Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday Tiny Tidbits

Hello everyone! I am attempting to start a new plan in order to keep my blogging more on track. I am thinking that if I can find something that I can share and make a catchy title, it might keep me more on track.

My Tuesday Tiny Tidbits is going to be just for me currently, but I am thinking about opening up a weekly post that other can link too and help others too. I know that blogging seems to come and go at my house, but I do enjoy the time that I am here catching up with all of you.

Tuesday Tiny Tidbits this week is going to just share my other blog with you. I currently have my business blog as well as this one. On it, I share products that we sell and other business related information. I hope that you might check it out, here.

I also wanted to share an update on my grand doll. The surgeon says that her right leg is beginning to really look good. The growth plate is even beginning to straighten. The left leg is not straightening quite as well as we hoped but it is getting better so we will take it. It's been a long journey and she is looking at probably 2 more surgeries, but it does not seem to stop her and she is growing and doing all the things that a 3 year old should so I would say that she is ok.

Well, if I am going to read any posts I better get busy reading and stop chatting. Take care and have a terrific Tuesday!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday 9 -The Nanny

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday 9: The Nanny

Saturday 9: The Nanny (1993)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is the theme from a sitcom that originally aired from 1993 to 1999. Were you a fan?

A. Yes, I loved the show. I found Fran's voice to be annoying at first, but I grew to love her and the show. 

2) The song tells us that Fran once worked in a bridal shop. Have you ever worked in a retail setting?

A. I have worked in a retail setting several times. I was a manager for Dollar General for about 4 years. It is an exciting job but a very tiring job and it seems that these days customers are generally rude. 

3) The kids in the Sheffield household appreciate their nanny's "joie de vivre," which is defined as "exuberant enjoyment of life." Are you feeling joie de vivre this morning?

A. I can't say I feel joie de vivre, but I tend to enjoy life and I like to be happy and joyful. 

4) "The Nanny" is the colorful one, the one who wears red when everyone else wears tan. What color do you think you look best in?

A. Purple is my favorite color. It may not be what I look best in, but it is what I prefer to wear.

5) The TV show, The Nanny, was the brainchild of actress Fran Drescher. She got the idea while visiting her an old friend in London. Her friend's pre-teen daughter enjoyed having Fran as a confidante and shopping buddy. Do you enjoy shopping as a leisure activity? Or would you prefer to just dash into a store, grab what you need, and get out and go home?

A. I would say it depends on the mood I am in and what store it is. I could spend hours in a bookstore and I typically could spend a lot of time in a hardware store, like Menard's. I hate to clothing shop and I don't like to grocery shop. 

6) The friend Fran was visiting in London was Twiggy, who was the world's most famous model in the 1960s. Name another famous model.

A. Christi Tiegs

7) The Nanny: The Complete Series is available on DVD on Amazon. It consists of 19 discs and takes 55 hours to watch, start to finish. What TV show have you recently binge watched?

A. I don't binge watch anything. I can barely sit through a show , much less binge watch it. 

8) The Nanny theme was sung by Liz Callaway. Her father, the late John Callway, was a long-time Chicago newscaster. Have you, or has a loved one, ever been on TV?

A. One time several years ago, I was on television. I was part of a newscast about a support group that I was a part of when my dear friend, then boyfriend, was deployed during Operation Desert Storm. Most members had left because their loved ones were home, but being a Marine he was still deployed. 

9) Random question -- Which of these adjectives comes closest to describing you: sexy, sophisticated or down-to-earth?

A. I would say that I am down-to-earth. We live on a hobby farm and so I tend to be with animals and the outdoors quite often. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Trip Of A LifeTime

The last time we talked, I was headed to our Pink Zebra reunion and I must say it was a fabulous experience. We learned a lot, had some fun and enjoyed some fine speakers. I actually got to meet Kelly Gaines, one of the founders of the company and she was a delight. The most exciting part of the entire reunion was learning where our incentive trip is going to be. It is Limerick, Ireland!!

