Tuesday, October 17, 2017


A new movement has quickly gained momentum following a tweet by Alyssa Milano's tweet with the hashtag MeToo. Social media has become the way to speak and have your voice heard and this is certainly the trend of the next few days until something new comes along.

#MeToo is a movement that has been created in social media for women to speak out against sexually harassment and sexual assault. Women are hoping that this brings to light for many just how common these problems truly are. The trend became increasingly more popular on Sunday following the reports that many women are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, a well known movie producer.

Sexual harassment is widely accepted throughout many industries even in today's world. Women for years have known that you sometimes are expected to just keep quiet because the man has more power in the industry than you do and many women still believe that no one will believe them.  Following the accusations against Bill Crosby, another very well known person in television and film it seems that more women are feeling that they can speak up.

#MeToo has many women saying that they have been victims to this kind of injustice. They believe that this kind of campaign may aid in ending the injustices that have been widely accepted in many industries. The #MeToo campaign is not just for women suffering from sexual abuse or harassment but for those that suffer from physical abuse as well.

Many women feel that they can't say anything and in some cases they can't. If you have ever known someone that has been physically abused in a relationship, you are well aware of how afraid that person is to speak out even if they are away from the abuser. They are scared of the consequences because of the past that they have lived.

Abuse has happened for years and it is time that women and men speak out if they have been victims of this kind of abuse and simple abuse of power that someone has had over them. Human trafficking is one of the largest problems in the world today, but it seems that we do not hear about it daily like we do so many other issues that are not as heartbreaking. Sex trafficking needs to be stopped because no man or woman should have power over what we do with our own bodies. It simply must stop!!

Twitter is just a sounding board for this type of campaign . Let us take these movements and make something happen about the issue. Let's get the many other abusers off the throne that they believe they are on.

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