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Book Review: the Coffee Corner - An Amish Marketplace Novel - By Amy Clipston

Hello! I may finally be able to get back to doing the things that make me happy. Writing my blog, reading what my friends here write and reading. I have finished a couple of books and I want to share that here as well as on Good Reads.  The Coffee Corner by Amy Clipston is book 3 of a 4 part series of Amish Marketplace books and I must say one of the most interesting books I have read recently. I am finding that my love for Amish stories continues to grow with each book that I read. Here is the review that I briefly wrote for Good Reads.  Amy Clipston has completed yet another great story and I am already looking forward to reading other books by her as well. There is one last Amish Marketplace book in this series of 4 and I will be anxious to read it next. Bethany Gingerich works hard along with her cousins at the Amish Marketplace each week. Each one offers something different in their booths, but they love that they are able to see each other and chat each week. Bethany loves her Co

Not Missing In Action

 Hello readers! No, I am not MIA. Yes, I have been for several weeks as I was fighting an illness and now I am in the midst of another health issue, but not one of my own. Although, my husband and I are both feeling quite badly with a sinus infection and allergies. The biggest issue is my mom is in the hospital and is very sick. A week ago Sunday, I called an ambulance to take her to the hospital as she could not get out of bed. She was admitted and it was discovered that she had a Strep A infection in her bloodstream and in her back. She is in severe pain, but is not willing to take the chance of having surgery to drain the infection in her back. She is being treated with IV antibiotics and her vitals are better, but she is in a lot of pain. IV treatment is recommended for 12 to 20 weeks and the doctors are not sure it will give much relief. As of yesterday, she was being transferred from the hospital to continue to treat the infection and so I made the decision that she will go to a