Ireland has been on my bucket list of places to visit for so long now and I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with this choice!! It is the trip of a lifetime and can be completely paid for by the company if I work hard and dedicate my time to this business. Many of you are well aware that my plate is usually full with chores here and the grand doll as well as working as a home health aide and the other multiple tasks that I have in a day. However, I plan to do all I can to earn this trip!! I am looking into vendor events and other ways to sell products and make new contacts. I am so excited!! I literally cried when I seen where I could go!!

The even better part of the trip is that we are actually staying at Adare Manor, which is a castle!!! Where else does a Sprinkle Queen deserve to be but a castle?? I plan to make sure my daughter earns her trip as well so that we can share this experience together! Pink Zebra truly is one of the best in the world to work for! They truly spoil us as representatives and make life as wonderful for us as possible.

Our fall line of products are amazing as well. The scents they have chosen for fall are some of the best I have seen and some of the home décor is truly breathtaking. I will be happy to fragrance your home for fall. Order yours today here. For questions, email me. To join my team, email me or even call me at 765-318-6808. I will be glad to talk to you!

 Just a small sampling of what we offer! Pink Zebra offers some of the best home décor and fragrances around and products are non toxic and safe to use in your home.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Saturday 9 = Love Is All Around.

Love Is All Around

Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme! 

Saturday 9: Love Is All Around (1970)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a sitcom that originally aired from 1970 to 1977. Were you a fan?

  Yes, I enjoyed the show. I feel it was a little ahead of it's time, but overall was a good show. It reminded women that they were able to make it on their own.

2) The song tells us that Mary Richards can turn the world on with her smile. Yet the real-life Mary Tyler Moore said she was uncomfortable with her "wide mouth." If you could improve on one of your facial features, which would you choose? 

I have some issues with some teeth right now so I would say that I would improve my smile as well.

3) We also hear that Mary can "take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile." What do you think makes a day "a nothing day?"

A nothing day would be a day where I could sit on my porch and read all day with no interruptions.

4) Mary works in the newsroom at WJM. Her desk is neat as a pin. Are you neat? Or do you lean to the sloppy side?

I would say both. I prefer things to be organized and in place, but life's chaos makes that impossible at times.

5) Mary's best friend, Rhoda, worked as a window dresser at Hempel's department store. What department store did you most recently shop at? What did you buy?

The only store that I have been in lately was Wal-Mart and I don't consider that a department store.

6) Mary Richards lived in Minneapolis. What city is nearest to where you are right now?

Indianapolis, but I am traveling to Louisville, KY today with my daughter for a Pink Zebra reunion. If you don't know what Pink Zebra is, check out my site here

7) Originally the part of Mary Richards was written as a divorcee, but in 1970, there were no TV shows that centered around a divorced woman. Think about the women in your life. Are most of them married, divorced, single or widowed?

Most are married. I have a couple of friends that are single and my mom is a divorcee.

8) The MTM production company logo featured a mewing kitten. The cat was found in a Minneapolis shelter, and, after her sequence was shot, she was adopted by a crew member who named her Mimsie. What's the name of the last cat -- or dog or hamster or rabbit -- that you petted?

My dog Jazzy and my cat Prince were the last animals I petted. However, I also petted Snickers, my grand dolls pony and I petted Rambler, my horse.

9) Random question -- Would you rather have a job that kept you seated on your fanny or standing on your feet?
 Seated these days. I have worked many hours on my feet!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Zebras United

On Sunday morning, my daughter and I will be heading out to our Pink Zebra Reunion. For anyone that doesn't know, Pink Zebra is a home fragrance company that we both sell for. I would love to tell you more about it and share some samples with you if interested. You can send me a quick email here.

Anyway, we are headed to Louisville, KY and will be surrounded with many zeebs from across the United States and Canada. I am thrilled to finally be meeting my leader as I have been a part of her team for over 2 years and never had the opportunity to meet her. I am also excited to meet Tom and Kelly, the founders of the company. It should be encouraging and confidence building to say the least.

