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Hi! I am writing for Associated Content as well as other projects and I have decided to start a series of the health benefits that foods offer. Here is one of my first ones. Hope you enjoy it.,,.xml

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm is good today. I have been busy making dog treats to sell to aid in starting the petting zoo and I have been making treats for the family as well. I am hoping to do a lot more made from scratch foods now that I have more time. I am looking into ways to cut expenses and I might try making some of my own laundry soap this week too. What else can I make?

Dog Treats for sale

I am selling homemade dog treats for $1.00 for a quart sized bag full of treats. These are to help raise money for the petting zoo for autistic children that we are attempting to get started, If anyone is interested, please email me at . Thanks.