of how long this season lasts, but I am sure there will be many more early mornings for him and I. Once that alarm goes off, I am up and since there is always something to be done around here, I will gladly take advantage of the time.

I am headed out with friends later and will work on my Pink Zebra business later as well. Have a great Saturday!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This is about how my yard looked yesterday as the colder air and the winds that blew through made the trees lose most of the brilliant, vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that had dressed them for a bit of time. Fall is such an amazing time of the year with all of the colors, but when those leaves fall you are sure left with a mess.  

Over the weekend, my husband and I spoke of getting some of them cleaned up but the time never came to do that. Yesterday after work, I decided that while I had the grand doll and the weather was not too cold or rainy, that I would attempt to clean up some of the mess that is on the front yard anyway. I began raking while grand doll began jumping in the piles that I had made. I finally made her a pile and myself a pile to burn. She played in her pile for a bit before wanting to move on to helping me rake, which was not working. Living in the country is so nice at this time of the year because I know many people that don't have the option to burn the leaves. It also is nice because she was able to move between my yard and her yard without any concern. 

She has a sand box in her front yard that she loves to play in and so she truly wanted to be in it and I didn't want to take that away from her so I let her wander and play while I worked. I was able to see her most of the time, but when she was in the sand box, I could not without walking a few feet and peeking around a fence. I love that she lives so close and that I am able to let her freely wander the yards and play with the variety of toys that she has. The sand box is slowing becoming empty as she likes to move it to her dump truck, tractor bucket, etc. and then dump it in the yard. 

Another item on my list of to do's was to begin looking at and deciding which of the larger Christmas decorations we would pull out of the garage and place in the yard. I began that as well. She found a toy soldier that lights up that she wanted for " baby room" so of course, that is where he is. We also pulled out a wooden sled that has a snowman on the front of it and says "Let It Snow" on it and we placed it near the front steps.  I hope that she grows to love snowmen as much as I do so that I can give her some of mine as she grows older. 

If the weather is still decent at your place, get out and enjoy fall while it is still upon us. I know I will again today if the rain that is predicted will hold off. 

This was a year ago, but how special to spend a fall day with such a blessing from God. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Christmas Season is Upon Us

Christmas is a comin", at least, that is what my Granny used to say. Raised in very rural south western Virginia, she was truly a country granny. She used snuff, which I have many memories of as well as canning in the summer, wonderfully cozy and warm home in the winter from the woodstove, and how humble her surroundings were, but how much love we felt there. How I miss those days!!

Anyway, now that we are in the middle of November, it is time to begin to think of the holiday season. I do have some shopping done, but not as much as I would like. I have no idea as to what to get my husband, but I will discover something. I truly don't need much but for some reason, I can always see things I want. I guess I should start a list so I will get a few of my favorite things. Chocolate and wine would be good. LOL!!!

Christmas season at our farm begins when I decide to pull out my multitude of snowmen and begin setting them around the house. I also pulled out the farm Christmas curtains last night and may hang them today if I find the time. They have horse drawn sleighs on them and are a favorite now for years. I'd like to replace them at times, but I do love them. I am on the search for a Christmas apron! I love aprons!!

My quilting bug is really biting hard, but I truly think that may go on the back burner until Christmas is over. That would be a good project for the long cold month of January. I am hoping to begin selling quilting squares on Etsy and Amazon or eBay. I am not sure that it will be a great business, but I think that I would make a few extra dollars. Many FB sites have taken some of the business from those sites I believe. Christmas seems to be all about online shopping these days as people don't want to go out and fight the crowd or simply feel they don't have the time, but I still prefer to shop in the stores in order to see the many Christmas displays that are set up, usually right after Halloween, but I don't mind.

Christmas is truly not about the gifts. It is about the birth of a baby in Bethlehem that grew to be the Savior of all men! (Men being men, women and children). With the sad state that America and other countries are in these days, we need our faith. Whatever your faith may be, it is the time of the year to focus on that. Faith in Christ is what gets me through most days! God gave us His only Son to die for our sins and give us the opportunity to get into Heaven one day as none of us are worthy of such a place. John 3:16 says For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  What a blessing in the world today!

Remember that peace on earth is a message in many Christmas songs and that is truly what we need these days. Peace can begin in our own homes, towns, etc. Pray for peace today if you are a praying person.  Enjoy this small bright spot in the day today.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Heart Broken

My heart is broken! Every person in the United States should be heartbroken as we learn of yet another senseless shooting that has claimed the lives of young and old, men and women, and the mass chaos that has now came into Sutherland Springs, Texas.

On Sunday, a gunman dressed in black and tactical gear, opened fire outside a small Baptist church in Sutherland Springs. He proceeded into the First Baptist Church where he began firing at parishioners and when he left, he left behind a trail of carnage that will be felt within the town for a long time. 26 people killed and 20 injured are the latest statistics that I am hearing. Ages of the dead range from 5-72, which truly breaks my heart. As a grandmother, I can't imagine anyone shooting a 5 year old child inside a church. My mind won't allow me to process that and when I begin to think of it, my heart just breaks.

