Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy Homemaker - On The Farm - Jan. 20

Good Morning Everyone! I am so happy to be joining Sandra today with another wonderful Happy Homemaker Post. If you would like to join us, I know she would be happy for you to share your homemaker post as well. You can learn all about it on her blog here.

I will say that I have plenty to tell you all about the weekend, but that will be in a different post as there is too much to share here along with all that I have to write about here. Keep reading along this week as I will have much to share. Let's get on with Happy Homemaker.
The Weather ...

IT IS COLD!!  The poor wood stove just can't seem to keep the house warm and I have been using my electric blanket to attempt to stay warm. I know it truly is not as cold in here as I think, but it sure feels like it as the floors are so cold. Our high yesterday was 12 degrees and the wind chill stayed about negative 2 degrees all day. Those are Fahrenheit temperatures not Celsius. Winter has certainly arrived in this area. We had a light dusting of snow last night so the roads may be a little slick this morning.

How I Am Feeling This Morning...

 Good, but cold! I have some much news to share this week. Some is good and some is not. I am excited today as my friend and my daughter are going to the home show with me. I always enjoy looking at new styles of things for the home as well as new colors, etc. Not that it will change the farmhouse much, but worth seeing what is new and exciting that I might need to attempt to get the hubby talked into. 

On My Mind...

So much this morning, first of all. My husband's cousin lost his daughter this weekend. I am not sure what happened to her yet, but I think she had a brain aneurysym. She was only around thirty and leaves behind a husband and three children. How sad! I know we will be attending her services on Wednesday.  My dear friend, Libby is on my mind as well as she has a surgery coming up this week. 

On The Breakfast Plate...

I am currently enjoying a cup of Toasted Coconut coffee and I believe that I will have a scrambled egg later. Although, we might get something from the donut shop later so I might skip the egg. 

On My Reading Pile...

I am still reading Shadows of the Past. It is an excellent book, but I had such a busy weekend that I truly did not have much time to read. I hope to read quite a bit this week of an evening. 

On My TV...

Nothing currently. I missed both of the football games this weekend. I will be watching the 5 episodes of the Pioneer Woman that I have on the DVR later today. 

On The Menu This Week...

Well, since we were busy this weekend, I truly have no idea as to what we will be eating. I believe the husband will want chili tonight since it is going to be super cold all day today. 

From The Camera...

My children threw a party for us for our 25th anniversary over the weekend and this is the cake that we had. I will be sharing much more on my blog this week about this party. It was a surprise for me! 

Looking Around The House...

I am very satisfied with the new trunk that I have added to the living room for a table. I think that it will hold some games or blankets and the current blanket chest can hold games. I am not sure yet, but I believe it will be very handy.

Chores I Am Not Looking Forward To This Week...

Laundry. Our washer quit this weekend and so I will be having to go to the laundromat or take the clothes to my father in laws next door and wash to carry home and dry. I know we will be getting a new set, but goodness. 

To Relax This Week, I Will...

Today, I will be going to the home show and then the rest of the week, I will be reading, blogging, and hopefully, working a puzzle that I got for Christmas that I have not been able to do yet. I need to make sure I purchase a board that I can use. 

On My Prayer List...

The Fox Family 
My friend Libby
My children
World Peace
Warmer Weather ( nothing wrong with this as one of my prayers, God must know how bad I hate cold!)

Devotional/ Bible Verse

I have to think sometimes to be content with what I have. I currently need a washer, vacuum, and warm weather. I need to learn to be more content, but until then I will certainly try not to complain about these things. ( Well, maybe the cold)

I hope that each of you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ice, Rain, Travel Nightmare

For thousands of people across the United States this weekend, travel is expected to be horrible as a winter storm rages across the country. Ice, wind, freezing rain, and snow are being predicted to cause airline delays and travel nightmares.

About 9 hours ago, MSN reported that there are around 1,600 flights canceled with nearly 120 million people under some sort of winter storm advisory, watch, or warning. Areas like Minnesota and  the Upper Midwestern states could be affected by half a foot or more of snow. Minnesota, northern Iowa, Wisconsin and other Midwestern states could likely see very significant snowfall and forecasters were saying that this storm could potentially be one of the worst of the season for those areas. These areas began seeing problems on Friday with travel and it will continue through the weekend as the storm picks up intensity and continues to plague the area with problems. 

Areas in the Southern Plains and mid Mississippi regions will likely deal with ice and wind more than the snow that it predicted farther north. Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, and could struggle with downed power lines and other ice related issues. This storm has the elements to make this area of the country a skating rink. Other cities in the Midwest like Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio will experience a little of all forms of precipitation with the snow likely bringing freezing rain, snow and then rain to those areas where travelers may encounter any type of delay or slick roadways. 

