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Quiet, Foggy Morning

As I am up before dawn enjoying the quiet of the morning, I can say that I love mornings. However, as I let the dog out today I discovered that we received some well needed rain, but it is extremely foggy out today. It almost makes the entire property look as it if should be in a movie. The rooster is now crowing and so it must be time for all the animals to wake up. It is almost time for my nephew to wake up and prepare to go to work. He is working in the kitchen at a nearby lodge and seems to really like it. I believe that it is good for him to work. He seems to be maturing a little since he moved here. There are still things that he needs to work on. It has been a cool summer here, but it is suddenly getting hot and humid so it will be an air conditioning day later. I am enjoying the windows being opened this morning though. I hate having the house closed up for days on end as I enjoy the outdoors air. The weather has been much less humid and cooler this year than in previous ye