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Speak Up! Even if you are wrong!

I usually prefer that people mind their own business, but I am encouraging you all to say something to someone if you feel there is anything out of place with neighbors. Following the case that is happening now in California, where 13 children have been recovered from a home and authorities are saying that the children have been abused and tortured for years, PLEASE  pay attention and speak up if you see something wrong. You can report things like this anonymously and it MUST  be done!

These poor children needed someone to speak up. It is reported that family members had tried to visit and were given the wrong address or something, neighbors report that they either saw the children out at night and that they looked very pale, or that they had seen them scavenging through the trash, and other things that I just find appalling that someone did not alert authorities.

I hate when these stories hit the news because I always catch the fact that it is reported that the children were home sc…

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