New York, Boston, and other areas of the New England areas will experience rain and snow as well. New York City could easily see 1-4 inches of snow with outer lying areas getting even more within upstate New York easily getting more like a foot of snow. This storm has a major potential of being one that brings travel to a halt in some places. 

After the punch of weather that the storm is bringing, the effect will be bitter cold temperatures for the following week with some areas getting the first real cold that they have had for the season. Wind chills in the negative digits are being predicted for some areas of the Midwest and it has been in the 40's and 50's in the past week during the day, so definitely a huge change coming for those areas. 

If you have travel plans for this weekend, please stay weather aware and plan for delays or even cancelled flights. Have an alternate plan and stay safe! 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Swimming, Hotel and Fun

My grand doll loves to swim and she loves to go to hotels. She enjoys traveling, which is a huge plus as I do as well. She has asked for several weeks now to go to a hotel and go swim, but no one had taken the initiative to take her, so Mammaw made plans.

Just happens that my daughter used to work at a couple of local hotels and I know one of the managers well. I contacted her to see if she had any promotions going on or what kind of deal I could get. She said she would send me a link to use at a good discount, so I said sure. I wanted to go mid week to avoid the crowd and she stated that she was rather slow currently, so I decided it was a good decision to go ahead and make the plans.

We did not travel far ( less than 20 miles) but it was still a trip to a hotel to a young one and she got to swim. A deal and a happy little one - SCORE FOR ME!!!! We loaded up yesterday and went before her mom ever got off work and we were in the pool within an hour of checking in. ( Now, I do not swim and I do not like water, so that is a big deal for me.) Another plus, we had the pool all to ourselves. I was a mean shark, a nice shark, and her friend shark all in a matter of 60 minutes and did she ever have fun!
She does a decent job of swimming, but she is required to keep her life jacket on as long as it is her and I because I can't swim. It has taken a lot of work just to get me to go into a pool and I don't like to be splashed in the face which she is learning quickly. I feel as though I am unable to breathe when it happens. 

I must say that the hotel was very clean and the staff were extremely friendly! It made for a very nice and relaxing stay. I will be writing a trip advisor review on this hotel and it will be rated very high along many areas. I am extremely impressed with the entire place. 

It was a nice break, although short, from the daily work around here and we may plan another day away soon for the two of us. Her mom came and stayed this time, but it might just be us the next time. We are both tired, but it was fun. Swimming wears her out and was asleep by 7:30 last night. Woke at 5 a.m. this morning and feel asleep on the way home around 12:30 p.m. and is currently enjoying quite a nice nap. Giving me a chance to catch up here and spend a little quiet time following the last day with her. 

If you are ever in the Taylorsville, IN area, I highly suggest the Comfort Inn along US 31 in Edinburgh/Taylorsville. There is a nice outlet mall and several restaurants within walking distance and you will enjoy a clean and friendly hotel. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Reading Report - The Making Of A Wonderful Life - Joyous Journey

For 2020, I am going to attempt to write about each book that I read. It will be an online journal of sorts and a way to keep track of what I read. I have finished my first book of the year and I loved it!

If you are interested in reading this and helping earn me a little money from it, please visit here

Cherie and her husband Roger and their family visited our church many times in the 80's and I became friends with their son, Buddy. We were lucky enough to visit their home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and were invited to stay there once while they were traveling. I asked for this for Christmas and my husband told me to order it. 

This is the second of books in her triology of their life as evangelists. Her third book is now out and it is about their mission work in Albania. I will be ordering it soon and reading it as well. Her first book covers their first years of marriage and life. This particular book covers the time they traveled as a family and was the time that I met them and grew to love them. 

If you do not know them, this book would still be a pleasant read. If you ever heard them sing, heard Roger preach or just met them along their travels, you will enjoy the book as well. I knew many of the stories that were in this book, but I still enjoyed each page of it. 

While traveling, the group encountered many of God's servants that were tremendous aids in their journey. They eventually changed group names as the group changed from their daughter Cindy getting married and leaving the group to Cherie finally retiring from the road. Other members that joined them were Paul Lancaster, Ken Harvey, Joel Higgins, and a few others. Buddy currently works with Hope For The World along with his parents and his wife. He also sings with his children and his wife.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy Homemaker - On The Farm - Jan. 13,2020

Good Morning! I am thrilled to once again be linking up to the Happy Homemaker series that Sandra hosts here.  Each Monday morning you can find that several bloggers write and link to her post. We would love for you to join us, if you please!

The weather...

