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April or February?

 Is it truly April 21st? That is what the calendar says, but outside the weather seems to be screaming January or February. Temperatures below freezing and snow- not typical spring weather for sure.  Look at the redbud blooms trying to poke out through all the snow. Please Mr. Snow , do not kill my tree and its' beautiful blooms. The pine tree is so pretty with the snow covering it, but I still do not like snow in late April! As this photo shows, there is a bit of snow and it is a wet snow, which makes it heavy and brings the tree branches down very low. Several areas are without power due to the weight causing trees to fall and tear down lines.  What is the weather like at your house today? The animals here are attempting to figure out what season we are in. We may have freezing rain later today, so I guess I will go out and make sure the horses are in the barn after eating. 
Happy Easter! Today is the day we celebrate the risen Savior!! Praise God for His son coming as the sacrificial lamb of God! Of course, many of us with children and grandchildren know that Easter involves candy, eggs, and the Easter Bunny, but I make sure that my children and grandchildren know the meaning behind the day. How can we not teach our children about one of the most important days in our spiritual lives?  I am so far behind on this blog and I have thought about ending it, but I can't. I decided today that I will continue it and I will dedicate myself to at least one post per week, sometimes more. My Pink Zebra business is going so good and I am so happy with what God is doing there to increase my sales and give me new team members to share my success with. I am truly dedicating all in my life to Christ now. I have been a Christian for many years and I know God is in my life, but I have recently rededicated myself to doing all in God's time and plan and not try to for