Friday, September 8, 2017

Vacation, Football, Wreck. Life

Well, I sure have not kept up with the blog this week as it has been quite a week. With the week being short due to Labor Day and we camped all weekend, it has made the week quite a doozie! I am thankful it is Friday and I am looking forward to Sunday, when we leave for the vacation that my husband planned for me as a Christmas present last year.

I guess this post begins with last week on Wednesday. After running some errands in town, we decided to stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken and get a quick bite to have on the way home. I had been driving and we traded spots because I hate to drive and eat. Things were good until about 2 miles from home when suddenly a deer appeared out of nowhere and smashed the front of my car. The poor creature did not know what happened and was scared and injured with both front legs broken. I hated seeing it suffer as it attempted to walk, but we had to wait for the sheriff's department to get there. Before taking my report, I asked if he could end it's suffering. I hated to see it die, but I knew it was going to anyway. After getting home, I began the process of calling the insurance to get the ball rolling of what is actually going to be done with it. My husband seems to think that it is going to be totaled because he thinks the core support is bent. UGH! That will mean shopping for a car, which I hate!

We left Thursday and went camping until Monday. We had a nice time as usual, although it rained all day on Friday and was very cool. The rest of the weekend we had nice weather and got to do some riding while we were there. Our daughter, her fiancé, and our grand doll came down and stayed one night with us, which was a lot of fun. Our neighbors had let their daughter bring a friend and we enjoyed them as well. Although, I had forgotten how much "stuff" teen girls can talk about, luckily it is not boys YET!

The best part of the weekend was when we took the grand doll to the saddle barn at the park. Yes,we have horses but we still visit the saddle barn as they have small ponies and we know the owner personally and he lets her ride for free. We happen to tell him to keep his eyes open for a good broke pony for her and he had one. My heart skipped a beat and I began to smile because I knew if the pony was good it would probably go home with us. It did. It actually went back to camp with us. I was excited but the grand doll was thrilled. What two year old girl would not be happy with a pony!

Needless to say, the rest of that day and the next day while they were there the pony rarely ever rested. That doll loves her pony and rode it quite often around the circle that we were camped on. The pony's name is Snickers, which I find interesting because my daughter ( grand doll's mom) has a Daschaund named Snickers. I will be adding photos soon of this adorable pony!!

I finally got a rental car yesterday and we are leaving for Missouri on Sunday so I have plenty to do now. Laundry is all caught up and my clothes are packed for the trip, the cooler is washed and ready, the husbands' clothes are partially ready and the toiletries are packed so I am about ready. It takes a lot to get ready for a trip, but I will sure be glad to leave this crazy place behind for a few days and go enjoy some time with him. Our oldest daughter is going too this trip with her boyfriend, of over 10 years. I am sure we will have fun!

I am heading to a high school football game with some friends tonight. The weather is a little chilly here of an evening, but I think it will be okay. I plan to bundle up and have some fun. I know I have not been to a game in over 25 years, so it should be an interesting evening. I hope we enjoy ourselves. Maybe we will help the cheerleaders out. LOL!!

This is my crazy life and I enjoy it. There are days that I wonder how much more stress I can stand and then I remember that God is on my side! He loves me and knows what I can do better than I do so keep trudging along! Enjoy the ride as it is a short one!!

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