  It is colder today than some of the weather we have had in the past week. However, the forecast calls for warmer days ahead. It seems that our weather is bi-polar as it changes from one extreme to another. It is nicer than January normally is though. 

How I am feeling this morning...

 Tired as I did not sleep well and the dog woke me up again to go out earlier than I was wanting to be up. I was hoping to sleep until 7 a.m. since I did not sleep well. 

On my mind...

There are several people on my mind that I know are struggling currently with both health issues and personal issues. Also, my husband has complained that his neck is hurting and nothing seems to help it. I hope that it is not something else with his back. 

On the breakfast plate...
 I truly don't know what breakfast will be today. I may have oatmeal and some fruit since it is colder this morning. 

On my reading pile...

 I just finished one book, which I am currently writing a post about. I am going to start Shadows of the Past by Patricia Bradley today. It is a different genre of writing than I have been reading lately, but I believe that I will enjoy it. I actually won this book from Colletta. I am excited to finally start it. 

On my tv...

There is nothing on the television currently. I know when my husband gets up, we will have the news on. He is like his mother and must watch it everyday. I personally like The Today Show, but he likes other stations. I usually read while it is on as I don't think the news does a good job these days. 

On the menu this week...

Monday - Ham, Cheesy Cauliflower, Peas
Tuesday - Bean Soup and Cornbread
Wed. Low Carb Stuffed Peppers, Broccoli
Thurs. - Hamburger Soup ( a new low carb recipe that I found)
Fri. - Marinated Pork Roast, Cauliflower Hash, Green Beans

From the camera...
A photo taken last summer or early fall of my husband and I riding horses. He had just gotten this horse. Sam and Sugar are both good horses. 

Looking around the house...

I am fairly impressed with myself. Most of the daily clutter that gets left out was not left last night. I made sure to pick up before bed and it certainly shows. I have decided that I should write a blog entitled " The Dirt Never Leaves" because anyone that is a homemaker knows that is true. 

Chore I'm not looking forward to today or this week...

Cleaning the chicken coop and cleaning the tops of my cabinets in the kitchen. Both jobs are dirty and a real chore. 

To relax this week, I will...

Read and blog. I enjoy both. I also may go visit with my daughter and a friend for a day or two. 

On my prayer list...

There are so many needs currently on my mind. I feel bad when I pray because I feel that I am asking God for so much and praising Him for so little these days. 
* My friend Libby who is truly struggling with some health issues these days. 
* A dear friend, Joe, who has struggled with an addiction and is in a dark place right now that I fear may lead to a break. 
* My husband and the neck issue he is having
* My daughter's boss who is scheduled to have surgery on her wrists this week. Also, the bosses daughter, who has been very ill. 
* My children for guidance in their lives. 
* The politicians who need to work together. 
* Peace 
* Forgiveness 

Devotional/Bible Verse ...

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
John 1:1 (KJV)

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday Morning Musings

For some reason, I truly like that title and I may have to make it a new weekly event, but for now I will just write on for today. This is of one of my favorite horses, who has now passed on. I just thought that I would share his photo for now. 

I woke rather early today, but managed to go back to sleep for a bit. However, the dogs decided that I needed to be up and Jazzy came in to jump on my side of the bed to wake me up. I got up and realized that the fire needed to be stoked as it was quite chilly in here. As I opened the door, I realized that the weather had drastically changed from the rain and 60 degree weather that we had yesterday to a rather cold , but dry morning. 

Since I was up and it was cool, I loaded the woodstove and decided that I would go ahead and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee and the peace and quiet that the morning was offering. I planned to write here then, but decided that I must read a few more chapters of my book as I hope to finish it this weekend. 
I have really enjoyed learning a little more about their life on the road that I really did not know. I have visited this family at home as well as seen them perform on the road many times. I consider Buddy a dear friend and I love Cherie and Roger as dear friends as well.  What a life serving the Lord they have had!!

As I stopped reading and got up to get my second cup of coffee, I was shocked to see some fairly heavy snowflakes falling. Now, I was aware that snow flurries were predicted, but I was still shocked to see them. Our weather has been insane lately. It is supposed to be in the mid 50's again by mid week. The snow was pretty and very short lived as it truly only snowed like 3 or 4 minutes. As I am looking out the window though, it does look as though we are getting very light snow flurries at the moment as well. 

This was the verse on the online Bible that I read each day. I have found peace in this verse for so long. I am fully aware that my home in Heaven will be waiting for me when I pass from this Earth. I may never have a mansion here, but I will in Heaven. Isn't it amazing what God does for us? I was just reading a story about the positive side of reaping what you sow and it truly made me realize just how important it is that I give more and worry less. God has control!!