I am hoping to come home with so many new ideas to share with my team and ways to encourage them to sell more and earn more. After all, we all love the products so sharing is really no issue. I am thrilled to be attending this event!!

 I am hoping to make a trip to wherever the incentive trip is next year as well. I know it will be someplace exciting and one huge party! I am thrilled to be a part of a company that truly cares about their consultants and team members. My goal for my business is that I become a manager next and then keep going from there.

I will share more when I get home!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tragedy In Branson - Duck Boat Tour Boat Sinks

  The weather in Branson Missouri was beautiful on Thursday morning, but the day suddenly turned tragic when a storm rolled in quickly and caused a Duck Boat tour boat to sink on Table Rock lake. Seventeen people, including a family of 9, were killed when the boat sank. Officials have not identified those killed yet, except for the driver of the boat, Robert Williams. Authorities are saying the deceased ranged in age from 1 to 70.

  Duck boats are amphibious vehicles that can travel both land and sea. The tours are very common in Branson and Wisconsin Dells as well as other tourists towns that are located near water sources large enough for them to promote tours on.  Tourists are taken on a Duck Boat that travels along the road in Branson and then taken by ramp into the water. While we were vacationing there in April, we were thinking that the next time we traveled to Branson we would take a tour, but I am still somewhat scared of water so I was not sure if I truly wanted to do it. The idea of driving into water did not seem to be an idea that I was thrilled with.

   It seems that the boat was in the water along with another Duck Boat tour boat making its' way back to the ramp when suddenly the winds picked up and suddenly began thrashing the boat around making it suddenly take on water and sink in 40 foot of water. Before landing upright the boat was in water 80 foot deep. Reports are that people were stuck under the canopy of the boat until a crew member got it raised. My heart breaks as I can't imagine the fears that the parents and grandparents of children on the boat must have felt. The boats had life jackets on them, but it is not law that they are worn during the tours. That is certainly a change that needs to be made following this tragic accident.

  Table Rock Lake is absolutely breathtaking with it's views and we have stayed at a hotel on the lake. I can't imagine that such a tragedy could take place there. My heart simply breaks for the families involved. I am sure that many were on vacation and simply out for a day of fun that suddenly turned to tragedy and heartbreak. If you pray, please remember them in your prayers today!!!

This particular duck boat tour is in Washington state.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday 9 - Walk The Moon

Shut Up + Dance (2014)

1) This is about a man who meets the woman who is his destiny on the dance floor. Do you think we each have One Great Love preordained by fate? Or do you think life offers each of us many opportunities for romance?
I don't believe in fate because I believe that things are destined by God and planned by Him. However, I do believe that as humans we get off that track and can still find love in many instances in our lives. I just believe that it may not have been the one true love we were to experience. 

 2) Lead singer Nick Petricca says this song is inspired by a true story. He was all keyed up and his girlfriend dragged him onto the dance floor, insisting that dancing would cheer him up. Therefore he considers this song an "anthem to letting go and having fun." Think of the last time you really had fun. Who were you with? What were you doing?
In April when I went on vacation with my friends to Williamsburg, VA. We really had fun while we were there.

3) The dance floor incident that inspired this song took place in Echo Park, an LA neighborhood located near Elysian Park and Chinatown. Tell us about your village or city. Do the neighborhoods have interesting names?

Well, somewhat interesting names. Peoga, Gnaw Bone. I live in an area known as Spearsville and it is very small.  

4) Walk the Moon promoted this record by a performance on Good Morning America. Are you enthusiastic and energetic at 7:00 AM? Or do you hit your stride later in the day?I'm a farm lady so getting up early and being energetic is a usual day here. I remember that even as a teen, I liked to be up early. 

5) "Shut Up + Dance" is the biggest hit by Walk the Moon. The bandmembers met as at Kenyon, Ohio's oldest private college. Tell us about something that's old and revered where you live. 
Locally, there is a store near us that has been here since the early 50's and the locals seem to enjoy telling stores about it. The elderly lady that ran it just turned it over a couple of years ago and I sure miss her. She was 94 the last day she was there. 

