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Ready to Camp

This will be a busy week as I prepare to take our camper out for the first time since fall. I am excited that we are going, but we will be camping primitive and the weather is supposed to be hot and humid with chances of thunderstorms. It also means that food will be in coolers as well as drinks and that ice will be mandatory.

We have two campers. We have a bumper pull Springdale that I really like and we have a nice Corn Pro horse trailer that has living quarters in it that have been fixed up nicely. In the horse trailer, we have a table, sofa, bed, refrigerator, and microwave along with cabinets in it. We also have a nice camp toilet in it so that we don't have to go out to the restrooms in the middle of the night. I prefer taking the bumper pull camper when we camp primitive as it has a gas or electric refrigerator and we have an actual bathroom. It has two sinks and plenty of storage.

My husband wants to take the horse trailer this time because if not he will have to make two …

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