Our anniversary was not the day I had planned and it truly rained hard most of the day, but my husband quit working around noon. We had to do some shopping for his business and that was not on my list of things to do, but we did. I was able to go to Hobby Lobby for a bit and then we went to a local restaurant that we had never visited and it was a nice dining experience! I enjoyed a grilled salmon, salad and baked potato while he enjoyed a ribeye steak with salad and baked potato. Now, we are trying to eat very low carb, but treated ourselves last night due to the anniversary. We also shared an appetizer of fried pickles. One of my favorites, but he did not care for them much. Overall, it was a nice dining experience and we will visit there again. 

Thanks for taking a moment to read my Sunday post and I will be back tomorrow to write my Happy Homemaker Monday post as well. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the farm!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Celebrating On The Farm

Today there is something to celebrate on the farm and I wanted to share the news with all of my blog friends in the world. My husband and I have made a milestone that is much rarer these days than it was in days gone by. We are celebrating 25 years of marriage! Yes, our silver anniversary has arrived!

Now, my husband has one hobby and that is work. The man thinks that life revolves around the garage that he has worked in for many years. He rarely takes off except on Sunday and that has taken years of encouragement to get him to do. To ask him to close it would be a horrible thought, although he has for a few things in the past few years. Now, he also is of a odd family that his dad rarely ever went anywhere other than work, so it has truly been instilled in his brain that it is okay. I, however, believe that being a family man means that you work, but there are times to be with your family.

I mentioned to him quite a few months ago that I wanted him to plan something for this anniversary. This one is special, but he just sees it as another day. He asked me about a week ago, " so you want to do something on the 11th?" Yes!! I stated. Then he asked what! I wanted to smack him, but I thought I would give him ideas. So I mentioned a couple of restaurants that I would like to go to and I mentioned that I truly just wanted to spend the day with him away from home. I mentioned some places that we could go and spend the day. Wouldn't you know that he asked me again yesterday morning  what we were doing and if he needed to take the day off or if he could work till noon. He said " after all it's going to be raining". Normally, we get a bad snowstorm or ice the week of our anniversary, but this year it is rain. Yes, torrential downpours, but it is rain!!!

My word of the year paid off because I seen it on my desk where I posted it - "patience"! I calmly said something like, I guess if the shop is more important than our 25 years of marriage then go ahead and work half a day, but that cuts down on where we can go. I mentioned that I had thought that I would like to down along the Ohio River somewhere maybe and eat dinner and possibly walk along the river if it stopped raining for a bit. He said that was a little far. UGH!!

Now, I will say that he booked us a nice 4 day stay at a friend's condo in March in Alabama that he is using as his anniversary gift to me, so I guess he is off the hook that we are doing something - in March! Yesterday though, he invited one of his friends and his wife to go with us. UGH!!! I like to go and do things and this couple are homebodies so I am sure they will want to stay in the condo quite a bit and they are the ones that will drive. ( Now, I like to drive on the interstate as I don't make a good passenger.)
Here are two pictures of Mr. Wonderful 

Even with his all work and no play attitude, we have made a decent life for ourselves and I have been with him for over 25 years so we celebrate our silver today with whatever plans he has made!

Friday, January 10, 2020

It's Friday!

Friday is the day of the week that everyone seems to look forward too and so here we are! Now, my Fridays truly look no different than any other day of the week as I still have the grand doll and farm chores that are a part of every day of the week. So what is so exciting about Friday? Well, I won't have the grand doll for three days following today, so that is enough to be excited about.

The weather certainly is not exciting. It is raining! Raining heavy rains that will lead to flooding and we are to have this continuing into tomorrow as well. I believe I heard that we could get 3-6 inches of rain, possibly more. Now, there is a reason for this weather hitting now, but I will cover that in another post- probably tomorrow.

I will only have the grand doll about 4 hours today and then the neighbor girl will be watching her so that I can go to the movie with a dear friend of mine that has been sick for a couple of years now. We are going to watch Little Women. I hope it is a good movie as I have heard mixed reviews. I loved the book and almost started to reread it, but I have too many others to read.

Well, I am going to keep this short since I have no pictures to share. Hope your Friday is fabulous!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday - On The Farm - Jan. 6, 2020

Here we are in a new year and I am already behind, but I had a nice visit with my daughter yesterday and I am happy to say that I enjoyed my day. However, that did not leave time for writing, reading, housework, or the many things that needed to be completed yesterday.

I am happy to see the Sandra has continued this into the new year and excited to see a few changes made. If you are not aware of exactly what Happy Homemaker Monday is, please visit Sandra. She has thankfully put some work into this and makes it a fun way to start my Monday.