 6) Walk the Moon took their name from the Police song, "Walking on the Moon." What's your favorite song by Sting and/or The Police?
I love the song "Private Eyes".  

7) In 2014, the year this song was popular, Robin Williams took his own life. What's your favorite Robin Williams performance?
Robin Williams was a true soul to all that he did. I believe that he gave whole heartily to all that he did in the years that he performed or acted. I believe that RV was probably by favorite, but Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork and Mindy, and Good Morning Vietnam were all excellent as well.

 8) Also in 2014, the Apple Watch was introduced. Are you wearing a watch as you answer these 9 questions?
No. I have never wore a watch much because I have always had small wrists and never could find a good fitting one. 

9) Random question -- You must create a coat of arms for yourself, representing your life and spirit. Which of these items would you place at the center: a heart, a sword, or a pen?

 I would place a heart and a pen intertwined at the center because I love to write.

Please leave a comment with a link so I can return the visit!

I have enjoyed this week's theme and look forward to next week. I hope that these continue for awhile and I hope to make some new friends from here. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

A Zoo Trip- Indianapolis Zoo

This past Monday, my youngest daughter and I were able to take a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo with the grand doll and we had such a fun day! It was HOT and very humid. I believe at 11 a.m., the heat index was nearing 100 degrees, but we stayed hydrated and worked our way around to be in the cooler areas as the hot noon sun set in.

I was a bit disappointed as the zebras were not out for viewing and they are my favorite animal of all. However, getting to feed a giraffe with the grand doll was a special treat! One carrot slice, but well worth the line and her small tantrum to get to go out on the platform to feed.

 We talked so much about these guy. She is amazed at how tall they are and that they eat from the trees!

 This one was staring at the camera, so I made sure to zoom in and what a great picture of it's face! Aren't they beautiful creatures?
While my daughter and grand doll rode the carousel, I made my way over to the flamingo feeding just in time to catch them enjoying a nice meal of shrimp. They were walking near people just to get them.
 She certainly enjoyed her tiger ride and that seemed to be her theme for the day as you will see later on.

 Look at those long legs! It was amazing to us how deep the water that they were in was in their actual pen. I guess it needs to be deep to accommodate their height.

Little legs need to run off some energy so there are two nice play areas for the kids. One is for ages 5-12 and the other is known as the Tot Treehouse and it is for ages 2-5. I was excited that she was the only one on it and had time to run off some energy. She loved the tree house!!!

While waiting for the train ride located in the plains area, she wanted to take some pictures. She received a camera for Christmas last year, but Mammaw did not take it so I had to share mine. I must say she is not a bad photographer. 

Of course, you can't go to the Plains without seeing the elephants. They were fairly quiet, but we did see one eating hay out of the water. She enjoyed watching him use his trunk. 

Another favorite spot was the new monkey exhibit. Now, my oldest daughter wants a pet monkey so we have to be fully aware of all the monkeys. These were the newest addition and I must say that they are quite cute! These are Long Tailed Macaques. They were not active while we were there but it was hot. 

The lion truly interested her as well. While we were walking away, there was a talk about them and the gentleman working with this particular lion made him roar and so we said he was telling her bye. That was certainly a highlight to the day as she made sure everyone at home knew that it happened. 

Penguin's are another favorite for us. These guys look so adorable all the time. We talked about the movie Happy Feet while we were watching them. It was so cool in this building and a nice break from the heat and humidity. 
For my last photo on this post, I will share why I felt that she had a tiger theme for the day. Face painting was a MUST and she chose --  A TIGER
Isn't she the cutest? I kept telling her that we had to keep our dress down but she said her bottom was hot. How cute!! 

I hope you have enjoyed some of the trip as well. I would suggest that if you haven't been to the zoo where you live in awhile, take a trip. It can be such a great experience!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Farm Week in Review

Well, another week has come and gone on the hobby farm I call home and it has been quite an uneventful one, but lots of fun and now it's hot! Record shattering HOT because the humidity is becoming oppressive, which makes being outside almost impossible!