Reports are saying that one family was deeply affected by this shooting as a pregnant mother, her in-laws, and three of her children were killed. The pastor and his wife were not at the church at the time of the shooting, but their 14 year old daughter was and she was one of the victims of this deadly attack.

The gunman has been identified as 26 year old Devin Kelley , a former member of the United States Air Force that had been discharged following a court marshal by the military in 2010 for assaulting his wife and child. This man was obviously very disturbed and possibly suffered from mental illness, but this type of an attack was senseless. Mr. Kelley died following the shooting and a short pursuit by a local Texas resident carrying a rifle that seen Kelley leaving the church. It is not clear whether Kelley died of a self -inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by the resident. However, I truly believe that the gentleman that followed after him with the rifle is truly a hero and possibly kept Kelley from killing many more as he had a variety of weapons in his car.

We, as Americans are becoming used to hearing of these types of shootings and hopefully, we are not becoming less shocked by them. Columbine, Sandy Hook, New York, Boston marathon, Las Vegas just to name a few of these types of attacks, although not all were shootings. We must stay vigilant and we must be pushing for better mental health care. We must say something when we see something or hear something that might seem as though someone is having trouble. We must push for stricter punishments with behavior that could lead to this type of an attack.

I pray that today you will remember these victims, whether you knew any of them or not and pray for the family of the shooter because he was someone's dad and son, although it is hard to pray for him. Pray for the many lives that are forever changed due to one senseless act. Pray for the survivors' of the attack because we can't imagine the pain they are feeling and the sights that they witnessed. Pray for the children that were in this building as the innocence that they have is now gone. Pray for the town as it was a small rural area where everyone probably knew the victims or part of them. Pray for peace and pray for these types of attacks to be stopped. Innocent lives are being taken and we need to find a way to stop it.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blounts Disease Surgery

Good Morning!  As I sit here to write this morning, I realize that I have been speaking of follow up posts about things and I never get those written. This one is going to be the first of many that I will try to get my faithful readers caught up on subjects that I have spoke of and never mentioned again.

Blount's Disease, for those that do not know what it is, is a disease in which the tibia bone does not grow correctly and the outside of the leg grows faster than the inside and it causes extreme bow leggedness. It can be a debilitating disease if it goes untreated. In most cases, surgery is required.

A month ago today, my granddoll went for the surgery that the pediatric orthopedic surgeon felt was best for her case. We were told that the surgery was performed often and that there was really not much danger of things going wrong and that results are usually successful. I have a friend of a friend that works in this particular field and she even reassured me that the surgeon we had was the best in her field and that these surgeries were done daily, but it did not put my mind to ease. I prayed and prayed until I felt that God would be ignoring them because I said so many.

For the surgery, small incisions are made on the outside of the leg and a metal plate is placed upon the outer growth plate to stop it and allow the inside to catch up. Results are usually very good with results being seen within 6-9 months.  In my head, I knew that the risks were low and that she was in good hands but my heart just did not feel the peace that I needed it to.

Surgery day arrived and the staff and surgeon made the pre-op room fun for her. She played with the mask that she would wear to be put to sleep. She walked out of the room with the patient/family care member and was given a stuffed pig to play with while waiting for surgery to begin. She would walk out of the pre- op and no medicine or IV's were given until she was asleep. She waved goodbye to us after giving hugs and kisses and we were to go to surgery waiting.

As we were walking out of that room, total dread and fear enveloped me and I could not stop the tears. As we walked into the hall, I felt hot and things began to go black. I leaned into the wall and stood while breathing extremely deep breaths. My husband asked what was wrong and I just said my baby. I imagined her walking into a scary surgical room with lots of machines and lights with strangers she did not know and then being forced to put this mask on while fighting all the while and wondering why we left her with these strangers that were hurting her.

A very long walk to the waiting room and we were suddenly faced with 2 hours of waiting and fear (on my behalf).The waiting area was not pleasant and led to more prayers. It also taught me just how uncaring some people are. My granddoll is in for what is considered a mild surgery and I am about to pass out while a lady across the aisle from me is leaving to go to Wal-Mart while her young (probably under 3) son is in surgery to find out why his liver or kidneys were not working. That seems like a much more dangerous surgery that our grand dolls and she was leaving the hospital. My patience was no good and I wanted to scream " Do you not care at all- can't Wal-Mart wait", but I kept my composure.

Grand dolls mom and her fiancé went to get a drink from the hospital cafeteria and my husband and other daughters ' boyfriend went outside to get fresh air, but I could not leave the waiting room as it felt that I would be totally abandoning her. I was thankful that my oldest daughter stayed with me. Many tears flowed while I waited. After an hour, we were told to come into the consultation room. Again my heart sunk, as surgery was to be two hours.

When the surgeon entered that room, I was on the verge of another breakdown when I suddenly heard, " surgery went well". Now a waiting game to see if it was successful. She went over instructions and my husband asked what seemed a million questions as always. I just wanted to hold her, when could I see her? They would only allow my daughter and her fiancé to go back into the recovery waiting area at first. I felt weak as I needed to see her. Finally, ( only 5 mins or so), we were able to go back. My heart was not ready for the sight as she was still not out of the anesthesia and was whiny and did not want to be near anyone but mommy. She was bandaged up and wrapped in blankets to keep her warm. I needed to leave before she seen me cry!