The weather...

   Our weather is absolutely beautiful right now. I believe we are to have some rain later today, but our temperatures have been so nice for this time of the year and we have not had snow and that is unusual for January. 

How I am feeling this morning...
   I feel okay today. I have a lot that needs to be done and I will certainly be busy, but thankfully I do not have the grand doll today so I might get something accomplished.

On my mind...
   I am carrying a burden on my mind today. A family from my daughter's 4H group lost their father yesterday in a horrible accident while he and his son were trying to fix a well. I will certainly be thinking of them today.

On the breakfast plate...
   I believe it will be sausage and French toast. I will not eat for a bit though as I am truly not a breakfast fan, but I will make it for my husband and I am sure I will try the sausage.

On my reading pile...

   I will be finishing " The Making of A Wonderful Life". It is a very good book written by a family friend about the time that her and her children traveled with her husband across the United States and other places being a family in evangelism. It is written by Cherie Mullins.

On my tv...
   I didn't watch much tv the last few days. I believe that "My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life" returns tonight, so I will record it so that I can watch it. January is usually a month where I find that there  are not many shows on. I am happily awaiting "Criminal Minds" on Wednesday, although I hate that it is the last season.

On the menu this week...
   I have not been shopping so I am not sure what the week will bring. I usually have a nice pantry stock, but I am working on low carb for my husband to help with his diabetes, so the menu and list of supplies are changing.

From the camera...

This sign is a good representation of how I feel most mornings. I had to add it to my wall above my coffee bar. 

Looking around the house...

   I am happy to say that for the most part it is clean and organized. I have some work to do in both bedrooms and I will need to sweep, vacuum, and dust today as those are everyday chores since we have dogs and wood heat.

Chore I'm not looking forward to today or this week...

   Going to the grocery store for my father in law and myself and paying bills. I do not know anyone that likes to pay bills.

To relax this week, I will...
   Finish reading my book and begin another one. I  will also work on the grand doll's quilt some more. As long as the weather is decent, I might even take a nice walk today.

On my prayer list...

   * The Abney Family ( the family involved in the tragic well accident)
   * my children and their fianc├ęs
   * my mother in law ( truly having some real health issues)
   * world peace

Devotional/Bible Verse ...
   “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

   This is from the online Bible that I am reading daily and what an appropriate verse for the day as I am going to be calling young adults and speaking with them about the loss of their father. 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Christmas Take Down Begins

As many of the other bloggers here, I have begun Operation Christmas Take Down. It really is a day that I dread, but I also am glad to see the tree go out and my window to open up once again.
I am partial to my large window that looks into the yard and faces the road, although you are unable to see it when the leaves are on. The woods in the front are beautiful when we get a little snow. The tree always sits in front of the window because it is the only window in the living room. I like to see the lights when we come in at night, but I truly do enjoy the light that comes in this window as well. 

I always start with the tree when Operation Take Down begins as it is one of the largest projects. The lights, ornaments, tree skirt, and tree stand is step one. Step two is the stockings and the Christmas table covers that I have out. I place all of that into an older suitcase so that it is easy to locate when the season comes again. The stocking hanger and the large light up Drummer Boy are the next things to be taken down and put away. 

I did not to the pictures and greenery today or the snowmen that sit around my living room. The snowmen that are in the curio cabinet will remain till closer to the end of January. I will then replace them with my collection of cows or something farm related. The stuffed and musical snowmen will be put away tomorrow and once I find the Valentines cups, the coffee bar will be ready for the next holiday as well. 

Here are a couple of the new decorations that I received for Christmas for the coffee bar. Now I truly do not need these, but I do like both of them. I will find a better way to display them, but for now this works. 

How true is this? Especially, on a cold winter morning!

My daughter bought this for me for Christmas. It is a beautiful cloth horse wall hanging. It is going in the hall for the moment, but I believe that I am going to try to rearrange things in the bathroom to put it on the wall there. I have several horse decorations in the bathroom already. ( Sorry about the lighting)
This is an older piece that I have had, but it was packed in a box in the attic that I had forgotten about. I decided that I will pull it out and place it in the bathroom as well. It is a very nice candle holder and although, I prefer my Pink Zebra fragrances than candles, I figure I can make my own with my Pink Zebra Sprinkles.
For those that asked about the bench that I was mentioning in the other post. Here is it. I still haven't gotten it moved onto the porch as it is simply too heavy for me to do alone. I will hopefully move it on Monday.

Happy Homemaker - On The Farm - Jan. 20

Good Morning Everyone! I am so happy to be joining Sandra today with another wonderful Happy Homemaker Post. If you would like to join us, I...