Sunday, March 11, 2018

Death is Knocking-I Hope You Don't Hear It!

Death is knocking on your door. The Grim Reaper has arrived and is knocking for you. Do you hear it? I hope not! I pray that you do not answer. I pray that if you see a bright light, you don't go near it. You are loved too much and we want you here. Our struggle is real because we might realize that the time is upon us, but we can not say we are ready for that door to open for you to go.

Those are my thoughts as a friend of ours has been told that his lungs are in really bad shape and that hospice should be called in. A man of many adventures in his life and one that has seen and done so many things that others only dream of, but yet, a man that we know must at some point answer that knock on the door. Our struggle is one that hurts so bad because we do not want him to pass but we also know that we don't want him to be in pain or any kind of struggle. How can a man that has lived such an exciting life be at death's door?

I know that the Bible speaks of every season in our lives and I know that he is in his final season, but it seems so unfair and unsettling to me. He was a vibrant healthy man, had a heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery and has not really been well since. He's just a shell now compared to the man I first met.

I will certainly miss him when he leaves this old world. I will miss his stories. I may have heard them multiple times but I still enjoy them. He speaks of Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones and many others as friends. He personally had been to several of their homes and says that they were just normal friends to him. He left home for milk one day and ended up going on a road trip to Florida for several days. Very spontaneous and vibrant life and now he doesn't want to get out of bed.

Before I cry while writing this, if you are the praying kind, please pray for Joe. He is like a grandpa to my girls and adores my grand doll even more than I do, I think. God, please leave him with us a little longer if that can be a part of your plan. At 78 years old, I don't think he is old enough to die. We love him and hate to see him answer that knock.

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