Within 40 minutes we were headed home and she is now running and playing the same as always. People that come over and do not see her daily seem to think that it is working and that she has already straightened some. The surgeon follow up was last week and she made another appointment for January when we will do x-rays and see if they show a difference.

I will keep everyone posted. Thank you for prayers.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Act Of Terror Strikes NYC Again

Tuesday October 31, 2017 was supposed to be a day of fun and Halloween celebrations across the United States but for those on a bike path in New York City it was anything but fun as another terrorist took the lives of 8 and injured at least 11. Another act of terrorism on the city that never sleeps.

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, a man that came to the United States in from Uzbekistan in 2010,  was shot and apprehended by an officer after smashing into a school bus and getting out of his vehicle with weapons. Mr. Saipov was shouting messages in Arabic and waving guns. Mr. Saipov was here in the United States legally, but it has came out in news reports that he had been under the federal radar as a possible threat to the US.

Mr. Saipov intentionally drove a truck that he had rented near his home in New Jersey down a crowded bike path in Manhattan just a few miles from the World Trade Center. The bike path was located along the Hudson River and is frequented by many joggers, walkers, and bicyclists drawn there from the offices nearby and the view of the river.

Of course, investigators are trying to figure out if he is connected to ISIS. Whether or not he is, it is another sad and sick reminder that we must be on alert at all times. These deranged individuals are slowly taking our celebrations and daily lives and changing them. When it will it stop? When will they realize that all lives are important and whether we share the same religious views or not, does not truly matter.

Terrorist attacks are simply a cowards way of making the news and proves that their illogical thinking truly has no voice or they would be saying more about their lives and religion that these simple suicide missions that they are on. Whether they take their own lives or are killed after the attack, all of these attacks are suicide missions. What will it take to stop them? Solidarity as a nation and stricter laws on behaviors while they are in this country. Once on the federal radar, there needs to be a plan for them to be watched more accurately or they need to be placed under some type of program that allows them to be deported immediately.  Maybe, as a nation, we need to take a new look into the men and women from these ISIS controlled states and countries that have been here legally for years to see what is going on in their lives.

For more information about this attack, you can read this article.  If you are a praying person, pray today for peace across this world.  If you aren't, please send good thoughts for peace.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Snow Flurries

Our weather has drastically changed in a week. Last weekend we were camping and this past weekend, we had snow flurries. Yesterday morning, as we were visiting our "adopted" set of parents, I walked out of the house to see a beautiful but not welcomed sight of snow flurries. Of course, I commented to my husband that it was time for snowmen and Christmas music.
 I love both! Snowmen are almost an obsession at my house and I do love Christmas music. I actually have a CD ready for the car today. As I am driving to work, I will be listening to some Christmas songs. The weather is not fully cooperating for that today as it is supposed to be closer to 50 degrees today, but I can still feel warm and relaxed with my music.
 I must make this short this morning as I have to get some things ready for the new satellite television that we are getting. It has been a long time without it and I must say that even if I missed it some, I had become quite content without it. My husband feels that we need it with winter coming and the longer times that it is dark. He says if not bedtime may be 7 or 8 p.m., which I would be fine with some days. Oh well! It's his indulgence. I will be reading or working on some of my craft things that I want to finish this year!

Take care and Happy Monday! I will try to be back later with some news and photos.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


A new movement has quickly gained momentum following a tweet by Alyssa Milano's tweet with the hashtag MeToo. Social media has become the way to speak and have your voice heard and this is certainly the trend of the next few days until something new comes along.

#MeToo is a movement that has been created in social media for women to speak out against sexually harassment and sexual assault. Women are hoping that this brings to light for many just how common these problems truly are. The trend became increasingly more popular on Sunday following the reports that many women are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, a well known movie producer.

Sexual harassment is widely accepted throughout many industries even in today's world. Women for years have known that you sometimes are expected to just keep quiet because the man has more power in the industry than you do and many women still believe that no one will believe them.  Following the accusations against Bill Crosby, another very well known person in television and film it seems that more women are feeling that they can speak up.

#MeToo has many women saying that they have been victims to this kind of injustice. They believe that this kind of campaign may aid in ending the injustices that have been widely accepted in many industries. The #MeToo campaign is not just for women suffering from sexual abuse or harassment but for those that suffer from physical abuse as well.

Many women feel that they can't say anything and in some cases they can't. If you have ever known someone that has been physically abused in a relationship, you are well aware of how afraid that person is to speak out even if they are away from the abuser. They are scared of the consequences because of the past that they have lived.

Abuse has happened for years and it is time that women and men speak out if they have been victims of this kind of abuse and simple abuse of power that someone has had over them. Human trafficking is one of the largest problems in the world today, but it seems that we do not hear about it daily like we do so many other issues that are not as heartbreaking. Sex trafficking needs to be stopped because no man or woman should have power over what we do with our own bodies. It simply must stop!!