First of all, I want to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! My dad died several years ago and we were not close at all. I still think of him often and I am hoping to visit his grave soon. He was not a fun dad and life was at times horrid with him. In his later years, he mellowed some and he had a great relationship with my youngest daughter, which I am thankful for. It was too late for us to have a great bond though because some wounds never heal! I am thankful that my daughters have a dad that they can depend on.

Yesterday, I was able to go to a garage sale, which I love to do but rarely find time. I hit the jackpot too!! I purchased a set of three Paula Deen pans with lids for $5.They are red with gold trim and absolutely beautiful. I bought a few other things too, but those are the deal of the day as they will be going in my new camper, which I hope is home this week.

Yesterday was hay day. Why is it always the hottest day of the year? I just assume that someone doesn't think that out well. Luckily, my husband always gets help and I never have to be the one to do it. I have thrown some hay in my day and it is not a fun job. It is work!! It is hot work even when the weather cooperates!

Thursday, we spent time clearing weeds from the garden. It's a small garden but I swear the weeds take over so quickly. I hate to see the time my daughter's boyfriend will spend weed eating this week. He does it usually and my husband mows. It works out great but with three houses and yards and over 30 acres to take care of, it can be a chore.

These are three sweet ducks that now are kept in a large dog kennel to keep them from being prey to what has now killed our beautiful turkey and an entire nest of eggs that we were waiting to hatch.  Most likely a coon that done that and a coyote that killed the turkey, but you never know here. 

In the grand doll's world this week, we have learned the letters A and H. We have also learned Hickory, Dickory, Doc. She seen the doctor this week and we were advised to give her children' Ibuprofen for her legs as she complains that they hurt after she has played awhile. She had grandma in her pool this week and that was fun, but we were both a little sunburnt. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday 9

Cat's In the Cradle (1974)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song began as a poem, written by Harry's wife Sandy before the couple even met. Have you ever tried your hand at writing poetry? 
I remember having to learn poetry for school and I never truly liked it. I am starting to teach the grand doll rhyming words now. It's a beautiful thing to read, poetry, but you must be special to write it. 

2) The lyrics include a reference to "The Man in the Moon." The original Mother Goose rhyme ends: "It's time for the children on earth to think about getting to bed." Do you remember what time your childhood bedtime was?

I am not sure we had one, but I am sure most times it was by 10 p.m.

3)  When did you go to bed last night?

Around 11:30 p.m.  about normal here

4) In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed the proclamation that made Father's Day a holiday on the third Sunday in June. Can you name all 45 Presidents? (No, you don't have to list them here.)
No.  I am sure that I could come up with most if I study on it long enough but not in order for sure. 

5) Since Sam's father is particular about his Cole Haan loafers, her Father's Day present to him is always a DSW gift card. Who on your gift list is especially easy to buy for?

The easiest would be my husband because he will want something fish related. 

6) Sam's father is a voracious reader. So much so that the local librarian knows him on sight and by name. When did you last visit your neighborhood library? 
  I was there last Saturday and I will be there today.
7) Back when Sam was in high school, her father gave her driving lessons. Do you consider yourself a good driver?
 I do consider myself a good driver other than other drivers make me angry. I have never wrecked a car and the accident be my fault. 

8) He is a stickler about car maintenance and reminds Sam to check her car's air filter regularly, because a dirty air filter can reduce mileage. Share your own car maintenance tip.

The hubby is a mechanic so all of that is up to him. I do check oil and other fluids regularly. 

9) Whenever he fills up the car, Sam's father also stocks up on his favorite candy: LifeSavers. So Sam is celebrating Father's Day by giving everyone a roll. Would you prefer Wild Cherry, Butter Rum, Winter Green or Peppermint? 
Ohhhh....   Such an easy answer       BUTTER RUM!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday Tiny Tidbits

Hello everyone! I am attempting to start a new plan in order to keep my blogging more on track. I am thinking that if I can find something t...