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Starting A Direct Sales Business - Pink Zebra

Well, I know it has taken me awhile to return here and talk with each of you, but there are so many changes coming up in my life. I have turned my notice in at work and I will be staying home with the new grandbaby while my daughter returns to work. I will also be starting a direct sales business that I will be working from home. I have become a consultant for Pink Zebra. This is a company that changes lives by changing fragrances. Yes, it is a home fragrance company that allows you to make your own candles, air fresheners, etc. They have a unique way of selling the soy wax and it is called Sprinkles. The wax actually looks like ice cream sprinkles and comes in jar or cartons that remind you of sprinkle toppings containers or ice cream cartons. If you are interested in learning more, you can take a look at my business at my website. I am working this business with my daughters. I am hoping that it allows us the income to work together as a family. I am also hoping to be able to all

Life Changes

I know that I have not written here for some time and I must explain to all my fans why I have not written. It began in May with a routine doctor's appointment for my daughter. We discovered that she was pregnant and due in three weeks. Now, mind you that although she is 18 she lives with my hubby and I here on the farm and none of us knew she was pregnant. I had questioned her a few times, but following a doctor's appointment that consisted of renewing her birth control, I was sure that it was just me being paranoid. Plus, she was still having her cycles and she was not sick or extremely tired. She was still riding her horses and getting ready to show at the fair.  Imagine our shock! My hubby was furious with her as we have always talked with our children about what expectations they should have for themselves. We have also shared his experience of being a young father and we thought we prepared them well to certainly make sure that they had a good future and waited for ch