Twitter is just a sounding board for this type of campaign . Let us take these movements and make something happen about the issue. Let's get the many other abusers off the throne that they believe they are on.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Drenched will be my description of how I will look today as it is raining hard here and supposed to rain all day, while I will be working my courier position today and will be in and out all day in it. It makes for a miserable day!!

Accepting this job at the library was a good idea as I have had to purchase a new car and will have extra payments now, but it seems as though the weather simply will not cooperate. I have either had really hot days or rainy days. Rain makes the job very stressing as I hate wet clothes and I hate being in the rain!

I am well aware that we need the rain as it has been a very dry summer. I am well aware that the rain is good for the environment but I just am not a fan of the wet work that I will be doing. The books will be getting wet and I will be wet. The van will be more difficult to drive and the day will seem to take much longer. It will be a good 4 hours in and out of the rain working. I will probably not do part of the job today as I normally load up books that are donated at the different branches for the library sale, but that is usually a lot of work and I probably will not do today. I will do what must be done and leave the rest I think .

Well, I need to figure out what I will take to drink today. Enjoy your day where you are. I will share more about my grand doll's surgery tomorrow but she is feeling better now.

For some reason the rain today reminded me of this photo of a cloudy day that we had while traveling once and the large number of birds that we seen flying around a tree. This tree was loaded with thousands of birds and once they began flying, it was a sight to see. Remember the movie, "The Birds", that was my first thought.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gun Fire Erupts While Jason Aldean is on Stage

Gunfire erupted while Jason Aldean was on stage at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday. Early reports are that at least 50 have been killed and more than 200 have been injured. The gunman has been killed and a woman of interest has been found. Reports are still sketchy at the moment due to the investigation still being very new, but reports are saying that it is the deadliest mass shooting in the United States at this time.

It is believed that this man acted alone and is not linked to any military or terrorist group. Police were asking that a woman be located that they were saying was a person of interest, so I believe that she may have been involved. The reports are not saying that though. They were also looking for two vehicles that they believed belonged to the shooter. The gunman has been identified as Stephen Paddock, who I believe was in his mid 60's.

Witnesses say that the gunfire began about 10 p.m. as the gunman fired from the 32nd floor of a hotel  near where the concert was being held. CNN is reporting that none of the performers were injured during the mass chaos. I believe that many will be effected by this shooting though. Aldean has made a comment on Instagram.

Prayers for all of those involved as the story continues to unfold. Prayers for the survivors that will feel many emotions over the next few days. Prayers for all families involved including those of the gunman. Hopefully, a motive can be discovered to give a little more insight into what caused this man to snap and attack innocent lives.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blount's Disease

Blount's Disease-  As I sit and recall the first day that I heard those words, I was nervous, scared, and not sure what I wanted to do. I did not know what it was and I did not know what it meant as far as a normal life. I quickly questioned God as to why? Why my grand doll? ( Isn't it funny how we always think why me in scary situations?

According to doctors at Columbia University Medical Center website, "Blount's disease is a rare growth disorder that affects children, causing the legs to bow outwards just below the knees.  It is also know as tibia vara. A small amount of bowing is actually quite normal in young infants. However, as most children begin to walk, between the ages of 1 and 2 years old, their legs gradually straighten out.
In children with Blount's disease, the lower legs remain bowed or bow further outwards, which can lead to future problems with walking. Blount’s can be seen in a child less than 4 years of age as well as in early adolescents. "

My grand doll had been slightly bowlegged since she was a few months old, but I did not think much of it as many children are bowlegged, but hers' seemed to continually get worse and we finally discussed with the pediatrician and she recommended that we have her checked by a specialist. The specialist recommended surgery, which they say will be the best treatment and should straighten her legs and prevent any more issues. Of course, the idea of my grand doll having surgery at age 2 scared me. The specialist says that this is a minor surgery and that we will really not seem many limitations with her following it. 

The grandma in me says that she is my baby and I don't like it. I know that it needs to be done, but I still don't like it. As I watched her play yesterday, I thought how much I have worried about it this week and she doesn't even know what is going to happen to her. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday of next week. I am thankful in a way that she is small enough to not understand what is happening, but I am also very upset that we are going to take her in for such a thing that she can't understand. She's not going to understand the hospital room, why she has to be on the bed, why she has a nurse taking vitals, etc. The thought of it about gives me an anxiety attack! Will she be scared? She won't know how to tell us! I don't think that I can be in her room when they wheel her back as we will be leaving her with a stranger and that makes me cry just to think of that. She won't understand why we are leaving her. 

I write this to make others aware of this disease and to ask for your prayers for both her and I. This grandma may not make it through the day. Surgery is supposed to last two hours and it is certainly going to be a long two hours. I will update you after the surgery is completed and we are home. Thank you for your thoughts that day!

Monday, September 25, 2017

NFL Takes a Knee

Following a week of stern comments from the President concerning protests during the National Anthem, hundreds of NFL players protested during the games this weekend by taking a knee, linking arms, or completely not coming onto the field while the National Anthem played or was sung. Considering these peaceful protests, many players are saying that they knelt because of the Presidents' comments.

The kneeling began last year while a player was protesting the injustices that are plaguing the black and the minorities in the world. While I feel that we all have freedom of speech, these men are paid millions of dollars each year playing their game and I realize that they have the perfect platform to protest where millions can see them: I also realize that many see this as pure disrespect to our country and those that put their lives on the line daily.

