Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Drenched will be my description of how I will look today as it is raining hard here and supposed to rain all day, while I will be working my courier position today and will be in and out all day in it. It makes for a miserable day!!

Accepting this job at the library was a good idea as I have had to purchase a new car and will have extra payments now, but it seems as though the weather simply will not cooperate. I have either had really hot days or rainy days. Rain makes the job very stressing as I hate wet clothes and I hate being in the rain!

I am well aware that we need the rain as it has been a very dry summer. I am well aware that the rain is good for the environment but I just am not a fan of the wet work that I will be doing. The books will be getting wet and I will be wet. The van will be more difficult to drive and the day will seem to take much longer. It will be a good 4 hours in and out of the rain working. I will probably not do part of the job today as I normally load up books that are donated at the different branches for the library sale, but that is usually a lot of work and I probably will not do today. I will do what must be done and leave the rest I think .

Well, I need to figure out what I will take to drink today. Enjoy your day where you are. I will share more about my grand doll's surgery tomorrow but she is feeling better now.

For some reason the rain today reminded me of this photo of a cloudy day that we had while traveling once and the large number of birds that we seen flying around a tree. This tree was loaded with thousands of birds and once they began flying, it was a sight to see. Remember the movie, "The Birds", that was my first thought.

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