Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Baking

The granddoll and I have been quite busy today. She has her Christmas party after her gymnastics practice tonight and so I suggested that we make cupcakes. I cheated made things easier for myself by purchasing boxed cake mixes and I am glad that I did.

After finishing our first batch, my husband went to his mom's to see if she had the cupcake carrier and mentioned that we were making cupcakes so she wanted some along with his dad and the caregiver that was with them. After that he asked if I would make another batch since he was only getting one and it left nothing for the granddolls' parents. I agree since I had the cake mix. We could easily whip up a new batch and bake them and no real hurry to decorate them.

My grand doll loves to bake! She is good when she is baking and I believe Aunt Megan is buying her an Easy Bake oven for Christmas!! She likes to add the ingredients and to stir the mix. She tries to help put the batter into the cupcake liners or muffin tins, but she has not quite coordinated that yet. I love that she tries though!!

We wore our Christmas shirts today as well. Oh, I am certainly all natural here- no makeup or hair styled. 

Here is our finished product. I iced them and she added sprinkles! She likes to do that as well. 

Another one of her favorite activities is to have a tea party and we do that quite often! Today was no exception. 
We had our tea party while we waited on the first batch of cupcakes to bake so we had store bought Christmas cookies for our snack.  This is her newest tea set. It is only 2 cups with saucers and the tea pot but she loves it! 
We have to add honey to our hot tea so it goes in the small bowl and she has a spoon that she adds it with. 
No picture today Mammaw! She refused to look at the camera but kept saying take a picture of me. Little stinker!!!  I will add this to her scrapbook anyway. 
Here is a close up of her shirt as I think it is too adorable. It says Christmas Tree Rex! She loves dinosaurs and her favorite is T Rex so this fits her perfectly. She says her "daddy" bought it for her so I will have to ask him about it when I see him tonight. 

Well, life on the farm is waiting and it is about time to think about dinner so I better run. Have a great week and remember if you only have time to make boxed mixed cupcakes, they will work. Don't stress the small stuff this time of the year!! 


  1. What a lovely time to have with your granddaughter. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  2. No better time than time spent doing something fun with those we love! Your Granddaughter is adorable and will keep these memories forever! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Thanks ladies! I try to keep her entertained and try to make lifelong memories with her.

  4. Looks like so much fun! - Hey I tried to follow by e-mail but it says you don't have the follow by e-mail feature enabled on your blog. You might want to check into that.

  5. Ida, I think that I have it fixed. Might try again.

  6. I will be cooking all day long today. At the last minute my middle son, Dustin called and said they will be closing his office for a week. He will be driving 12 hours today to make it home. Seconds ago he called to say he is sitting in his car waiting for the frost to melt from the windshield, then he will be driving 12 hours to be home. My plan is to cook a FEAST!
    I am so happy.

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