I believe that there is a different place for this kind of protest. Maybe if these players are worried about these issues, which I have  no problem with, should form some type of aid program for these issues and hire a spokesperson to work with other groups that make millions to help those that are being unjustly treated. Use their voice for good and not protest the American flag and National Anthem that means so much to the people that have lost loved ones during the wars we have suffered through and those that still put their lives on the line daily.

I see no disrespect by the linking of arms, although many will as the hand is not upon the heart, but I believe that if you are kneeling, then you should be praying. Praying for peace in our world, praying for the less fortunate, praying for the safety of our military, praying for the exact cause you are protesting for. Many will disagree with that but I feel that it is the right thing to do. For many years, kneeling has been for that very reason.

I respect our President because of the office he holds, but I feel he was out of line with the comments that he made this weekend. No person of his statue should publicly call anyone a SOB for any reason. That is only asking for trouble. We, as Americans, need to let go of the hatred and racial tensions that we hold. Both blacks and whites are criminals, both blacks and whites can be racially profiled, both blacks and whites kill and both races are loved by God. We do not have the right to judge either because God tells us that He will judge. We are to love one another. Can you imagine how strong the US could be if we done just that? Our country would be stronger and much more peaceful! Let's learn from the issues that are being peacefully protested on the field and let's respect the office of the President, the flag and the National Anthem as we should.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Interesting Sights While Traveling

Most of my readers are aware that my husband and I recently took a vacation that he had purchased for me as a Christmas gift. He traveled quite often for several years while he was working as a mill wright and he is not fond of it, but I thoroughly enjoy it. He needed the time away from his shop though too.

We traveled to Branson, Missouri and drove into Arkansas just because I had never been to that state and I hope to mark most of them off the map by the time I leave this old world. Anyway, while we were traveling, I took many pictures and looking through them yesterday with the grand doll, I realized that I had a few that were a little interesting and I would share them today with you.

This is taken in front of the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Branson. The building looks as though it has been through Hurricane Harvey and Maria and the earthquake that just hit Mexico. Believe me, when I say looks are deceiving both inside and out at this particular place. If you have never visited one of these museums, you should. They are interesting! Mr. Ripley was quite an interesting fellow himself, I believe.

The grand doll , for some reason, has taken an interest in dinosaurs. This particular set of bones was located in a very interesting natural history museum. If you visit Branson, you need to go to Top of the Rock Natural History Museum.  It is located within the Big Cedar resort, but is open to the public. It is a unique look into some of our early history and very informative. I believe the cost to get in was $12 per person and it was well worth that price. It would be easy to spend 3 or more hours in the museum itself, plus the views from the top of the rock are amazing. 
Here is another set of odd looking creatures from that museum. These are the  signs that are along with it explaining what these strange looking creatures are. Of course, for us they are simply dinosaurs. 

Another interesting site in Branson is the rather large rooster that is part of the front of a building. I knew the grand doll would like it so I had to capture the photo of it. 

As you can see this is some sort of restaurant but I don't remember the name of it. My husband was actually looking at an all you can eat crab and lobster place behind this called Whipper Snappers. We did not eat there as it was a little expensive for this trip. I am not a seafood fan, but I would have gone and either ordered something else or just had my tea and enjoyed the company. 

Finally, the last photo for today is this human blood carrier that was used by the military, I assume. We found this sitting on the porch of a rather small, unique gift shop just inside Arkansas. I thought of buying it to make a coffee table out of in the living room. I thought with a small red cover on the top of it, it would be quite the centerpiece in the room and make for plenty of conversation with guests. No one else thought that my idea was a good one. Oh well!!

Well, I must move on for today. Thanks for traveling with me today to some of the odd and unusual sights that we were privileged to see while we were gone. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Until next time, safe travels. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bruised and Battered

Hello world! It's a good morning here on the hobby farm that I choose to call my life, except for being bruised and battered. I will explain more on that later. Just be thankful that you woke up this morning and that you have a breath in you to be able to tell someone special to you just how special they are.

We had a wonderful vacation in Branson, Missouri. The hotel that we stayed in looked like a castle on a hill. It was Chateau on the Lake, which was just minutes from downtown and absolutely an amazing resort! If you enjoy classy lodging, this is it at it's finest! Chateau on the Lake has about all you need if you don't want to leave the resort including dining, bar, a sweet shop, and even laundry facilities for guests. Absolutely one of my favorite parts of our vacation.

We did not take in a show while in Branson, but we did see the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. I did not care as much for it as I did the one we went to several years ago in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, but it was still fun. I recommend a show but I recommend that you see the fountain shows at Branson Landing. We were thoroughly impressed with them! 

While we were gone, I was able to mark several things off of my bucket list. I was able to see the St. Louis Gateway Arch, see the Mississippi River, and marked two states off my list that I had never been too. Missouri and Arkansas. The next time we go, I will drive into Oklahoma because I have always wanted to do that!!

