Gaining Attention

Seldom I write posts that are based on politics or religion, but I feel at this time I really need to write this. As I am sitting watching the news and catching up on some Facebook posts, I find that I am seeing more and more destruction around the United States and I just feel that God is attempting to gain the attention of some.

Montana and other western states are fighting heavy wildfires and the smoke from these fires is lingering over so many areas that it is hard to see and breathe. Texas is struggling to recover from the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and now Florida residents are being told to evacuate due to another massive hurricane headed their way. Hurricane Irma could possibly be the strongest and most destructive hurricane to ever hit the Florida coast and for those that don't leave their life could be in danger. These are not easy words to hear when human lives are in danger.

I believe that God is saying that we need to make some changes and get back into His word and believing in Him. Life is too precious and too short to not take some notice. The crime in the world these days is simply enough to make us take notice that we have grown farther away from the beliefs that our country was founded on.

Many blame the President and others in Washington, DC and I won't say that it is not partially their faults, but most of the problem is that people are not on their knees. We have taken God from our country- not allowed in schools, public buildings,  churches are in buildings such as theatres, etc and many services look like a rock concert. Do we truly believe that is how God wants us to worship Him? NO, he simply wants us to have a daily walk with Him and a daily prayer time on our knees. He doesn't need a building or lights, music, etc. He simply needs US!

I am not condemning the churches that are in odd buildings or those that choose more modern music but God's message is that we need to have a daily walk with Him and that we need to pray. Pray for healing of those hearts that have been hurt or deeply angered to see that God can heal. Pray for the minds and decisions that those in Washington, DC must make. Pray for the safety of those near you, including a neighbor or former friend that needs to be forgiven for something. Pray for the health and heart of the country. I do each day that I am on my knees.

I truly believe that God hears all prayers but I believe that he expects us to be on our knees daily to ask for His guidance and then giving Him the time to heal and straighten the world out.

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