Monday, October 30, 2017

Snow Flurries

Our weather has drastically changed in a week. Last weekend we were camping and this past weekend, we had snow flurries. Yesterday morning, as we were visiting our "adopted" set of parents, I walked out of the house to see a beautiful but not welcomed sight of snow flurries. Of course, I commented to my husband that it was time for snowmen and Christmas music.
 I love both! Snowmen are almost an obsession at my house and I do love Christmas music. I actually have a CD ready for the car today. As I am driving to work, I will be listening to some Christmas songs. The weather is not fully cooperating for that today as it is supposed to be closer to 50 degrees today, but I can still feel warm and relaxed with my music.
 I must make this short this morning as I have to get some things ready for the new satellite television that we are getting. It has been a long time without it and I must say that even if I missed it some, I had become quite content without it. My husband feels that we need it with winter coming and the longer times that it is dark. He says if not bedtime may be 7 or 8 p.m., which I would be fine with some days. Oh well! It's his indulgence. I will be reading or working on some of my craft things that I want to finish this year!

Take care and Happy Monday! I will try to be back later with some news and photos.

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