Anyway, we returned home on Saturday because I had a Pink Zebra event on Sunday. It was a fundraiser for a scholarship in memory of two young men that lost their lives trying to rescue their friend that fell off a local dam. She did survive but has traumatic brain injuries and will never have the same life that she did. She is still a beautiful soul! One of the families that lost their son was a family that I knew well growing up and I am sure the pain is the same now as it was three years ago. I just felt compelled to attend their fundraising efforts. I was saddened that on such a beautiful Sunday afternoon the foot traffic at the event was very slow. Even the benefit ride was not as full as I had expected. My thought was how quickly people forget that these young people mattered to someone. 

While there setting up our booth in the vendor area, we were told that the restaurant across the street was furnishing breakfast for all of us. When we finished our booth, I decided that breakfast was a good idea so we went across the street and got breakfast. Deciding that we should not leave our booth unattended, we were taking breakfast back there and as we crossed the street suddenly, the sidewalk jumped right up and tripped me and down I went hard and made a very solid face plant right into that sidewalk. ( Seriously, I believe I tripped on the curb). People came rushing to my aid asking if I needed ice or an ambulance, but I just needed a minute to catch my breath and figure out if I was okay. 

I decided that ice on my knee might be a good thing as my right knee took quite a hit. Also, my left hand where I attempted to keep my face from going into the sidewalk. My nose was busted and bleeding, so I needed a wet rag. I thought I would be ok though. Well, I guess I'm okay, but battered and bruised.  My nose is broke and my eyes are black, more the left side, but some on the right. My left hand is badly swollen, but not sore. My knees look bruised and scraped and my right is still very sore. The left side of my face is swollen and I have a knot above my eye on that side and a cut that is beginning to heal. I scratched my glasses extremely bad and will have to replace them. Let's just say falling is not for sissies- it hurts! 

Also, I started working another part time job because my car is being totaled by the insurance company so that means more bills so I figured it was what I needed to do. If I'm not a pretty sight to begin a new job, but I quickly explained why I was so battered and bruised. The job is as a courier at the library and it has not been easy with being as sore as I am, but I have been doing it. Scheduled three days this week, today being the last, I will be glad to see the day done.

Enough about me, have a good day and be thankful that you are able to walk, talk, think, etc. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Vacation, Football, Wreck. Life

Well, I sure have not kept up with the blog this week as it has been quite a week. With the week being short due to Labor Day and we camped all weekend, it has made the week quite a doozie! I am thankful it is Friday and I am looking forward to Sunday, when we leave for the vacation that my husband planned for me as a Christmas present last year.

I guess this post begins with last week on Wednesday. After running some errands in town, we decided to stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken and get a quick bite to have on the way home. I had been driving and we traded spots because I hate to drive and eat. Things were good until about 2 miles from home when suddenly a deer appeared out of nowhere and smashed the front of my car. The poor creature did not know what happened and was scared and injured with both front legs broken. I hated seeing it suffer as it attempted to walk, but we had to wait for the sheriff's department to get there. Before taking my report, I asked if he could end it's suffering. I hated to see it die, but I knew it was going to anyway. After getting home, I began the process of calling the insurance to get the ball rolling of what is actually going to be done with it. My husband seems to think that it is going to be totaled because he thinks the core support is bent. UGH! That will mean shopping for a car, which I hate!

We left Thursday and went camping until Monday. We had a nice time as usual, although it rained all day on Friday and was very cool. The rest of the weekend we had nice weather and got to do some riding while we were there. Our daughter, her fiancé, and our grand doll came down and stayed one night with us, which was a lot of fun. Our neighbors had let their daughter bring a friend and we enjoyed them as well. Although, I had forgotten how much "stuff" teen girls can talk about, luckily it is not boys YET!

The best part of the weekend was when we took the grand doll to the saddle barn at the park. Yes,we have horses but we still visit the saddle barn as they have small ponies and we know the owner personally and he lets her ride for free. We happen to tell him to keep his eyes open for a good broke pony for her and he had one. My heart skipped a beat and I began to smile because I knew if the pony was good it would probably go home with us. It did. It actually went back to camp with us. I was excited but the grand doll was thrilled. What two year old girl would not be happy with a pony!

Needless to say, the rest of that day and the next day while they were there the pony rarely ever rested. That doll loves her pony and rode it quite often around the circle that we were camped on. The pony's name is Snickers, which I find interesting because my daughter ( grand doll's mom) has a Daschaund named Snickers. I will be adding photos soon of this adorable pony!!

I finally got a rental car yesterday and we are leaving for Missouri on Sunday so I have plenty to do now. Laundry is all caught up and my clothes are packed for the trip, the cooler is washed and ready, the husbands' clothes are partially ready and the toiletries are packed so I am about ready. It takes a lot to get ready for a trip, but I will sure be glad to leave this crazy place behind for a few days and go enjoy some time with him. Our oldest daughter is going too this trip with her boyfriend, of over 10 years. I am sure we will have fun!

I am heading to a high school football game with some friends tonight. The weather is a little chilly here of an evening, but I think it will be okay. I plan to bundle up and have some fun. I know I have not been to a game in over 25 years, so it should be an interesting evening. I hope we enjoy ourselves. Maybe we will help the cheerleaders out. LOL!!

This is my crazy life and I enjoy it. There are days that I wonder how much more stress I can stand and then I remember that God is on my side! He loves me and knows what I can do better than I do so keep trudging along! Enjoy the ride as it is a short one!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Gaining Attention

Seldom I write posts that are based on politics or religion, but I feel at this time I really need to write this. As I am sitting watching the news and catching up on some Facebook posts, I find that I am seeing more and more destruction around the United States and I just feel that God is attempting to gain the attention of some.

Montana and other western states are fighting heavy wildfires and the smoke from these fires is lingering over so many areas that it is hard to see and breathe. Texas is struggling to recover from the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and now Florida residents are being told to evacuate due to another massive hurricane headed their way. Hurricane Irma could possibly be the strongest and most destructive hurricane to ever hit the Florida coast and for those that don't leave their life could be in danger. These are not easy words to hear when human lives are in danger.

I believe that God is saying that we need to make some changes and get back into His word and believing in Him. Life is too precious and too short to not take some notice. The crime in the world these days is simply enough to make us take notice that we have grown farther away from the beliefs that our country was founded on.

Many blame the President and others in Washington, DC and I won't say that it is not partially their faults, but most of the problem is that people are not on their knees. We have taken God from our country- not allowed in schools, public buildings,  churches are in buildings such as theatres, etc and many services look like a rock concert. Do we truly believe that is how God wants us to worship Him? NO, he simply wants us to have a daily walk with Him and a daily prayer time on our knees. He doesn't need a building or lights, music, etc. He simply needs US!

I am not condemning the churches that are in odd buildings or those that choose more modern music but God's message is that we need to have a daily walk with Him and that we need to pray. Pray for healing of those hearts that have been hurt or deeply angered to see that God can heal. Pray for the minds and decisions that those in Washington, DC must make. Pray for the safety of those near you, including a neighbor or former friend that needs to be forgiven for something. Pray for the health and heart of the country. I do each day that I am on my knees.

I truly believe that God hears all prayers but I believe that he expects us to be on our knees daily to ask for His guidance and then giving Him the time to heal and straighten the world out.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Harvey Teaching Important Lesson

Hurricane Harvey is continuing to pound the coastal towns of Texas with a wrath that we have not truly seen since Katrina hit Louisiana. The rains are continuing to flood more and more areas and billions of gallons of water has fell with more predicted to be falling in the next few days. The governor has simply said that it is a disaster area and news reports are saying that it is biblical flooding. Thousands have had to be rescued and many more will need to be. Simply put, Mother Nature has simply shown that she is still in control! Many lessons can be learned from this storm though.

First and foremost, all lives matter! For a few weeks, we have all heard of the chaos that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia during protests over statues that commemorate the Confederate soldiers and flag. Monuments are being removed to prevent more chaos in cities all over the south and I have even heard people complaining of others using the word "Dixie" to describe the south. Whatever your opinions are on that subject are just that, your opinion. It really has nothing to do with our daily lives if a statue is standing in a park that honors Robert E. Lee or not. What does matter is that lives are important- all lives, whether they are black, white, Indian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, etc. They all matter!

What we are seeing in Texas is proof that many still feel this way. Whites and Blacks are working together to save lives of those that are stranded in their homes. A rescuer truly does not care about the color of someone's skin, they simply want to save lives. Neighbors helping other neighbors and not worried about whether that person is the same race as them or even the same political party. When it comes to saving lives, no one cares what side you are on!

Secondly, Texas residents are showing that people still care! People that have lost everything are still working to help others that are in the same situation. Some of these people will have nothing left to go home to, but does that make them hate another group of people - the answer is no! They understand how scared the others are and are willing to help. That is the way the world should work! care about others and not yourself!

Third, Texans are teaching us to be prepared whatever the case may be. These families that are being rescued were prepared for a storm to hit. I am sure that many of those being evacuated bought supplies and were in the storm for the long haul, but circumstances change and as the waters are constantly becoming worse throughout the Houston area, many are realizing that their preparations were just not enough and it is time to leave!

No matter what the weather is, the issue is, the cause is, we should always be prepared to make the best of it or have an exit plan. No one went into this storm believing that we would see the torrential weather that we are seeing. Was it predicted to be bad? Yes, but many times predictions do not come true. For many, these homes are all they have and they felt it was best to remain there and hope for the best but are finding that they must leave and go with a new plan. We should always have a backup plan! Sometimes, are plans fail or go awry and we must go with a new plan.

As I watched the news today, my heart broke when I heard reports that some residents of a gated community could now leave their homes only by walking and that the waters they would walk in could be filled with snakes and alligators, but in comparison to daily life that is true as well. Sometimes are days are filled with a  way to survive but that way is met with snakes and alligators, so to speak. Someone whom has decided that they do not want us to do as we feel is right. Some one who has decided that their way is the only way things can be and so we fight those animals in our daily struggles. An alligator could be the boss that won't see the work that you do while praising someone that you know only does bare minimum work. A co-worker that won't give you credit for the work you have done or a bully in school. We must face these dangers head on to keep ourselves out of trouble and from drowning in self pity. We all know that the danger is there and we must keep our eyes on it.

Whether as a nation we come together for our brothers and sisters in Texas and help them rebuild their lives or not, we could learn a lot from the sights that we have seen so far and many more lessons can surely be seen in the next few days. Say a prayer for those in the path of this storm!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Day Late

"A Day Late and A Dollar Short", I have heard that saying many times in my life and I remember my grandpa saying that if you run late to work or on your chores, you will always be a dollar short of what you need. I might agree with him, but I just can't seem to get myself on track this week.

I try my best to write here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but this week it just has not happened. It seems to have been a busier life week than I expected. On Tuesday, my grand doll seen the orthopedic surgeon and she will have surgery in early October to fix the Blount's Disease that has caused her to be so bowlegged. I am nervous about it but it does seem to be a simple surgery and an easy fix. No braces or casts, which makes me extremely happy and it is outpatient surgery so she does not have to spend a night at the hospital like we originally thought.

Yesterday, I worked on life things with my father in law and mother in law. After recently changing many of their finances around, it has been much work to get things in order. Since I am in charge of their finances, I have to be the one to handle most of it. I also deal with most of her doctors and meds. It can be challenging, but I will survive.

Another unexpected chore came up yesterday and threw my day for a loop. My husband now has an office to use for his garage and it is a small trailer that was once used for a jobsite trailer and it needed a good cleaning and chairs moved into it. He mentioned it and I knew he was asking for my help so I set it up for him yesterday. Today, I will move in file folders, stapler, a bulletin board, etc. I know he will need pins, notepads, etc so I will work on that today as well.

I have considered a part time job until my Pink Zebra business increases so I am going for two interviews this week. One is this morning at the library service building where I have applied for a courier position. I also have one tomorrow at the local school district where I would be a substitute teacher. I am qualified for both but find pros and cons to both. More on that later.

Have a good day and enjoy whatever weather you are having. Fall will arrive soon!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 has crossed our farm and moved on its' way. It was a beautiful sight even though we were not in the path of totality. For about 1 hour and 20 minutes, we were able to view the moon gracefully and beautifully crossing over the sun slowly making the sun disappear. We were only about 90% covered, but you could feel the change in the air and there was a calm that I do not think I have ever experienced.

The 2 minutes or so of darkness was not a complete dark, but was more light a late twilight. I attempted to watch what the animals had done while it was occurring and did not notice many changes other than it was still. Not a rooster made a sound ( and they are usually really noisy) and the rabbits were lying still in their cages. It was as though they were well aware that there was a change in the air.

While it was partly cloudy, we were still able to enjoy a large amount of the historic and enlightening event. The air cooled and I noticed that the humidity that we were feeling just a few minutes before suddenly seemed to be gone. The color of our surroundings seemed to change. The grass even seemed to be a different shade of green that seemed as though it was mixed with a grey hue.

If I ever have the opportunity to take it another solar eclipse, I pray that I am able to take a trip to a city that is within a path of totality as I am sure that it was breathtaking and very calming to some. My daughter commented during the brief time that the moon completely covered the sun that she felt a calm that she had not felt before and I had a certain calm feeling as well.

Now it is raining and cloudy here, but when I stepped out just a few minutes ago, I was still in awe as to how things seem to be more still. In a world where everyone seems to be looking down at their phones, I Pads, etc. it is amazing to think of how many were looking up today and the peaceful areas where many were gathered and all remained calm. Peace at it's finest!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Going Camping 101

Hello friends! Hello Readers! Welcome to the Friday edition of Slatersfunnyfarm. All is well on the farm and weather is good too. We could use some rain and the farm needs a good weed job, but overall all is fine. Yesterday evening brought a cool down with the humidity  dropping some and that always makes a better day. We are experiencing a drought and that makes me sad, but I know that we will get rain when God decides we will and not before, so I just say a prayer. I do not want rain this weekend though as we are going camping.

Camping is such a relaxing time for me as I don't have to do all of the cooking and there is no cleaning, no laundry, and our phones don't work so that is great for me. My husband needs the rest as well as I do. My oldest daughter may camp as well with us and that will be fun. I do enjoy the time away from all the stress at home. I am thankful that my father in law and youngest daughter and family will care for the animals as we are gone.

We have a nice camper although it is a little older and that makes going much easier as I keep most items in there so I really have to pack is clothes and food. We have extra clothes already in there so if I forget something, it is generally okay. Of course, there are the necessities like graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows for s'mores as well as camp chairs and hot dogs. I do not believe that the kids that will be with us could live without hot dogs and s'mores. ( Honestly, doubt that my husband could either.)

I was able to make a trip to our state fair yesterday and I have plenty to share about that, but I decided that I was going to wait to share those details later. For those in the path of the total solar eclipse, I hope that you are able to get some great looks at it and enjoy it for the occasion that it is. We will only see about 80% of it, but it should still be a great experience. Had I done more planning, I would have been in a town that would be a total experience. For those that have plans this weekend, enjoy! For those that are stuck at home, make the best of it. Have an indoor picnic- spread a table cover, have some great picnic food, and pretend you are at the beach, forest, wherever you prefer to be. Life is too short to not enjoy each minute of it.

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